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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 27


Great Vase Turtle

Not good, this is unmistakably dangerous.

Rather, I hardly have a chance of winning.

It's HP is excessively high, and before that, my attacks won't go through.

It's impossible to use〖Star Drop〗with that weight, As expected, carrying it and flying is impossible.

Fortunately the great vase turtle's speed is incredibly low.

Should I leave the meat stuffed vase shell and run?

Honestly, this guy is darn heavy.

No... but I did want to taste what kind of flavor the vase turtle had though.

The great vase's speed is low after all......also, the attack power isn't that high so if by chance I take an attack, It won't be that dangerous, yea.

I can do it, probably.

Will I be able to escape even carrying this?

With my arms around the meat filled vase shells, I run.

The great vase turtle's head appears, and glares this way.


The great turtle roars in a great voice and suddenly, a huge purple light flew towards me.

It's probably the〖Hi-Slow〗magic that I saw before.

I can make a guess from the name that it's a〖Slow〗of superior rank. I can't allow myself to get hit.

「Turtle-! nDurtle! nDuurtleeee-!」


A lot of purple lights came flying!

You have a lot of MP huh, darn you!

As I thought, I should have given up on the meat-stuffed vase shell and quickly run away.

There's no gap I can use to escape, and the purple light enters as if sucked into my body.

Crap, My body can't move at all.

My body can move a little but only a little.

The great vase turtle is chasing from behind while mowing down trees. This guy is too monstrous.

The other guy is fast! it's coming!

Ah, It entered tackling posture! A tackle is coming!

Although I completely read the attack trajectory, I can't avoid it at all.

With the mass of a car, it rammed its body into me hard.


I was sent flying, rolling above the surface multiple times.

Even without speed, that mass is foul play.

My body would break if I eat several of these.

Aa-! the vase shell stuffed with today's meal, the contents scattered while I was tumbling!

I don't have the leeway to retrieve it either , crap.

I can only run satisfied with the experience points I gained. No, can I escape?

I try to stand up quickly, but the giant comes chasing with heavy steps.

Even if I stand up it will also take time.

If I'm trampled like that, I'll die without being able to resist.

From my posture in the midst of standing up, I shift to〖Roll〗.

It was because I had the vase shell that I couldn't roll, but if I completely gave up on that, I would be able to escape with〖Roll〗.

I should be able to escape.


Again, it's striking me repeatedly with [Hi-slow].

I escape a blow changing direction with my full strength, but a barrage of 2, 3 shots were fired.

Unable to cope, I was wrapped in a purple light.

Uwa I'm slow! Even though I'm rolling, I'm slow!

With a glance I look back.

The great vase turtle pursues me extremely slowly.

Gradually the distance is shortened.

Even though it should have an agility of 4 why does it look so fast darn it!

If I compare it to〖Slow〗isn't〖Hi-Slow〗a little too strong?

The title skill that guy has,〖Curse of the Turtle〗 is probably increasing its effect.

The great vase turtle that's slowly closing in chases me, and once again deals a tackle using it's weight.

Again, I'm sent flying, colliding to the ground head first.

With the shock sent to my head, my field of vision blurred. My back is in extreme pain.

Aah, this is impossible.

As long as〖Hi-Slow〗's effect continues, escape is impossible.

I was sent spinning with a hit from my back.

I should be able to withstand 2 or 3 hits of that.

But my consciousness will be taken away if anymore is taken.

If escaping is impossible, should I think of how to win?

No, I can't beat that. It's unmistakably impossible.

Even if I didn't take〖Hi-Slow〗, I have absolutely no skill that can deal a fatal blow.

I have to be careful that it even has things like〖Self Recovery〗and〖Rest〗.

Even if it doesn't have that, I don't think I have something that can go through the defense of the great vase turtle though.

I don't think I'll be able to drop it off the cliff either.

I may be able to make it take one step back if I hit it with〖Dragon Punch〗from the front, but that is the limit.

I mean, if I had that much leeway, I would have escaped.

Should I use the force from being sent flying to escape to the sky with〖Fly〗?

But with only〖Fly〗, gliding is pretty much my limit.

Even if I use the breath rocket just above is the limit to flying, but I can only fall from there if I can't move.

No, wait.

If I purposely stand on the edge of the cliff and get blown away, wouldn't I be able to use the force and use〖Fly〗to escape by flying away?


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