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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 32


The clay bear has not noticed me yet.

though i cant take advantage of that because i don't have proper hands.

its perception is quite dull.

I mean, it's shaped clay frankly.

I'm suspicious to as if the eyes and ears actual work or not.

they may just be decorations.

... well , i do not know my partners circumstances. but it should still be able to utilize its strength.

I optimistically launch a surprise attack from behind, i want to get at-least two hits in

Sticking to his back to beat while he is exposed.

I should be able to just almost certainly knock it down if I attack it when its pants are down.

but does it even eat?

can i eat it?

moving on.

the exp and the pots i can make are well worth fighting this,

i glared at the clay bear from the far-off grass and followed it.

... three hours have passed since i started following the bear.

i came on an empty stomach so i roll back and eat the horn rabbit.

during this period the clay bear did nothing.

he just walks back an forth from the place in the forest and the road.

is this guy really alive?

i have become doubtful.

a dark worm passed by the clay bear.

they seemed to ignore eachother.

is it because the dark worm doesn't recognize it as alive?

.... am i just a fool?

i became impatient and was about to stand up when

the clay bear turns around and punches the dark worm.

it was disappointing it was destroyed without being able to say anything it spat out its contents

i opened my mouth absentmindedly

when the clay bear covered the dark word which had exploded it's guts everywhere, the abdomen was split and a big mouth appeared. it was eating it in a brutal way.


that name does not suit you!

get a new name!

the long awaited predation scene of the clay bear.

when any creature satisfies a physiological desire, it becomes terribly defenseless.

though it is a monster and i want to believe.

to be honest i don't want to fight it, i just want the pots.

and i want to decorate the inside of my home.

if a person stumbles across my cave i hope they will go ’’that dragon is quite bright we might be able to get along.’’

therefore i want the clay from the clay bear.

I〖roll〗through the weeds up to the clay bear thats consuming its meal.

’’ Be~e~tsu ! ’’

i dented the back of the bear grandly with my tackle.

while emitting a non bear like voice it spits out the dark worm debris.

i quickly hit it again to dent it.

another blow!

’’a a tsu!’’

the clay bear falls over and hits a big tree nearby.

but i dont loosen my grip.

i brace the bear who does not understand what is going on and hit it a third time.

my fist flies at the stomach of the clay bear.


a tall tree crashed down but the bear is still intact.

the stomach of the bear is open so i stop the 〖roll〗

the giant mouth that opened seems to be glaring at me.

danger danger i was almost bitten.

but my attack worked pretty well i got to get in three hits.

though i really want to rip off its arms

should i check status now


name:clay bear


Lv :25/40

HP :57/178

MP :100/100









〖mental resistance:Lv2〗

normal skills:



title skill:

〖is it a lump of clay?:Lv3〗


its almost the same level as me?

though the defense is high the attack isn't to worrisome

it was worth leveling〖roll〗just for this.

however〖bite:Lv6〗is dangerous

just jumping in was a good choice

〖rage〗is only natural

anyone will be angry when attacked during meal.


it opens its' stomach mouth and barks.

in the dented part tendrils come out and fill the void

〖self replication〗 increases its endurance quite a bit.

though i had time to learn〖recovery magic〗it is now quite hard to use.


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