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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 38


I wonder about the Black Lizard, which fled at full speed, but now I anxiety look at my wound.

When looking at my shoulder which was swollen up, I think it seemed to exceeded the level which was possible to leave it up to nature recovery alone.

State 〖poison α〗! ?

Oh, hey! What is it!

[Characteristic skill 〖God's voice: Lv3〗, it will not be able to perform the description. ]

Shit! still useless!

Somehow, if I do not somehow!

I got to look for a medical herb which can detoxification this poison near by.

But sadly a herb was not found though this the details that it worked against poison until now.

Is there no any other way out except death.......

Well at......such a time, binding the shoulder,and sucking out the poison from the wound would not work, I should suck out the poison, but when with my mouth, I would only gnaw at the wound, it is only possible for someone with soft lip and cheeks to remove it.

......Temporarily, I checked own status.


Race: Calamity illness child dragon

State: poison α(large)

Lv: 33/40

HP: 140/149

MP: 143/143


No, Think.

Information of venom system was not in the detailed display of the plant.

Also 〖God of voice〗 will not give me an answer for a description of 〖poison α〗.

But still, there should be a place where I am able the information.

〖Status browse〗 in the confirmation of details by, dragging out the information of that Black Lizard!

There should be a description of the poison in the information on the black lizard.

This is only thing I can bet on.

If is there then I am safe ...... Well if put even on the edge of my field of view, because it race was a description it can be used if you can determine, if there is a status effect seen even once, I may at any time confirme it.

Give me the details of the Benemu Princess Leche filter!

I think we can! I think we can!

[〖Benemu Princess Leche filter〗: D- rank monster]

[after shooting off a poison, this cunning monster will then recover the meat when the prey becomes exhausted. ]

[Also it's highly toxic, and there is a possibility to leave a powerful poison in the body. ]

[Body fluids and also has detoxification to the power of itself, when it was caught is sometimes pleads for its life offering the treatment. ]

This lizard is one that this is great outcome!

Since this despicable creature is one that pleads for its life.

For now, a solution has been found.

First I have to find the guy and have him teach how detoxification the poison.

It's a pretty quick opponent, like me apparently my opponent also 〖roll〗 as getaway, so it is quite likely to have struggled like me.

Even now, I have also repeatedly struggle to escape many times since becoming a dragon.

Because there was some grass known as〖rest glass rank E-〗That had a fatigue recovery effect nearby I wrapped it around my shoulder while I pulled back the tears.

This should somewhat delay the poison from spreading around.

Inmy current condition not confident in my sense of smell and hearing, but it will be impossible to catch him once I lose him him in this Forest.

The moving speed of the guy is really dangerous.

And as a bonus he is almost silent.

I recalled the time facing black lizard and its poison.

First, came flying lumps of rock.

Perhaps, it could be that guys 〖clay gun〗 skill.

I unintentionally followed the sound with my eyes, but it was just a rock. I then tried to trace back to where the rock was launched from.

But the lizard just keep silently firing off the rocks in other locations, while it tried to sneak around me silence to the attack other side.

As long as the rocks were directed at me I could quickly avoid them and be able to immediately find the firing source.

Black Lizard is trying to misdirect me to where it was moving, but if I had become distracted by a rock more than necessary then could be detrimental.

Simple tactics like this are just what a lizard would like to do.

Whether this thing is a coward or not, I'm smarter than it don't you think?

...... Well I assume that a lone black lizard thought it could out wit me.

But I could catch it by driving to the cliff and river with〖roll〗like the times I used it the past to escape from a large spider, and the cliff that dropped great vase turtle from.

Anyways, I wonder if their bodys are still over the edge ....

Well as usual I intend to use terrain to my advantage because it has become a cornerstone of my strategy.

But it is normally hard to find .

Or rather, it is impossible.

And also this Guy to fast.

Since the time that I decided to start, and chase and catch it there was not even a shadow to catch.

So, do I go on chasing indiscriminately?

If this venture fails, then finding this guy is likely impossible.

I can try to desperately create my own antidote,or other option is to cut off my arm.

I could also go to the village to be detoxified because it's also a possibility that they have a cure.

But in all likelihood I would be killed. Though sometimes there is no other choice but to rely on others.

Also to separate my arm It would definitely hurt, and have physiological effects, that could even create another strange title.

Also it is not bad as a noble sacrifice.

Being that my Evolution is also close. Because of a change in form every time I evolve, there's a possibility my arm would reappear.

I allowed the black lizard to escape as I run in the opposite direction.


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