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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 44


Cursed blade

When we finished transporting all of the gray wolf meat, me and the black lizard rest the inside the cave.

The black lizard starts looking around up and the down restlessly as he entered the cave, after walking around for a while, he looked up at me while digging its forefoot into the morose fur carpet.


He would probably want to try lying down on top of the carpet. The Black Lizard having the abnormal state of 〖bleeding (small)〗whom it was carrying a slab meat bigger than his own body length, so he seems even more tired than me.


I try to do a short barking, please understand the meaning.

To converse with him I gesture my intentions at the fur carpet, I think my intent was received.

The Black Lizard is enjoying the feel of the carpet in the soles of his feet, it crouched by folding its leg, then closed its eyes.

then sighed ’’Kishii’’ in comfort.

For something that has survived in the wild. It let its guard down surprisingly easy

it came to the bed another race, exposing its unprotected form.

perhaps using〖cunning〗 title skills.

Well, he probably has a lot of trust in me.

After fighting hand to hand and forced to face her mortality, since he admitted the result of the battle.

there is no reason to be surprised by this mystery, it's too late for that.

Black Lizard also probably realizes that.

I continue to further cut the meat of gray Wolfs'. I divided it by meat into some used to make dried meat for later and some meat to be to cooked now.

I threw a small part of the old dried meat and some salt in a large pot.

I get a pot containing charcoal.

I carry the meat for the grill to the exit of the cave or I'll burn the carpet, I also don't want to get soot on the carpet also the place will become stuffy with smoke.

I should try making a fireplace and chimney in the near future.

Though it would be scary if once I opened a hole if the place collapsed.

I also want a table and chairs, I want to increase the of image of my place.

Clay from the clay bear is still left over, but I don't think I much left.

I could also dilute the clay with soil, More likely than not this is to hard you bastards ....(E.N. Don't break the fourth wall! who are you Deadpool?)

To see workmanship proportion to the best is the best thing to do.

There is also another reason you do not want to dilute it.

[Arukimia of magic soil: Value B +]

[500 years ago, the alchemist Arukimia while being only human got the devil of force to appear , mixed with magic clay. ]

[the shape of a beast is stored in the clay, and has can be used to create a lot of demons. ]

[After the death of Arukimia, most of the magic soil-beast has returned to a punitive clod, it is now only the frontier where you can see such clay figures. ]

Surprisingly that Clay Bear, seems to have been a rare monster.

The clay that holds magic is better to use undiluted, in that regard it will work best plus robustness will add value.

More of that clay has become a necessity .

Since I left some space aside still I wonder where I should put what.

I will make a fireplace, chimney, a desk and chair, But I still need to hunt for that bear.

In addition, there is the reassuring fellow called Black Lizard with respect to hunting, but I should increase my efficiency in this.

For this guy right now, I'll just bake the meat while you are sleeping.

I am truly lucky that he is not a heavy eater.

We also have the stock of dried meat now though.

The dried poison meat is in the back of the cave.

what I regret most the crime of stealing dried meat.

I Sprinkle some charcoal onto the ground, stated the fire with〖baby breath〗, and started cooking the flesh of the gray wolf.

I put out the fire.

When the color changes and the fire dies down I put the charcoal pot and grill back.

because my resources are not infinite.

It's is a good time as any to make charcoal.

When I returned to the cave, I came back with lot more pepper and salt for the grilled meat.

Perhaps in the future I may be eating goods from the village of humans soon.

Black Lizard awoke being lured by the smell, drool was dripping off his tongue as it hung lazily down from its mouth.

Ha ha, do you want to eat this?

As I dangle the meat the Black Lizard walks to the back of the cave.

Will it be eaten or not?

I decide to feed the dried meat I made by soaking the poison for the pair f*king monkey, and he looked back at me with sparkling eyes.

If it eats it will it care? Will it absolutely die?

...... That Reminds me in nature to strengthen the poison in their body these lizards

would eat poisonous mushrooms.

Tolerance of poison is also certainly, that was because his resistance to it said〖poison invalid〗so It is unnecessary worry.

I decide to feed the old poison pickled dried meat to the Black Lizard.

Well it should be Okay to mix in a little of Black Lizard's poison just enough afflict on the monkeys.

I'll put a curse on those monkeys, I crafted a poison by boiled down the poison mushrooms as the main source instead of black lizard's venom.

Troubled as to a place to throw away what came out of my various experiments so I had been put in a pot and mix them together.

I'm fortunate that there was a value in Black Lizard, but this is, how should I say, I feel that he isn't suited to do this.

Looking at his face painted in joy while he ate my meat, resentment towards the heavy eater slowly started to build.

What will come out of this poison concoction? I wonder whether it will be good, Or if the toxins will cancel each other out.

To test the poison I reached my hand into the pot, of the poison trying put some onto my finger, but I didn't ever need to taste the poison before my finger become HOT!

I'm dieing my fingertips I had dipped become discolored and white.

[Tolerance skills 〖poison tolerance〗 Lv went up from 4 to 5. ]


I kicked the pot while continuously shouting.

Black Lizard Supporting the vase quickly collapsed.

I have become badly poisoned!

This poison is clearly a lot worse!

Why is he so calm? Oh the things I'm going to do to this guy!


Black Lizard jumped up to shoulder height, liked my discolored fingertips.

At that moment, the heat in my fingers disappears.

It seems to have apparently detoxified me.

Fu, Fu.

Nice job black lizard. I thought I was going to die.


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