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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 24


The Final Mean

After that, I tried many things in order to erase the Vase Turtle's HP.

With〖Poison Feng〗My teeth were going to break.

With〖Paralysis Poison Claw〗My claw broke and flew. I cried a little.

I bundled withered trees andtried to burn it to death with〖Baby Breath〗, and at first the damage when through but, It looks like it lost to〖HP Self Regeneration〗.

The moment that I think the HP reduced, it's restored and negated.

I'm out of moves.

I have many others but they were complete failures.

As if to ridicule my actions, sometimes the vase turtle will cry 「n~turtlee?」 with a stupid voice.

Darn it, it's making a fool of me.

Thinking that I should use my trump card, I walked holding the Vase Turtle.

Giving up securing of food and tearing off the vase shell, it doesn't mean that I have no way to decide it by setting experience as my sole purpose.

It's because I only persisted for only that, I want the experience value.

That's why, even if I know that it's cruel, I was forced to take this move.

Don't think bad of me. I just want to raise my level, learn〖Art of Humanization 〗and deviate from the〖Path of Evil〗.

It was around the cliff I overcame in order to shake off the large spider.

While standing on the edge, I lightly stroked the cover of the vase turtle.

You death will surely not be in vain.

I will become stronger. That's why, Forgive me.

「n~turtle? Turtle!?」

The turtle raised a cry as if for sympathy.

I shake my little neck, aimed it down the cliff and toss it.


The vase turtle falls towards the deep, deep bottom of the cliff.

The scream reverberated in the earth wall, extending through many levels it reaches up to my ears.

The vase turtle collided with a rock under the cliff and shattered, and at the same time as being swallowed by the muddy stream, its death agony ceased.

Goodbye, Vase Turtle.

Yo were a formidable enemy.

【You aquired 36 EXP】

【Because of Title Skill〖Walking Egg:Lv-〗You have acquired an additional 36 EXP】

【〖Plague Kid Dragon〗's Level has risen from 14 to 15】

My nemesis's death is reported indifferently, and my level rose treating that as food.

It's the situation where one feels empty after a intense fight.

We threw out techniques and exhausted all our strength, came to recognized each other, and lastly the time to part arrived.

Getting to know of the harshness of the natural world once again, I turn my back on the cliff impel by a little sense of achievement, and a sense of fretfulness that exceeds that..

【Title Skill〖King of Meanness:Lv1〗acquired】

【Title Skill〖Path of Evil〗's level has risen from 2 to 3】

......Even if I take it together and marinate it beautifully too, it's like that after all.

Although '[Title skill] is due to the many aspect of my consciousness, isn't it?' was something I thought alone and got excited about trying this and that, but apparently it doesn't seem to be effective.

If I give up once and leave, that turtle vase will squeal in a teasing voice. After that, should I say that I have the feeling that I wouldn't retreat.

I knew a weird title would come if I threw it over the cliff but I've finally done it.

I did want experience......Even for me, only doing just that much was an achievement.

Even if I beat it down and kill it, I know already that the experience it has is large, and it was something I got. Yes, It shouldn't be a killing in vain.

Lets put my hands together a little and pray.

Still, negative names are increasing steadily.

It's because of the evolution, isn't it?

It feels as if it's damaging my personal history and narrowing my employment opportunities.

I hate the great demon king dragon king route.

I will walk the road of the pure light of righteousness.

The coexistence with mankind route is good.

Well I'm pretty tired, should I hunt my share of food, gather plants and go back?

It's regrettable I didn't get the vase......

No, it's not much different if I place it on the ground, but I think it's also an interior design.

Ah, If I can't get it, should I make it?

If I find a clay bed, dig some up, knead and heat it, that will make it right?

It's just that and fire.....I heard you need a good amount of heat.

Can〖Baby Breath〗Do it? Will I be able to manage somehow if I prepare charcoal?

I guess I won't know until I try.

I have plenty of time, I should make one.

Clay ware is produced from around Jomon period right? Then, even I may be able to do something.

I'll roll out a rug in that cave and line up some clay ware.

Un un, that is good.

I might try various tinkering for a fashionable feel.

I might also make some paint materials and paint a pattern on the wall. I'm getting exited.

Now my objectives have increased.

Un un, it's a good thing.

I turn around and face my body to the cliff, I notice the trees and grass sway rustling.

Something has come.

That isn't one body too, it's several.

Moving sneakily.

If you're going to come than come.


Lightly restraining, I try to〖Roar〗

Now, will the escape, or jump out with this?

If they have a guy with leadership calm enough to wait for an opportunity even with this, It may become a little troublesome.

The rustling of the vegetation stops, and it becomes deadly silent.

In the next moment, 10 vases......vase turtles appeared in the bush and faced me.

I immediately confirm their status.

Their attack power isn't anything extraordinary.

Of course, there are no guys with corrupted text.

Is this a battle of revenge?

That's right, the vase turtle also had〖Calling Comrades〗didn't he. The last scream had called his friends.

But these guys legs aren't too fast so I have the option of running away.

Because they're hard and the only way I have of attacking is to beat them off cliff, the aftertaste isn't very good and I am attached with a weird title.

If I lob these guys off the cliff one by one, my level also seem to increase to some extent, but it's to that extent in the end.

Although the efficiency is inferior, it will be good to aim at gray wolves.

I feel bad for burning their revenge, but should I take this chance to escape?


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