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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 36


I was walking alone in the forest.

Though I have been in the forest to collect mushrooms and medicinal herbs it was it was not this deep.

I think Marielle will get made if they find out about this.

Still i was not supposed to go into the forest.

Though I should actually go with someone but dose -san is missing and Granz was killed.

There was also talk about a large dragon that was injured and was seen flying into the forest, nobody has wanted to go in since.

I understand it is a dangerous thing , but i went around the village asking about it.

Marielle might find out i asked Muranaka to much.

Therefore I shall delve into the depth of the forest alone.

It is taboo to enter some places in the forest because of the guardian that live there.

but many adventurers try and break though but not many succeed and Marielle was one aswell

I pay caution to the suroundings and think carefully about where to place my feet.


If it comes down to it I can use magic

even if its only a small amount it is still enough to drive of most demons.

While I was walking I was startled by grass shaking behind me.

I look back i a hurry.

There was a caterpillar about the same size as me, a dark work.

It approaches me with its black body.

I was surprised but relieved

If its a dark work I can beat it somehow

’’ Fire magic , 〖 Fireball 〗 ! ’’

The flame that comes out of my hand flys into the dark worms eyes before me.

The dark work panics and flees.


As soon as the worm leaves my sight I exhale in relief.

Marielle says a dark worm is of the rank F

Rank F is for demons who pose a small threat to people and those who have basic training can take measures against.

If its just like this, I can still manage to live.

Rank E is like a ferocious dog.

I would not be able to escape, but dors is enough to deal with it on his own.

But at rank D it becomes a greater risk to the public.

It is said that an average adventurer alone is equal to a lower ranked D monster.

For rank C a group of four expert adventurers is required.

If one goes close to a large town a large subjugation request will be issued.

So if its just F rank i can deal with it alone.

If I encounter a rank D i will need to flee because even if i set it on fire it will not hinder it at all.

I will be in great danger if i come across a rank D demon.

And in this forest the opportunity for a demon to strike is great.

It was still necessary for me to go into the forest no matter what.

Belz who was fishing by the road to the forest saw the now missing Dose who was heading to the forest.

I saw Dose in between some trees.

Dose's condition seems strange though.

He is leaking magic power and dragging one foot, smiling the sight was very frightening

His clothes are ragged and his cheeks are thin and his lips are a sickly blue-white he has completely changed.

I do not think Dose entered the forest in such a condition.

I turn back and go to the village ... this seems unnatural

Back at the village belz was calm and drinking with franz. belz was the one who likes to drink.

there is a superstition that spirits rise in the forest.

sometimes when people drink they hallucinate

though I said ’’I didn't drink liquor on that day nobody believed me.Some people said, ’’ they are just clamoring in wonder, embarrassed to admit that it was just the liquor .’’

in short nobody believed it

We assembled a squad with the young men from the village in order to search the forest.

Though there is risk to the lives of the people who are searching, nobody cared because the motto of the village was to help each other out.

It is taboo to abandon another in the village.

When there were disappearances in the past many went out to search and I was told many heroic stories about them.

but back then everyone was more afraid of the Mana in the forest.

many people in the village did not like Dose's way of speaking.

For that reason I do not want the subjugation squad lined up.

I sightings of the abnormal state of dose and the large dragon was accepted to be true and it was declared that it was of high risk to go into the forest.

But dose -san is not long dead, but it was just said to be the nonsense of a drunk man.

So , I'm sure , probably that kind of thing .

Belz -san is quite fond of booze so it was quite suspicious.

I made it up in my mind to search for dose.

I tried to convince everyone to postpone the dragon subjugation to search for dose

But it was only me who wanted to search for him.

I have to take responsibility to search for dose.


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