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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 43


. Plague child dragon and Black Lizard

Black Lizard has become attached to me.

Although I think that the village is close by, I start to head to my now completed home.

It looks compelled and impressed with my 〖roll〗.

Fufun, I don't understand how though.

Well, I do not feel bad.

A lizard and a dragon, in a sense I'm like a big brother.

’’Karubokishi, Kishishii'!’’

While walking together since the river.

I think about why he wanted to rub himself against my body.

Because he is deadly poison lizard, I'm afraid of softening around him because the worst things happen once you let your guard down.

Am I okay, I wonder?

What is the quality of my scales?

I have been using〖roll〗out of habit so I don't know if they still look good or if the are still sturdy.

Along the way to my home, we were attacked by a pack of gray wolves.

I wink to the Black Lizard.

Black Lizard seemed to read my intention, it quickly drew away from me.

So that they couldn't escape, we divided them into two packs.

So that we could at any moment prevent a single gray wolf from escaping. Now that the dried meat stock has expired, I won't allow them to escape.

For the delicious experience. I will kill everyone.

The Grey Wolves began a standoff with us.

The largest wolf boss, the prize in the pack, quizzically sounded the ’’Sunsun’’ (sound for sniffing?) with his nose.

If you just look at us in our poor states, there looks like there is no chance of our escape at all, or was the wolf aware of the ability difference?

Perhaps the target has noticed the little lump of poison next to me.

Black Lizard should have had characteristic skill of 〖Obidoku〗.

Die first then get eaten.

Even I was dying after being bit and I was poison-resistant.

It should have launched earlier and then withdrawn.



While I was barking, Black Lizard responded like she understood.

To signal it, I jump into the pack of gray Wolves.

In nearly simultaneous timing as me, the lizard shoots the 〖Clay gun〗 toward the gray Wolf.

Once the helpless gray wolf received the onslaught from both sides he immediately fell to hell.


There was no enemy that I was not already beyond in terms of strength.

It was probably due to his pride the boss wolf came flying at me.

I divert the body, to avoid the 〖 bite〗 attack.

The wolf whose defense has become loose was shot into the sky, with a swipe of〖dragon punch〗.

’’Gokiri’’, I feel my fist break the bone.

The body of the boss wolf floats lightly in the air then it crumbles with force against the ground.

’’Kyain'!’’, ’’Kyariburēshon de no kyariburēshon de Tsu!’’

After they lose their boss, the surviving two wolves try to escape, one to the left and one on to the right.

I glance at the Black Lizard, who responded with a slight nod and ’’Kokuri’’.

Like leading a cow to the slaughter.

I jump to the wolf on the right and Black Lizard shot 〖clay gun〗 at the one to the left ......

No it was not just a shot it went straight through the target, splitting the gray wolf's body into a left and right side.

Oh god...... I'm glad I only got a single whiff, I would not be in the best state of mind for a few minutes if I smelt more.

The head of the gray wolf was buried in place by stone gravel, while its body was convulsing and twitching.

I straddle the other gray wolf, and stretched out my arms causing a squeaking sound as I snaked its neck.

Because Black Lizard rarely had hit me with the〖pottery craftsmen〗 I never knew its power.

Seeing the grey wolf body's all bruised, bald fur here and there, and terrible gashes.

Hey that is an overpowered skill!

That technique when hunting small fries is really convenient.

[+114 experience points]

[Title skills 〖walk egg: Lv--〗 gained another 114 experience points. ]

Quickly seven Gray Wolf bodies turned into just meat.

I feel an exceptionally strong advantage to those guys , it's becoming one hit every time I encounter them.

The meat is reasonably delicious, it could become quite profitable amount considering the number also experience value, fur also because we could find a use, but it is scary we likely destroyed them.

I have seen them from afar but they were running away after an encounter with the Little Rock dragon.

When I think about the next evolution and they will run away just by looking at me, or rather a little lonely, or rather troublesome.

Grey Wolf was definitely the Demon that I have defeated the most.

I dismantled the gray wolf with my nails, and the unnecessary parts are discarded to make it easier to carry.

Discard the viscera, head, and limbs. yes fur!

I am somehow able to collect it all, and start walking home for the second time.

Black Lizard also, I put the mass of meat on its small body, I'm also carrying my part.

Cause I live because not too far I would had need to do several number of round trips.

I think that it would be good〖roll〗 training to do it.

’’Karubokishimechiru, Kishi'!’’

If I let him carry some of it then there isn't much of a difference and it lessens the burden on myself.

The gray wolf's attacked at just the right time.

I was troubled because all I had left to eat was expired dried meat.

Black Lizard and I wanted to eat dried meat, because all the trouble we went though for it.

Now that I think about it this guy is probably also a heavy eater like the red monkeys.

It's good timing, poison specialist Black Lizard came. I'll have to recover some homemade poison.

Soaking the dried meat in that intense poison, I will treat it to those f*king monkey.

If this is successful, the dried meat thieves shouldn't ever come again

I do not even want absolute dark poison of Black Lizard in the first place so this is a huge win.

Passing by the side of the bare trees I use to hang dried meat, my home comes into view.

The daunting image of the, two-body tall, towering entrance was greeted with us.

’’ Karubokishimechirul?’’

The Black Lizard was walking, close rubbing its body against me. Stop playing footsies!

I was a bit surprised to see it because it was the first time since the remodel I got a good look of it.

I will hurry ahead into my home.


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