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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 35


I spent several trips collecting and carrying all the clay to the cave.

I decided to collect as much as I could because I spent so long collecting it I decided not to let it go to waste.

I am not in trouble even if i spend the day making pottery.

it's free time anyway.

I store all of the clay under the tree where I am drying meat.

Should I work here?

I kneed it for now and decide to make something like a kettle.

I mix water and clay to make it usable.

This actually needs alot of work.

If i was a human this would be easier to do.

It is very tiresome.

more clay is mixed in as i go and the volume increases.

How many should I make?

maybe i could coat the cave walls with it.

Its being kneaded and the shape of a jar slowly forms.

I failed many many times.

with the arms and claws of a dragon i cant make anything beautiful

I don't want frustration , but i do want the feeling of it being authentic.

While I did it over and over, the sun slowly set but i was stubborn and continued making the jars.

because of the battle with the bear I was tired but strangely i was not sleepy.

my eyelids were heavy but not interested in sleeping.

kneading it, breaking it, kneading it , breaking it.

eventually the sun began to rise.

After trial and error all though the night i managed to make a beautiful vase by making the sides and bottom separately and then attaching them.

It is perfect. absolutely perfect.

[ Title skill〖 pottery craftsman : Lv1 〗 was acquired ]

fu fu fu, dont phrase me so (TL:best i could MC trying to be modest.)

incidentally the red monkeys are watching me now.

probably the same as the previous group.

I returned the glare to them then they went away,

I wonder if they were aiming for the dried meat.

how many jars to i have?

I need around three, 1 each for spice salt and meat.

i may need more maybe ten?

I bore the sound of my stomach and continued to make pots earnestly.

every time I make one the next will be better.

This may be my vocation, messy fun.

I finished making ten and then.〖 pottery craftsman : Lv1-Lv2 〗

After that i went up into the tree to eat my dried meat.

Super delicious. After all salt is important.

carnivorous flower is the best.

I felt eyes on me when I was eating, when I looked around i saww the orange monkeys.

I remember that these guys like the taste of the dried meat.

PEPPE! Go somewhere else!

When i glare at them they run away as fast as they could back into the forest.

When i have some time I should serve them some poison.

but then i will have to put that pot away and not make any food in it.

Should I have a regular cooking pot and a poison pot?

A spare is nessesary

I do five at a time because there is a chance they may break when baking.

when i finished making another pot〖pottery craftsmen〗became lv3

I might have been a potter in my previous life.

I am afraid of my own talent.

I collected firewood from the ground and filled the large kettle I made.

I opened a small hole and sent in a 〖baby breath〗to bake it.

the firewood is carbonized when i heat it in a sealed state.

I did this repeatedly until I had a mountain of charcoal. then i buried the pots and then blew〖baby breath〗to light it.

I didn't know the temperature but strangely non have broken.

This may be the power of the clay bear.

I stop the 〖baby breath〗 when the pot turned white and then covered it in sand to extinguish the fire

when it cooled down, I dragged it out of a heap of charcoal and dropped soot and sand in a river.

umuumu, great workmanship.

I didn't think it would go so well but it was splendid.

I came back inside the cave to fill more pots with the dried meat spice and salt.

I was very busy in the cave.

it's a good feeling though.

there is still clay left I wonder what I should make with it.

maybe I could clean up the walls by making it into bricks.

for adhesion between the bricks clay hardened with baby breath should be enough.

it will quite lickely be a daunting task, but it will quite a good accomplishment.

In addition to that I might be suck in the cave for a few days.

there is plenty of food so maybe I can.


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