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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 37


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Chaper 37: Poison Princess Lecherta

I have finally completed the renovation of my house.

I have shaved the walls and the floor, and carried the grit out.

And then I stacked the Clay Bear's brick against the wall, and blanked the floor in Grey Wolf's fur.

I line up the pans and the pots I made in the corner of the room.

While at it, I line up the two stone statues both sides of the entrance.

The initial primitive mood should be mostly gone by now.

It took three days for me to finish it.

Meanwhile, my 〖Pottery Artisan〗 went up to Lv4.

I'll soon have no choice but to follow this road, huh.

With this, it's okay for people to drop by.

I wish someone passes by soon and sees this place.

When they see this perfect residence, I doubt they'll think I'm some wild dragon.

However, I still have to gather more food again.

I have eaten all of the large amounts of dried meat that was stored.

I have also eaten the meat that hadn't been completely dried yet.

If my work continued to drag on, I'd eat the poison dried meat that had been prepared to punish the Shōjō.

I found out those guys had come again by accident, but they had such a disappointed face when they saw nothing pricked that meager wood.

Not good, since I decided to confine the dried meat, I collected it all because of the swift attack.

I should've left the poisoned dried meat only.

Since I didn't notice from appearances due to the discoloration of the meat while it dried, I collected it all together in one go.

It wouldn't be nice if I ate it by mistake.

I leave my home to go hunt for some food supplies.

Has it been three days since then?

I might have been too lazy these days regarding my battling side.

I've been too absorbed in my home reconstruction. I'm quite troubled because of my meticulous nature.

I don't particularly need to work too hard now, I simply want to hunt a Grey Wolf around.

I'd like to make dried meat again.

I'm now Lv33, soon I'll be close to evolution, but I have not yet piled up all that many good deeds, so I'd like to do something before it comes. Indeed, that drug mushroom that was almost burnt to ashes was weak. But with that said, there is no need to Lv up forcibly by fighting opponents of the same rank or higher.

Because there is now〖Cook〗 and 〖Pottery Artisan〗, I do not feel that the next evolution will be as certain in the direction of wicked route.

I'll have no choice but to personificate and be an artist for the rest of my life.

〖God's Voice〗 will get pretty angry though.

Since it's a rather cool image, I'd like to see it enraged flooding deep red messages.

Though I have no idea what'll be done afterwards.

There's no reason to keep gathering so much salt or Piperis.

The jar is already full, which is more than one year worth.

For the time being, until I can fulfill the evolution conditions for when I reach Lv40, I plan to do a good deed each day to raise my Title Skill level, but should I hunt monsters to eat just as much?

If I make a mistake next evolution, it looks like there'll be no going back, gotta be careful.

I understood well enough the 〖God's Voice〗 bad personality.

I won't be fooled by endearing words again.

While checking the plants with 〖Status Inspection〗, I walk through the forest.

There's only F ranked here, I haven't found any interesting ones.

Isn't there like a peculiar plant? Something like to make a potion-like thing.

A red, beautiful flower entered my sight.

Now, should I pull up by the root the ones planted around the cavern?

My next goal is gardening, umu, it might be nice.

Anyway, the moment I reached out to examine the details, a black mass came out from within the grasses.

Its mouth with sharp fangs aiming at my defenceless arm.

I knock it off by reflex and take that interval to enter into my battle stance.

What attacked me was a roughly 80cm Black Lizard.


Race: Benem・Princess Lecherta

Status: Normal

Lv: 19/35

HP: 86/108

MP: 117/127

Attack: 52

Defense: 58

Magic Power: 75

Speed: 128

Rank: D-

Special Skills:

〖Unique Poison: Lv--〗 〖Poison Sash: Lv6〗 〖Scales: Lv1〗

〖Stealth: Lv2〗 〖Darkness Attribute: Lv--〗

Resistance Skills:

〖Poison Nullifier: Lv--〗 〖Paralysis Nullifier: Lv--〗

Normal Skills:

〖Poison Fang: Lv3〗 〖Poison Claw: Lv2〗 〖Paralysis Tongue: Lv3〗

〖Poison: Lv2〗 〖Roll: Lv3〗 〖Clay Gun: Lv4〗

〖Detoxification: Lv1〗 〖Surprise Attack: Lv2〗

Title Skills:

〖Gross Eater: Lv5〗 〖Poison Master: Lv4〗

〖Cunning: Lv3〗 〖Chicken Runner: Lv4〗


What is this guy, he's freaking fast!

The skills he possess are superior to mine, it's a mountain beast!

No, is it even? Hard to pick one, though it seems emphasized.

My status is pretty low, but I've got quite a number of skills.

Even so, I'm not a jack-of-all-trades, I do have sort of a speck I specialize on.

The Black Lizard avoided my counterattack and quickly slip into the bushes, disappearing.

Did it run away? No, it's too early to think that.

I strain my ears and sharpen my focus.

It's also possible that this guy is still hiding somewhere.


From my blind spot, a sound of grass unnaturally shaking.

As I sensed something jumping out, I face the direction of the sound and focus.

Was that a piece of stone?

Remembering the skill 〖Clay Gun: Lv4〗, I doubt if it was a decoy while quickly turning my head towards the point it was shot.

At that moment, I felt a awful heat around my shoulder.

With all my might, I hit my shoulder towards a tree on my side.


The Black Lizard that was attached to my shoulder drop to the ground while letting out a shriek.

I tried to chase it, but the pain around my shoulder caught my attention, and I lost that chance.

[Kishi, Kishishi, Kishishishishii~!]

It runs away at a dreadful speed while laughing.

What's with this guy fleeing from the battle? Still plan to hide somewhere?

Even so... despite my 〖Poison Resistance: Lv3〗, my messed shoulder is painful.

I'm feeling something spreading in my body.

【Resistance Skill 〖Poison Resistance〗's level has increased from 3 to 4.】

Oh, it went up, it went up.

... Wait, isn't this quite bad?

Was it〖Unique Poison〗? It had this strange Special Skill.

My shoulder isn't very well.


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