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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 25


Slow Hell

I kicked the ground, and spread my wings to earn height for the jump.

It's bad, but I have no intention to play with the Vase Turtle, let's finish this quickly.

The ten vase turtles put out their heads that were drawn into their shells to glare at me in midair.

What, these guys properly have heads.

When the first guy moved, it was only the arms and legs.




The ten vase turtles one by one raise a cry.

the vague purple light rush at me.

Geh, what is that. Magic?

Without proper accuracy, it went past my left and right.

Dangerous dangerous. I don't want to take something of an unknown nature.

Of the skills the vase turtle has...... Is it〖Slow:Lv1〗?

From the name though, I get the feeling my speed will be stolen.

Geh, I took a hit.

The light touches me and becomes small, entering my body.

It doesn't hurt, but an uncomfortable feeling spread throughout my body.

After receiving a shot, the 2nd and 3rd came and went into my body, and I took a 4 shots in the end.

Ugh, I don't feel well. My vision is swaying.

Eh......Somehow, the scenery doesn't seem to be moving at all?

I currently am in mid jump right?

This, means I became slower?

I feel like I'm pretty much fixed in midair.

Before my eyes, the vase turtles casually pile up, making a 10 step tower.

The highest guy is just at my eye level.


He's pulled in his head and limbs and jumped at me.

I didn't guard in time due to [Slow] and received a heavy blow on my chest.

That being said, the original attack is still insignificant for the low damage. There's no need to get flustered.

There's no need to be......Ouch!

Against me who received the tackle midair and was falling, the Vase Turtle in the 9th step comes attacking with a blow.


Aren't these fellows too heavyy!

What do you usually eat!?

Ah, the 8th stage is coming.


7th stage.


After that, with the 6th stage, 5th stage, 4th stage......, I took the remaining 6 tackles directly and fell to the ground.

From each individual body, the damage is small but a 10 chain attack is pretty severe.

My back strikes the ground, leaving me facing up.

That me was surrounded by 10 Vase Turtles, tackled repeatedly with their body weight.

Ouch! Hurts! It really hurts!

Sorry! I apologize so seriously, stop!

I use roll〖Roll〗with the best speed to escape from the vase turtle's reach.

Because of 〖Slow〗I wasn't fast at all but even so, I was able to distance myself from the turtles.

Ah, but they came to encircle me.

I'm currently a little too slow.

I release〖Roll〗and glare at the vase turtles.

Should I check my opponent's status for a moment?

These guys won shoot any more〖Slow〗right?


Race: Vase Turtle

Status: Normal

Level: 10/35

HP: 24/30

MP: 19/29



Race: Vase Turtle

Status: Normal

Level: 7/35

HP: 16/24

MP: 13/23


It looks like it decreased, It seems that〖Slow〗consumes 10 MP.

So that means everyone shot once.

I felt like things were finally just getting a little better but even so, don't repeat it any more than this.

Seriously, please stop......n?

Why did these guys' HP decrease this much?

Because they have〖HP Self Regeneration〗I didn't think they received damage until now.

I confirmed the other vase turtle's status but, of the 10, half didn't receive any damage.

Could this perhaps be the thing called fall damage?

If it's like what I think, then I can understand the unevenness of this damage.

That's right, the lower half weren't at a height where they would take fall damage after all.

The vase turtles are hard but very heavy.

Whats more, though they have high physical and magical resistance, they didn't have〖Fall Resistance〗.

I see, I finally see these guys weakness.

Even if I don't drop them from the cliff, they will get a large damage from its own weight if I use the potential energy.

Un, Why don't I give it a try?

While standing still, both of my hands moved while anticipating the actions of the vase turtle.

The vase turtles jumped at me from three directions.

I took one shot to the body and another to the flank.

However standing firm, I prepare for the last shot.

While taking the attack of the vase turtle that jumped at me from the front, from reading it's movements from before, I move to carry the vase turtle in both arms.


The vase turtle struggles but I won't let go.

Like that I kick the ground with my all, and jump straight up.

Of course, I spread my wings to earn some jumping power.

「Tur, Turtle!」

For a moment the captured vase turtles were dumbfounded but they quickly group into a tower again to chase after my height.

These guys really have coordination.

The highest vase turtle jumped at me but only grazed my foot.

It's too bad but you were one body short.

Although that's the reason I'm holding it.

I come to a height the vase turtles can't reach.

From that I fire〖Baby Breath〗facing down and flies even higher similar to a rocket.

Looking at the vase turtle tower from above, it looks incredibly small.

I flew pretty high~.

I might have a breath rocket.

I abruptly stop in mid air and rotated once to add centrifugal force, and throws the vase turtle down.

With this weight and at this height, it'll become a considerable force with the acceleration by gravity.

Eh? How much is the gravitational acceleration in this world?

【Normal Skill〖Star Drop〗acquired】

Star drop......?

Aah, this upwards jumping and throwing with a 'Baan'?

Is it recognized as a skill?


The vase turtle I threw straight down penetrated the 8 stage tower vertically and destroys it..

The vase shells were smashed and the meat was torn up and scattered to the surrounding.

Oooh......That's pretty grotesque.

【306 EXP acquired】

【Acquired an additional 306 EXP from Title Skill〖Walking Egg:Lv-〗】

【〖Plagued Kid Dragon〗's level has increased from 15 to 22】

Oh, it has raised pretty far.

As expected, hunting groups from〖Calling Comrades〗is the tastiest for experience points.

【Special Skill〖Fly〗's level has increased from 1 to 2】

Alright, I'm grateful that with this I may be able to fly a bit more decently.

......and, there's a single survivor?

The ones I defeated with [Star drop], were only the vase turtles that formed the stacked tower and the thrown vase turtle.

I still haven't defeated the vase turtles that jumped chasing me and fell to the ground.

The vase turtle that was trying to run away slowly and quietly received my line of sight and it's body shuddered.

The effect of〖Slow〗has pretty much cleared.

I chased after and caught the vase turtle, and jumped, wings, flying up with the breath rocket combo, and flung it down with all my might with a rotation with〖Roll〗like before.

Yes,〖Star Drop〗!


The vase turtle that collided with the earth's surface's shell broke, and a fainted bloody vase turtle appeared from within.

【36 EXP acquired】

【Acquired an additional 36 EXP from Title Skill〖Walking Egg:Lv-〗】


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