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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 42


I hold my head carefully.

My head is burning hot.

Running around excitedly I have worn down the grass rope that was around the bloody part that was getting better. The poison has flowed straight into my body.

Still though, vomiting complaints doesn't help.

After calming down my mind, I began regaining control over my breathing, which was overly excited.

By soothing my breathing, I should be able to slow the poison somewhat.

That ends the rolling race, and finally begins the last fight with the black lizard.

’’Karubokishimechiru ......’’

While it squealed in a small voice, it continued staring at me with its black eyes.

It's figure, is appearing twice in my vision. This is useless, my visibility is not stable.

Who are you? Katen's? I am hit with too much pain to even stand.

(T.N. Katen Kyōkotsu's manifested spirit takes the form of two women.)

Anyway on the other hand lets check this guy's status.


Race: Benemu Princess Leche Ruta

State: Bleeding (small)

Lv: 19/35

HP: 23/108

MP: 50/127


’’Tsu’’ it has worked better than expected.

To Kokkara guy I think he does not have to convince to my treatment. Or caught Ren's?

(is he Kokkara guy? do I not have to convince him to treat me.)(kokkara namboothiri)

(is he an honest, straightforward guy? Do I not have to convince him to treat me or is he nice?)

Well, hey now. The grass rope is gone, there is only death if I don't have him detoxify me.

This guy ......Why doesn't he run away?

Even if he is going to prey on me, he is not taking any distance. Can you not stay hidden until I get weak from the poison?

What do you want to say, even if I collapse, you were my partner?

My question I want answered as the Black Lizard came into my line of sight.

Why are you licking me, what the f*k do you want?

You will not live to regret this.

Nearly half of this guy's MP is still remaining .

He should still have plenty of MP, does he plan to kill me now that he can by using the poison skill〖Poison fang〗?

’’Karubokishimechiru ...... Kishishii ......’’

Black Lizard is slowly closing in on me.

...... Not a 〖baby breath〗if I got caught I wouldn't know what to do, but I need to do something!

Thoughts go round and round in my head.

Head is hot. Body is hot.

I fly at this guy. He is gonna be fixed to the ground with my tail.

I can do it.

Black Lizard is rotten! He is definitely licking me.

Fool! To those kind of eyes staring at me. Ya want this? I'll show you the difference between a dragon and a lizard.

It comes over. I should take a jump at the Black Lizard.


He is in a completely unsuspecting state.

Or it isn't worried anymore?

〖poison resistant〗 Even me!

I have a prima facie (

Still though, the nails will crucify him to the ground!

Brandishing a nailI I strike into the Black Lizard, and at that moment, my consciousness is lost.

I died?

Vaguely, views of the forest appear.

Gradually at the same time as the contour became clear, my consciousness becomes clearer.

Poison, I do not feel it?

Was I reborn again?

I check my arms.

The stiff arm was still black covered with scales. The arms are still slightly swollen from the impact of the poison using lizard.

This is my arm obviously.

What the hell does that mean?

On my arm! I touched something that was cool.

My eyes darted to see what it was that I touched. I see the Black Lizard. He was looking up at me while extending its tongue and licking me.

Black Lizard randomly gave me the detoxification.

But, why?

We were at each other's throats and ready to exchange one another's lives until a little while ago.

Black Lizard does have the title skill〖cunning〗.

But there is no way that's the case, because there are no benefits of taking advantage of me in this situation.

What is this guy plotting?

’’Kishii ...... Karubokishimechiru ......’’

It came and rubbed its cheek to my face.

The lack of hostility, and intimate expressions...... made it look rather nice.

I'm stunned, I'm still trying to consider the intent of the Black Lizard.

First, I have received a 〖fang 〗 ...... deliberately fled and lured in ...... the crashing catch I suffered from the Black Lizard flight ......the bouncing ......and the rolling race.

Thinking from the beginning up to there, I came to the pin.

What kind of thing do you see. No, not only that what are you thinking.

I had been beaten by your poison or ...... thank you.

I put meaning into the bow, touching the chin under the Black Lizard.

’’Kyu Kyukkyu'! Kyuu'!’’

Black Lizard makes it easier to stroke his chin be lying on his back, he raises a pleasant voice.

’’Uri uri’’, I'll pat more.

This guy loves me.

’’Kyuu'! Kyuu'!’’

He then twisted himself, staring at me with such fawn eyes.

The end of the hot battle in the rolling race, Black Lizard is done. She recognizes me as a friend.

That's regrettable, I can't kill here, I probably shouldn't think like that.

I was also thinking similar.

So I'm sure, even if there was still rope of grass left to bind my arm, this outcome would not have changed.

I was given a memorable rolling race battle.

Also, the Black Lizard could be waiting for revenge at any time.

Moving my body.

Although there remains a sense of a little discomfort, it is unlikely I need to worry about it.

The swollen part will also heal soon.


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