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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 3


Battle against the Dark Worm.

I'm being chased.

The Dark Worm is chasing me.

Come!, I will lure him out to a place where I can have an advantageous position.

Even though I understand that I can easily die, because I'm still an egg.

Although according to both of mine and his status that I win in agility, but I fall far behind in attack. Also that my HP is much lower than his.

I don't think I would be able to endure even one of his hits.

Thanks to my advantage in agility I can do a preemptive attack, but if I were to receive a counter attack that would be the end of me.

If that's the case I should just play to my advantages and just keep striking until I bring him down. There is only this option.

Although I don't know where or how should I hit him to inflict the most damage, but I need to risk it.


The Dark Worm hisses at me.

Escape, escape!.

I go up the hill and look for a good place.

I aim for a place that looks like several stair steps.

I almost fell down from one of them, but was able to recover.

My objective is a small cliff and run to it.

The Dark Worm is still closely following me.

That's it, good boy. Steadily keep coming to me.

Little by little I drop my speed to attract the Dark Worm closer to me.


As my stamina drops he seems to hiss happily at that.

That fellow seems to think that he will finally eat me.

He really is careless. He must be thinking that I'm a fool just because I'm an egg.

Just because of this will be his end.

I begin to increase my speed and then hit him with a corkscrew punch

That guy takes a lot of time to rotate because of how big his body is.

As i used the skill [Roll] to get away, my limbs enter the inside of my shell.

My [Roll] skill is level 2.

I'm able to accelerate in this position as well.

(TL: I imagine Yoshi in his egg form when i read this.)

I move to the side of the Dark Worm, and with all of my force I impact him with my body while I'm still rolling.


Thanks to the egg's friction force the Dark Worm's body surface is cut.

Also I push him with all of my weight.

It seems that the preemptive hit strategy worked.

Thanks to this it seems that his physical strength will be affected. That's something critical.

Just like that I keep pushing him in order to make him fall from the cliff.

And the Dark Worm finally falls from the cliff.

Because of the force of the roll and its acceleration I fall on top of the Dark Worm.

It's a good thing that I possess the [Fall Resistance: Lv2] skill, and he doesn't.

It's over. It was pretty tough for a moment I thought i wouldn't be able to do it.


We crash against the ground!

I use the Dark Worm as a cushion in order to evade the blow on myself.

The front part of the Dark Worm looked as if it was dented, and he was vomiting some black bodily fluids.

tsutsu..., I'm also quite hurt too. Did I trust a bit too much on [Fall Resistance]?

Ah, but in the end I seem to be alright...

Unsteadily the Dark Worm starts to stand.

Eh, are you serious?, this is impossible!, there is some blood-like substance coming from his mouth and body!

You should be lying down!


The Dark Worm's hollow eyes were focusing me, he held his rear part and began to lift himself up.

What?, what is this feeling?

He seem to be extremely mad!


For one last time he cried and fell to the ground once again.

I felt really nervous for a moment there... Wait, does this mean that he finally died?

[12 experience points were obtained.]

[Because of the effects of Title Skill [Walking Egg]. Another 12 experience points were obtained.]

[The level of [Dragon's Egg] raised from 1 to 5.]

[ [Dragon's Egg] has reached its MAX level.]

[The evolution condition has been satisfied.]

I won!, I really won!

I beat an opponent that I thought I could only run from.

Even if I leveled up in one go, was it because of the effects of [Walking Egg]?

Although I don't seem to understand how it works, it seems to give me bonus exp.

For it to give twice the experience, isn't that amazing?

How do I say this... wasn't that last cry kind of strange?

That was a higher pitch than his usual cries. Well, not like he can do anything now that he is dead.

Then, what shall I do now.

I suppose that I should eat him.

The idea of eating this giant caterpillar is quite dreadful if you ask me.

But I suppose that it should give me good nutrients for my growth.

A hole in the egg's shell opens where the mouth should be and I begin to chew on the Dark Worm's back side.


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