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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 4


Graduating from being an egg.

Now that I finished eating the Dark Worm, I suppose that i should check my status.

If I remember correctly, a while ago it said that i was able to evolve.


Race: Dragon Egg

Status: Normal

Lv: 5/5(MAX)

HP: 5/9

MP: 5/5

Attack: 5

Defense: 8

Magic: 3

Agility: 15

Rank: F

Special Skills:

[Egg's Shell: Lv--]

[God's Voice: Lv1]

Resistance Skills:

[Physical Resistance: Lv1] [Fall Resistance: Lv2] [Hunger Resistance: Lv1]

[Poison Resistance: Lv1] [Solitude Resistance: Lv1]

Normal Skills:

[Roll: Lv2]

[Inspect Status: Lv1]

Title Skills:

[Dragon King's Son: Lv--] [Walking Egg: Lv--]

[Clutz: Lv2] [Straight Fool: Lv 1]


It went up!, it went up!

My status raised!

My level also reached its maximum.

I should be able to evolve now that my Lv reached its maximum.

But, how?, how do i evolve?

[Do you wan't your evolution options to be displayed?]

Oh, my thoughts were answered. Words were floating in my head.

I thought it was cold and evil but it's unexpectedly considerate!

I request of you, I don't want to be an egg anymore!.



[Baby Dragon]: Rank D-

[Little Dragon]: Rank D+



[Dragon Egg]: Rank F




What's this.

[Baby Dragon], [Little Dragon], do i have to choose the one that i like the most?

Being given a choice is quite refreshing.

But isn't there a plus sign attached to one?, wouldn't Little dragon be the better option?

[ [Little Dragon: Rank D+] ]

[A small type dragon, Is called little because of his size, it's as big as a bear.]

[Its fire breath attack is feared by adventurers.]

Ohh, it gave me an explanation.

This day you have been really gentle, are you a tsundere or what?

Little by little my loneliness is disappearing.

Fumu... [Little Dragon] seems to be good enough but.

Would it be able to compete with other monsters?

Anyways, show me the other one.

[ [Baby Dragon: Rank D-] ]

[They have tender meat, and are extremely delicious, they also go well with sauce.]

[They have a low combat ability because of their short fangs and talons, but they have the most potential as they can evolve into different types of dragons.]

[Because of that, they are mostly hunt by other monsters and adventurers.]

That one seems painful.

The first thing it told me is how good of a food it was, and then its potential.

No, not this one.

With Little's ability, I don't think that i would be scared to live tomorrow.

This one seems to be the best evolution to choose, its power ability is guaranteed.

[Become strong.]

Hah?, what was that, some letters appeared in my head... God's Voice is that you?

This is strange from you.

[Become strong.] [Become strong.] [Become strong.]

[Become strong.] [Become strong.] [Become strong.]

Eh? Eh?

[You should be aiming to be the best] [To be the top]

[Like no other] [Like the stone that shines the most]

[You should]

[I have a lot of expectations on you]

Is this really God's Voice?

Why are you...

[ [God's Voice] level increased to 2]

Now? With this timing?

The level rises just as God's Voice stopped.

It's as if it is in a rush.

It felt like as if it was a game bug, it was as it it was scared.

What to do, does it want me to go with the Baby one?

If not i feel like God's Voice-chan would get mad, is that right?.

The other monsters seem to be looking this way which is making me scared.

Aim for the top, huh.

That is really something that i would like to do.

But i suppose that turning into a baby should make me stronger than as I am right now... If that's the case, I think it would be strong enough to protect myself.

More than an unknown enemy, is more scary to go agaisn't God's Voice.

Moreover... if it has some expectation on me, i suppose i should answer them, right?

The idea of 'being the strongest' also attracts me.

Yosh, I have decided, I'll choose Baby Dragon

Let's do this, this is my last decision. Do it before i regret it.

The moment i decided my shell began to make cracking noises and divide itself.

I became considerably light.

[Special Skill [Egg's Shell: Lv--] has been lost]

[Special Skill [Dragon's Scales: Lv1] has been obtained.]

[By the effects of Title Skill [Dragon King's Son: Lv--] the level of every resistance skill under level 5 have been raised.]


Isn't that a pretty good cheat?

[Normal Skill [Baby Breath: Lv1] was obtained.]

[Normal Skill [Whistle: Lv1] was obtained]

[Normal Skill [Sweet Bite: Lv1] was obtained.]

Oioi, my skills also favorably increased.

But this sweet thing, how is it useful?


Race: Baby Dragon

Status: Normal

Lv: 1/25

HP: 5/15

MP: 5/5

Attack: 6

Defense: 5

Magic: 6

Agility: 10

Rank: D-

Special Skills:

[Dragon Scales: Lv1]

[God's Voice: Lv2]

Resistance Skills:

[Physical Resistance: Lv2] [ Fall Resistance: Lv3] [Hunger Resistance: Lv2]

[Poison Resistance: Lv2] [Solitude Resistance: Lv2]

Normal Skills:

[Roll: Lv2] [Inspect Status: Lv1] [Baby Breath: Lv1]

[Whistle: Lv1] [Sweet Bite: Lv1]

Title Skills:

[Dragon King's Son: Lv--] [Walking Egg: Lv--]

[Clutz: Lv2] [Straight Fool: Lv1]


This is the type of evolution that becomes powerful once it matures isn't it?

It seems that it returned me to Lv 1.

Well, it was a miracle that i was able to fight as an egg.

Let's go to the nearby lake, I want to see how my appearance looks like.

Yellow body, round eyes, tiny baby-looking wings that grow from my back.

So cute isn't it.

But I don't seem to be able to fly yet, i don't have a particular skill that tells me so.

Trying my best I begin to try to move my wings, but they only shake a little.

After that my hopes died.

Aim for the top, huh.

Fine, I'll aim for it with all of my power.


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