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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 34


The cloud of dust clears.

for a moment i was questioning my eyes.

standing atop a pillar of soil was the clay bear.

really what is this guy?

further more he defeated my strategy i cant roll behind his back to attack anymore

how much mp does he have left?


race:clay bear.


Lv :25/40

HP :137/178

MP :34/100


the mp barely went down from all that!

It still has a bit of hp left it must of used〖self-repleication〗 while hiding in the sand storm.

〖self-replication〗 twice is 18*2 for 36 mp

was it another 30 for 〖sandstorm〗 and 〖transformation〗?

I do not see it easily using〖transformation〗, and there is only enough mp for one more〖self replication〗

The game has moved into my favor

the hardest bit is attacking.

but only one use of replication is left.

so i should try get close but how?

Back the soil needle , front mouth full of fangs.

maybe i could blow the head clean off. though i don't know if that will kill it.


〖roll〗is the easiest attack but attacking from the front the speed it dangerous

I will just fall victim of the counter.

if i dodge the〖bite〗i can continue hitting it safely

when I used 〖star-drop〗 i managed to defeat the giant tortoise and crack the shell so it might work on the clay bear.

First I run straight at the clay bear.

It opens its mouth waiting for me who has arms stretched out.

i catch the raised right arm and dodge the left and hit it with my tail.

I put a kick firmly above the mouth that is trying to eat me.

there was a response, but it was my foot sinking into the bear.

I have been trapped.

my foot is set deep within, and im sinking further.

This guy used transformation.

I send a reverse kick into one of the tusks within the mouth while pulling out my foot and then escape to the sky.

The bear then jumps to use〖Bite〗to try get me while i was in the air.

’’agatsu!’’ (tl: biting sound i guess.)

I open a wing and try to escape backwards.

I land on the ground.

when i put my hand to my abdomen i could feel no scales only flesh

i did not dare to move and checked my status to find abnormal stutus:bleed(small)

i could not afford to lose that much HP

if it is shallow then i might be able to surve 2〖bite〗

Shit! Shit! (kuso! kuso!)

it is good i have only made one mistake so far.

but still the bear only has enough MP for 1〖tranformation〗 or〖self replication〗

though it was only a light kick, is still delivered a hit!

but it should still be far from dying.


race :clay bear

state :rage

Lv :25/40

HP :122/178

MP :19/100


i give up , should I just use〖baby-breath〗and finish it?

but if i do then that would mean that i cant use the clay which is the only reason im doing this

am i prepared to decide?

we are both the same rank and level. but that doesn't mean that it is without great risk

’’ Be~a~a~a~a~tsu ! ’’

While clay base-up barked, it ran towards me.

It is swinging its arms trying to catch me.

if i get caught by this guy i feel like i might die.

i can smell the anger.

it knows that it is doing a movement that is hard to read.

I evade it once.

And evade again.

after all this guy was just attacking by swinging his arms wildly.

I flip around the clay bears left arm and then attack with my tail.

and the bear follows me with the right arm.

after landing from the air i kick the shoulder.

the should falls apart and the right arm flies away in the sky.

i jumped with full strength and grabbed the right arm in the air.

i open my wings and blow〖baby breath〗at the arm to harden it.

i strike with a 〖star drop〗...hopefully this will cut down the HP competely.

if any is left〖self replication〗will probably be used immediately

this is the decisive blow

I stretch my wings and descend toward the clay bear.

I will have to endure the recoil.

’’ Ga~a~a~a~a~a~tsu ! ’’

’’BE~A~A~A~A~A~A~tsu ! ’’

the clay bear looks up at me and cries.

I appeal to you bear bear.

bear bear is most definitely ,genuine bear.

I hit the clay bear with its own arm.

Bear beats fake head and arm are completely crushed and dust is flying around.

I felt a strong shock to my body.

I fall down sprawl across the ground

Normal skill 〖 Nutcracker : Lv1 〗 was aquired]

Nutcracker ... ... Hey.

what a cool name.

no certainly that was nut crackerish.

[150 exp acquired]

[due to the title〖walking egg:Lv-〗an additional 15o exp was acquired]

[the level of〖child disease dragon〗has risen from 31 to 33

Hugh , that was good .

but it thought i was going to die with this.

when i rose my body i saw that the bear was splashed around the area.

and there is also a crack in the ground.

that power is dangerous.

but i suffered from the recoil greatly.

when i try to move... I make a squeaking sound.

I hurt to much no more hunting for today.

with this the clay can be collected.

i scrape it together and went back to the cave to make the vase.

separation line uses separate its super effective -


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