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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 33


using〖self replication〗the clay bear has recovered almost completely from my attacks so i use 〖status view〗to see its mp usage


race:clay bear


Lv :25/40

HP :159/178

MP :82/100


it was〖HP:57〗and it recovered to〖HP:159〗over 100 points were restored and healed roughly 4 points per mana

its mp should be gone 4 more uses.

i will lose in stamina if i fight directly.

it survived three of my〖roll〗 attacks.

it has high defense and to get through high defense you need more power and my highest strength attack should be 〖star drop〗

though i do not have confidence that i will be able to carry the clay bear which is significantly bigger than me.

i should have the advantage in close quarters though.

I am much faster than him i need to use it to my advantage.

the reason why i was able to get the three consecutive hits was because it was a surprise.

I hit you a little from the front and lean back and will not give it if I think about that defense and build, body of the clay.

in a mud slinging contest i will not win against the clay bear because of〖self replication〗

i take my distance and use〖baby breath〗which is lacking in power.

It burned the bare body clay, and once frozen originally means to attack the clay bear is reduced by half.

the standoff with the clay be continues.

to make a strategy would it be best to see the skills of the opponant again?


normal skills:

〖bite:Lv6〗〖transformation:Lv2〗〖self replication:Lv4〗



〖bite〗Lv6 is quite harsh ... if i get caught i will die

i need to determine if damage to anywhere other than the chest is viable because the belly mouth is scary.

〖transformation〗is making me anxious too.

this is absolutely not a bear.

though i don't know what〖sandstorm〗 and 〖clay〗 can actually do.

is this to much chattering?

i feel like im being to afraid of the closed information.

though i do have the advantage of knowing alot of private information.

... now my policy is not to be seen by the big mouth idiot and strike when im not visable.

its good if i can shave off the hp.

in RPGs its common to wait until one is the limit before using recovery magic.

though i cant stake my life on a petty bet.

In the first place, grudging the 〖self replication〗, because there is no convenient kind of skill which i can use to take it down in one hit.

the clay bear began to making a move while i was thinking round and round.

the head atop of the bear held no expression but the big belly mouth was full of fangs.

not good.the number of fangs is to much.

my policy is now made up.

i aim for the body.

but not from the front. from behind.

I〖roll〗behind the charging bear

if i accelerate using 〖roll〗he will not be able to follow my movements.

the clay bear panics.

i take the chance and tackle its back.

’’ Be~a~a~tsu ! ’’

leaning backwards the bear trys to swing it arms at me.

i quickly avoid the attack and go around to the backside

Horehore , Horehore .

with Lv4〖roll〗i can go faster than what the clay bear can fight against

i knock it about until i can see success

by circling it it is at a complete loss

though i wonder where this guys real eyes are

an opening!

i use 〖roll〗and deliver another blow

and then escape quickly.

hit and run

this may not be such a big deal anyway.

i didn't think it would react to getting hit in the back so much plainly.

i go around to its backside again.

ho - re ho re ho re. ho - re ho re ho re.

when will it use〖self replication〗? hmmm?

’’ Be~e~a~a~a~a~tsu ! ’’

while the clay bear is screaming it bring both my hands to the ground.

when i thought had given up sand began to dance around me.


i don't like this.

i should back off a bit here.

fighting here is impossible

i should stay away until the storm clears.


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