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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 30


Thanks to the hikari mushroom the cave has become much brighter.

It's a good substitute for a lightbulb

I cant see anything down here when the sun sets, after-all light in important.

A meal looks gloomy in the dark.

When i go to sleep in the wolf fur i turn off the mushroom light.

I dug a hole and filled it with firewood and lit it on fire with 〖 baby breath〗

And put the tortoise pot above it.

I was really worn out but a dip in the river was revitalizing.

I put the cabbage like glynball into the tortoise pot with mushrooms and the salt root as seasoning.

This is so nostalgic its been a long time im starting to cry.

I made some chopsticks from some branches and carved it using my claws.

because i have〖Dragon Scale〗I am not afraid of the boiling water.

Its a bit difficult using chopsticks with long fingernails but im up the the challenge

The stew is simmering. so i carry some tortoise meat to my mouth.

and its DELICIOUS.I moaned because it tasted so good

Its much like chicken from my previous life.

I shall hunt for these pot tortoises alot more.

today i shall hunt for 10.

The amount of meat from the tortoises is a lot ... do i really need to hunt that many.

The skin is very hard.will mine be like this when i finish growing.

The next is ... the yellow and black mushroom.

was it thundershroom?

even though its got paralysis poison in it it still tastes good.

It kind of tingles but its really good.

This stew is really good.

The tip of my tongue lost feeling and my hands got numb but the feeling was cured soon after.

being a dragon is great.

i think so

[ Resistance skills 〖 paralysis resistance : Lv1 〗 acquired .]

more resistance how nice.

I tasted everything one by one everything tasted really good but i soon could not tollerate the chopsticks so i crushed them and poured the contents of the pot into my mouth.

Super duper delicious!

eating greedily is the best.

i do not want to go back to being human.

I sat back rubbing my belly that was swollen from eating so much.

the pot tortoises were really good. they are probably going to go extinct from over hunting.

now... what am i going to do with the mountains of wolf meat.

it might spoil.

i disassemble the wolf and separate it in to meat and fur.

i cut the meat into a reasonable size and removed some of the fat.

i burn the salt roots with〖baby breath〗to makes salty ash to add the the meat.

this should remove the moister and sterilize it.

there is so much meat that the salt is almost all gone.

I bundle the meat and head outside.

i find a branch that is the right size and then burn off the leaves and sterilize it with〖Baby breath〗

this seems good.

Im sorry i turned you into a meat tree.

I am not dissapointed though because the volume is large.

[ Lv of title skills〖 cook 〗 has increased from 1 to 2 . ]

I did it.

but... how do i process fur?

so for the time being i remove the fat and cover it in salt.

This is better than throwing it away.

carpet or clothes which one do i want.

for if i become a person i definitely don't want to be naked.

I dont want to be shooed away from the village again.

maybe i should put the phi perris out to dry

tomorrow i shall go out to collect phi perris and the salty roots.


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