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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 29


I return to the cave Safehouse and I put the pot shell that the meat was in the depths and go out.

I'm slightly anxious about HP, but it should still do it.I want to get ingredients to put into the pot shell.

I will be only in the area around the cave, so there is no danger with HP even now.

Though i might meet with the slime again

I was freaked out by the first meeting but all the stats are low.

If i defeat it quickly maybe it will take away some sorrow

Though i was upset when i defeated the big pot tortoise  [status view :lvl5] wow what?

So, it is possible to read the information on the items and monsters, but it seems that you are gathering all progress.

Poison can also be detected

Even if there is poison i will still eat it if it tasts good. with resistance to poison it should be fine right?While walking and paying attention to the ground i found a mushroom growing out of the roots of a tree.

It had a yellow and black tiger design.

And its so delicious.

I immediately collect lots.

[ 〖 Thundershroom: Value E- 〗]

[survives on the nuitrients from a trees root. Infected trees do not produce fruit]

[Is rich in nuitrients however contains a light neurotoxin]

Do not say such a thing . Wisdom to live I need wisdom to live .

You need to be clever to live in this world.

...why do i love mushrooms so much

It's regrettable. should i give up.... but its so delicious

but the poison is light so it should be ok.


There is a big flower. large as a sunflower.

I was approaching to judge it when a big mouth opened and tried to eat me.

Pshaw smash and kill.

[Exp gained 12.]

[Title skills walking egg:Lv- increased exp gained 12.]

Carnivorous plant is that you...

it doesn't look like i can eat it but ill investigate anyway

[carnivorous plant: rank c-]

[Rare plant that eats animals]

[Salt that is unable to be digested collects at the white root tip.]

[therefore the root has high salt content and can be use as such.


In my past life i remember hearing about a tree that collects salt on the leaves to drop of into the wind.

This was a good find i was a bit troubled about not having any salt

I dig up the roots and surely enough there are large white tips.

There is not much.but because i want the salt it is saved.

If i find any more ill definitely collect it.

Now whats next.

another mushroom with a purple hat.

I pull it from the ground and use [Status view]

[ 〖 monstershroom: Value D 〗]

[when it grows becomes a monster that will attack humans]

[tastes similar to meat and is treated like a delicacy]

nature is good.

lets take it home.

Another mushroom.

White, small, fantastic and lovely.

[〖 Al Torojia 〗:value A]

[If cultivated it is said this mushroom can fund a country]

[〖 Al Torojia 〗It is very close to some poisonous mushrooms so it often goes unnoticed]

[induces hallucinations and intense euphoria ]

[ 500 years ago it was crushed and mixed with stimulants , which it had been sold as a drug ]

[Many burn it as soon as its found. but it is still used in to torture????]

...I slammed it down on the ground and burnt it to ashes with 〖 baby breath 〗

[ Lv of title skills 〖 tiny hero 〗 has increased from 1 to 2 . ]

Not like this, but I am happy of the rose is good for you?

no it was good i did that. TL: drugs are bad mmkay

rather I underestimated this mushroom

Danger Danger i was going to eat that.

I might havr become crippled if i ate that.


I continued my walk in search of things to eat .. oh

a cluster of red beans.

there is so many ingredients around here.

of course i scan it

[〖 phi perris: value B 〗]

[has a unique taste and was once in the past a very popular spice]

[there are also rumors that the roots can be used in the medicine making but due to its difficult cultivation there are now few left ]

[it is very near extinct]

[in high demand by rich nobles it has been said that it's worth its weight in gold]

This is actually a good guy

It was dark and maybe the villagers. Don't come back

do monsters come here often?

Don't you notice having them here possibly?

it good its plentiful

one day you may be uprooted my friend

Other magic seems to be accumulated in root and leaf of sweet and fragrant, the masses of spores in the delicacy of mushroom, mushroom and shining, very similar to Chinese cabbage with vegetables.

And I think I like Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage pot, right?

on the way back i found a pack of grey wolves and killed them.

my hands were full so i had to use my feet.

I have become strong

I collected the wolf meat and went back the my cave

It was a good harvest today.

In the tortoise pots was the meat of 10 tortoises. thundershroom, carnivourous flower roots, monstersroom, phi perris ,magic tree roots, aroma leaf, hikari mushroom, glyn ball and meat of grey wolves

today i ate a lot of wolf meat , tortoise and even more


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