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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 26



Alright Alright~ my level has risen considerably.

I'll check my status for a moment.


Race: Plague Kid Dragon

Status: Normal

Level: 22/40

HP: 58/116

MP: 43/113

ATK: 105

DEF: 91

Mana: 95

Agility: 93

Rank: D+

Special Skills:

〖Dragon Scales:Lv2〗〖Voice of God:Lv3〗〖Glisha Language:Lv1〗

〖Fly:Lv2〗〖Dragon Scale Powder:Lv1〗〖Darkness Attribute:Lv-〗

Resistance Skills:

〖Physical Resistance:Lv3〗〖Fall Resistance:Lv4〗〖Hunger Resistance:Lv3〗

〖Poison Resistance:Lv3〗〖Solitude Resistance:Lv4〗〖Magic Resistance:Lv2〗

〖Darkness Attribute Resistance:Lv2〗〖Fire Attribute Resistance:Lv1〗〖Fear Resistance:Lv1〗

Normal Skills:

〖Roll:Lv4〗〖Status Check:Lv4〗〖Baby Breath:Lv3〗

〖Whistle:Lv1〗〖Dragon Punch:Lv2〗〖Plague breath:Lv1〗

〖Poison Fang:Lv1〗〖Paralysis Poison Claw:Lv1〗〖Dragon Tail:Lv1〗

〖Roar:Lv1〗〖Star Drop:Lv1〗

Title Skills:

〖Son of the Dragon King:Lv-〗〖Walking Egg:Lv-〗〖Clumsy:Lv4〗

〖Just a Fool:Lv1〗〖Infighter:Lv4〗〖Pest Killer:Lv1〗

〖Lie Spitter:Lv2〗〖Evasion King:Lv1〗〖Relief Spirit:Lv3〗

〖Little Hero:Lv1〗〖Path of Evil:Lv3〗〖Disaster:Lv1〗

〖Chicken Runner:Lv2〗〖Mister Cook:Lv1〗〖King of Meanness:Lv1〗


Did my attack power become 100 at last?

However, I can't stay satisfied with this.

Because in order to contend with the little rock dragon, I'll have to raise all stats close to 200.

Still looking back carefully, I've been saddled with disturbing titles.

〖King of meanness〗, Did I really do something so bad?

And〖Path of Evil〗came to Lv3.

【The maximum skill level is 10.】

Ah, Aah, max is it?

It's been a while since God's Voice suddenly appeared that I freaked out quietly.

Now should I retrieve the vase turtle meat?

While it's unfortunate, The vase shells are no good. They're all cracked.

What's more, there are parts of the vase shell attached to the actual bones of vase turtle, and this cannot be removed well at all.

When I tear off the vase turtle from the lightly damaged vase shell, the shell that was originally full of cracks broke into fragments.

It seems difficult to separate the remaining vase shell like this.

Mmm, using it as a vase with the contents left as it is, it's a little......

Well, it isn't that I can't use it if I take others leaving only the minimum parts, but in the end even if I take care to keep it pretty, it's all smashed up.

Like I thought, I'll have to make it from clay myself.

For now, I'll take the best vase shell from among the remains and remove the vase turtle meat from within it.

Today's meal will be a soft shell turtle stew.

It seems to be quite delicious.

I'll also gathered some suitable edible plants. Vegetables are important.

After all, a world like this most likely has a bread based diet huh.

I'd like to make something like a vegetable rice porridge with the pot of soup left though. Isn't there something similar to rice?

I tear off the vase shell and meat and toss it inside one of the vase shells.

With blood smearing all over, it became a considerably grotesque display but that can't be helped.

When I carried the vase shell packed with meat, I heard the sound of foot steps from behind going thud thud.

Crap, a large monster?

I'll quickly run away before its appearance is seen.


Huh? What, there was another one?

But some how, the voice was a little low or loud for a vase turtle?

Making a creaking sound, the trees were crushed.

And than I saw it's appearance.

An upside down vase the size of a car, and even the limbs peeking out from those holes are around the size of my stomach.

The moment I looked, I felt the difference in the quality of status.

They, are what's called an outrageous monster.


Oi Oi, what's this fellow.

This is foul play.


Race: Great Vase Turtle

Status: Normal

Level: 24/55

HP: 233/233

MP: 156/156

ATK: 74

DEF: 245

Mana: 76

Agility: 4

Rank: C-

Special Skills:

〖Turtle's Shell:Lv5〗〖Heat Detection:Lv4〗

〖HP Self-Regeneration:Lv4〗

Resistance Skills:

〖Physical Resistance:Lv5〗〖Magic Resistance:Lv4〗

〖Paralysis Resistance:Lv2〗〖Fire Attribute Resistance:Lv3〗

Normal Skills:

〖Shell Seclusion:Lv4〗〖Bite:Lv3〗〖Iron Tackle:Lv4〗


Title Skills:

〖Iron Defendse:Lv6〗〖One who gets Silly:Lv4〗

〖Curse of the Turtle:Lv1〗


It has a stat with over 200.(a stat of level 200)

It's attack proficiency is far inferior, but it is higher than the little rock dragon in respect to the HP and defense aspect.


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