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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 39


Running in the opposite direction from the escaping Black Lizard might seem like a bad idea at first glance since I've lost sight of it.

However when he was trying to escape from me it never used the 〖roll〗 skill.

If it truly wanted to run away at full speed It would've definitely used 〖roll〗.

Since the skill Lv of this Lizards 〖roll〗 skill is high, It must use this skill frequently,

like when Its life is in danger or on the verge of a crisis, It could definitely get away if it ran in full speed.

I understand this because we are very similar.

The Black Lizard is thinking that it should not be able to beat me except ’’in the portion of outrunning’’.

He is not just trying to run away, but is waiting for the poison weaken my body.

It wouldn't make sense for it to lose sight of me.

So if I run in another direction, it is inevitably going to be forced to pursue after me.

For this guy it is the best to hide from the target. It continues to run away from the target while maintaining a constant distance.

When I started to run in the opposite direction I can only hope to be lucky, because there is no such thing as an absolute.

Once it loses sight of me it loses all meaning to have risked life and limb to have poisoned me.

I would be helpless if the Black Lizard also had a powerful sensing capability, but I didn't see any such skill in his possession. Although it is a dangerous bet, I have to believe that there is no other method of of beating him.

So I ran away to a place with a good view. First it is important to be able see the guy before I can catch him.

If it fails then I need to search for medicinal herbs which can detoxify the poison. I could go to the village to receive the cure or if there is no other choice I would cut off my arm.

I found out that it's chasing, but it does not pursue with full force.

He Is clever.

If he judges that I, or even the river is dangerous, It would seriously begin to start trying to get away.

So if I can even find him once, then it is unnessary to keep running.

In that moment a strange feeling and a sense of discomfort hit me, because he started to run after me.

rather than over thinking of thing It be better to continue the chase with 100% effort.

To control the action of this guy by chasing me, until I could find a point where with a view is good.

After that hopefully it is possible to catch it.

I am losing in speed, but not defeated if I use the〖roll〗 skill.

It is a skill that I have constantly used since my birth. I swear on my pride, that I must absolutely not lose.

Aware of the direction in which the cliff is. I was running while it was growing more difficult to navigate to location though the grass and trees.

For now I do not use the 〖roll〗.

The higher my speed, the more the other side loses ability to run while staying hidden, and is more likely to show me his figure.

However if it's able to run at full power while I'm using〖roll〗, it would create a sense of crisis and the lizard would think ’’it might possibly not get caught.’’

But my victory will be decided in the time when I do so.

After coming to at the point where there are only a few obstacles, my counterattack started, I start running in opposite direction.

I kick off of the ground into the air and I fly into a〖roll〗.

I searched around my field of view.

He is not there I can't find him!

Did I make a mistake? When did Black lizard escape?

The cold sweat covering my head falls to my feet.

Then will I have to cut my arm off or not?

Would I get another weird title something like〖amputator〗like before?

Was I being too hasty never stopping to turn around?

Then I saw in corner of my field of view the black lizard which looked absolutely no different in person than the figure which tried to run from me.

I was successful in leading him up until now so I absolutely can not let him escape.

Now all that remains is to crush the guy, or else this would have been useless

I also have to capture him alive which raises the degree of difficulty much higher than just killing him.

Although the distance between the black lizard and myself shortens very quickly, it is only because I started rolling before the guy.

He has just now started becoming smaller and rounder by folding in his limbs, and begins rolling.

The〖roll〗 of black lizard was wickedly fast.

This guy superior skill Lv shows a difference of the speed like heaven and earth.

But, since I lost the element of surprise.

The problem from here out is that it is now is a pure speed game and because the land has little grass and trees around, so can not afford to let it get away from here.

While choosing the route which is easiest to run, while paying attention to my foothold, I need to continue to evade the trees and other monsters.

Whether it is possible with only〖Roll: Lv3〗to catch up will be decided now.

The lizards has〖Roll: Lv4〗.

Even when I was escaping from the large spider. I deliberately went on the more difficult route so I should do well with this one.

the speed of the black lizard〖roll〗fell inversely proportion to the increase of trees.

No that is not right I am actually getting faster.

Now〖Lv4 chicken runner〗 which I used for escaping is no longer something to be ashamed about.

I have absolute confidence in my〖roll〗. I will not lose no matter what.

no matter how many times he has escaped this kind of predicament before I

now that the difference of speed between us is none existent I am outperforming his original speed.


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