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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 41


I won't lose sight of the Black Lizard. I am running at my maximum speed.

I'm gouging the earth, skipping off of warping trees, trying to shrink the most distance in the quickest time possible.

No mercy anymore.

Since it will struggle if it is caught alive, I will stop playing around and go at it with full force.

I will one shot that Black Lizard.

As I approach I continue to rapidly accelerate towards her.

Since I skipped various sharp turns, if you could see me, I'm in somewhat of an unreasonable state. I don't even know if I will die just by catching up.

[T.N. Calm down you have other options =( ]

But when I try to accelerate he will do quick cuts to attempt to shake me and occasionally head towards obstacles!


When the Black Lizard starts laughing again, and then again comes the gravel.

Here it came! 〖clay gun〗!

I wanted to avoid the rocks.

Even with the bad accuracy I am a big target.

It was probably a combination of the skills〖roll〗 and 〖clay gun〗 wonder if the last time was her first time doing it.

The reason I thought this is because the number of rocks being launched are more than a little while ago.

I tried to dodge as much as possible but still the power's a pretty big deal if he can get a clean hit.

Perfect dodging was not possible!

So only a small number of stone gravel hit me.

I had just received a powerful sand bullet, and found that he had also stopped, But I was prepared with the fact that I would be hit from the very minute I started again chasing.

I lost quite a bit of speed, but did not stop like him.

I immediately begin full rotation again to regain lost time.

Just you wait and see f*king asshole!

You thought you could stop me with something like that!?!

Chasing the Black Lizard I was crashing off of trees with the momentum rampage ping pong ball, but because of this my HP has been cut pretty searvilly.

Since so much ground was needed to be covered I am afraid to say it but there is no other way to catch up.

While traveling I saw cliffs began to spread out ahead on the other side of the Black Lizard.

Finally I have come this far.

I was running with the intention of keeping pace with him up to the cliffs, but all that doesn't matter if I lose my chance right now.

There is a large curve that runs along the cliff's side, I'll use that to trap him!

That being said I can tell that the Black Lizard is also targeting the curve.

It should also be going there to shoot with her〖Clay gun〗 skill.

I won't be able to relax until I win.

Even the black lizard can't fully concentrate on 〖clay gun〗 while running.

In fact, it had slowed even more after the second time than the first time.

That Black Lizard will concentrate its 〖clay gun〗attack at sharp curves trying to create distance with the conflict.

The Black Lizard slows her rotational speed and is preparing for the curve to use 〖clay gun〗.


She's mad! If I avoid this, it's my win!

A storm of stone and gravel comes flying my way.

I raised the speed at once, and using a small hill as a ramp, I took to the air.

I spread my wings while slowing the rotation, I Release〖baby breath〗with 100% effort over my shoulder behind me.

Jumping of the ground again I rapidly rotate in the air while continuously accelerating my speed.


I burned my belly because I shot 〖baby breath〗 from an unreasonable posture, but I was able to evade the rocks by using the acceleration from my breath.

However, I can not control myself because my breath accelerated me too much.

Everything around me was moving way too fast for me to process anymore.

I tried to correct the direction because I knew I was going too far to the right.

Did I hit the Black Lizard?

God if you exist please let it end up hitting!


The 100% power〖baby breath〗crashed into the Black Lizard, mutual 〖roll〗 can be solved in the reaction.

I crashed to the ground, while the while Black Lizard flew into the area in the opposite direction.

I slid on the earth with my stomach dragging on the ground.

I also Landed flat on my belly causing it to take all the mess itself leading to a massive, painful friction burn.

Now since I got him.... I am just going to stick with my previous plan.

I just need to capture the Black Lizard to detoxify me.

I look towards the battered up Black Lizard.

She was thrown in the air making a beautiful parabola.

Then I noticed it was about to fly into the cliff!

’’Kijibyi', Kishii'!’’

Black Lizard released a high-pitched Squeal as it struggled through the air.

My silver bullet!

This is not over yet and I understand there are various things I could do.

Will I let my right hand man die, or will I leave her to fall to his death?

While in〖roll〗I I summon up my strength to jump into the air spread my wings, and bounce into the body of the lizard.

I catch the Black Lizard in a hug in order to not drop her, and safely landed on the opposite side of the cliff.

Without stable footing due to the extra body weight I catch myself before I collapse on the spot while strongly hugging the Black Lizard.

The poison does not move much through my body due to the emergency first aid I applied, but because of the crash landing on the ground the arm that had been tied up in the grass was released.

Originally when using the〖roll〗 skill the rope of grass was rubbing against the ground but now it was cut. The pain has increased by a thousand.


It hurts so much I could DIE!

My arm had swollen monstrously!

Something has broken!

With all the blood coming from my arm it looked like something ruptured, I even saw the muscle!

I tried to withstand the pain, and not release the black lizard from my hands.

The black lizard was sprawled on the knees of his four-legs, he was observing me suffering in immense agony with its black eyes.

I can not afford to let him escape again in a place like this!

What are you doing to me?!

This cunning poison lizard, I caught you. You must now give me detoxification!

My arm hurts, it is super painful!

With a little time and effort I should be able to stand up, though I could stand it is not likely I will be able to even move around.

If you flee here it would not be funny at all!

Despite the black-and-white images in my sight, somehow I'm able to stand up.

I was overlooking the Black Lizard. He had neither given up nor fled, but he just stands still observing me.

He is not running away?

Is he gloating because he won, or is looking at my suffering with possibility?

This is convenient since he is not running.

Though I can't catch the lizard, I'm too dizzy.


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