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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 31


three days have passed since the battle with the giant pot tortoise.

I ground the dried phi perris , sampled the dried meat and then killed a carnivorous flower. then returned to my leisurely life.

The dried meat was going well, but a〖 shojo 〗came by and and stole some of it.

early morning i went outside rubbing my eyes. heading by the dried meat all i could hear was the damnable monkeys laughing with a ’’kyakkyakya’’

these monkeys infuriate me.

even though i ran after them they were faster and i couldn't catch them. I eventually lost sight of them.

maybe i can go and kill them when its all calmed down and they dont suspect anything. although the shojo had quite high status

I over-hunted the grey wolves again and rebuilt my tower of meat. but those damn monkeys may come and steal it again.

so i collected a lot of poisonous mushrooms and make a pot of meat and concentrated poison.

i dont know the result of the trap yet but when i imagined the monkeys rolling on the ground in pain i felt a little happier inside.if they dont come again its the best for me.

I washed the fur in the lake because the sterilization and drying with the salt was finished.

i also remodeled a branch into a clothes rack using〖baby breath〗to burn of all the leaves and twigs.

its carpet for my home now.

the preservation of the fur isn't complete but its good enough for now.I am warm when i lie on the fur, so im comfortable.

I've only been fighting monsters of the E class recently

It might not be so bad leveling gently.

in these three days I have only leveled up once.

but〖cook〗has risen to level 3

I wonder if grinded and I went a little far after a long time .

What pot manner that can be placed to put the food has become want about several .

For meat and salt , then for the spice ,

also we need a new pot.

because i was in a state of rage i used one of the pots to make poison in so i cant use it anymore.

its almost impossible to get those pots without breaking them.

when i defeated the 10 a couple days ago the shells ended up a little bit damage.

i used 〖roll〗to a place i haven't been before in the Forrest in search of pot tortoises.

since i saw a horn rabbit i chased after it and hit it. for the experience.lets collect meat on the way home.

was that rabbit a bit slow?

No, has my perception become dull because here was peaceful for a while?

I haven't against anything high ranked recently

while rolling i heard something strange.

i stop rolling and then look for the disturbance.

Don~tsu , Becak . Don~tsu , Becak .

Don~tsu , Becak . Don~tsu , Becak .

what, is this sound.

though its like foot steps, it is strange.

I understood only that it will be the demon whom I have not met with, but do not know anything else

.I suppress breath and approach the back of the tree slowly slowly not to see it from the direction of the sound while hiding in the back of the tree.

there was a big bear ...-like thing.

its not a bear. its definitely not a bear.

such a thing cant be a bear.

it does resemble a bear but its yellow

TL: it may be yellow

so i use〖status view〗

[the distance between you and the thing you are trying to scan is to far for〖status view :lv5〗]

... the distance is to great?

I dont want to get any closer its too scary.

[the acquisition of the status of the individual is impossible, but can disclose it about the racial details.]

was there such a feature of 〖status view :lv5〗

[〖clay bear〗D+ rank monster]

[a monster produced by a lump of clay.]

[power is strong, and the ability to regenerate is high again, too.]

is it really a D+ monster?

if i can beat it in a fight i will get a fair amount of exp.

the only bad thing is i wont be able to eat it if i defeat it.

maybe i can make vases out of him.

Good! i will defeat it and turn it into pottery!


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