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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 23


A person who became stupid

I'm walking through the forest while out of breath after successfully escaping from the slime.

While celebrating my own safety, I suddenly think after calming down.

......That guy, Was he really such a dangerous fellow?

The status like numbers weren't all that high, The rank was also clearly stated as F+......

Because there are occasions when〖Status Investigation〗is a lifeline, I feel excessively nervous because I did not use that.

Although it was expected that there might be opponents whom I can't use it against because of level restraining, it must be the rule if there was an opponent whom I can't view the status and there are occasions that promote that said preconception too.

More like, it's that corrupted text's fault for being too creepy.

Rather, if nothing is displayed, I have the confidence to have calm down a bit.

Why was I so afraid of that puddle?

What has become of it now is the question.

Next time I meet it, I'll try throwing a rock at it from, what's that?

In the shadow of a big tree, something like an indigo vase is placed with it's mouth on the ground as if dropped.

It may be good if I discover that it holds some food or fruits.

As a result, I thought of trying to making preserved foods too.

Rather than put there, it feels like it was discarded?

I'll trying searching for the owner after checking its content, and bring it home if it looks like it was thrown away.

I approach it and look around it but there's no sign people.

For now I'll go with turning it back over again and confirming its contents.

When I try to lift it, the upside down vase springs up and tackles me.



Becoming a completely unexpected form suddenly, my defenseless jaw and chest received a strong blow.

The mysterious vase jabbed me and retreated immediately, taking a distance.

Did I really receive that much damage?

Even if I was lured, this pain resounded through the bone.

Looking over the vase again, deep blue limb like things appear from below.

What's this fellow?

There shouldn't be a mistake that this is a monster but......


Race: Vase Turtle

Status: Normal

Level: 9/35

HP: 28/28

MP: 27/27

ATK: 21

DEF: 145

Magic: 43

Agilit: 12

Rank: D-

Special Skills:

〖Turtle's Shell:Lv4〗〖Heat Detection:Lv3〗

〖HP Self Regeneration:Lv2〗

Resistance Skills:

〖Physical Resistance:Lv4〗〖Magical Resistance:Lv3〗

〖Paralysis Resistance:Lv1〗〖Water Attribute Resistance:Lv1〗

Normal Skills:

〖Shell Confinement:Lv3〗〖Bite:Lv1〗〖Iron Tackle:Lv2〗

〖Calling Comrads:Lv3〗〖Slow:Lv1〗〖Rest:Lv1〗

Title Skills:

〖Impenetrable defense:Lv4〗〖One who Makes Stupidity:Lv2〗


Vase Turtle...... it's a turtle?

Limbs came out but I don't see this guys head or tail.

The shell is big- or rather it's too thick......

Going by the name, it goes around with a vase like shell.

If I beat it, will I be able to remove the vase shell?

It looks stupid toughly but the other stats don't look too impressive.

There's no skill I should be careful of either.

How dare this jerk surprise attack me.

Keeping the distance with between the vase turtle, I launch〖Dragon Punch〗straight up from below to send it flying.

It's a practically an upper cut.

And to continue, while it's floating in mid air, I launch another〖Dragon Punch〗 in the stomach portion of the vase opening!

The vase turtle flew a number of meters and that body was nailed to a tree.

tssk...... My fist hurts......

How stupidly hard is this guy.

I did hit the stomach area right?

The vase turtle calmly gets up, slowly moving away from me.

Hey hey, it better not have taken no damage from that.


Race: Vase Turtle

Status: Normal

Level: 9/35

HP: 24/28

MP: 27/27


Hit with two〖Dragon Punch〗's and it only decreased by 4?

In other words it's that, If I want to finish it of, I'll have to hit it with a 14 hit barrage.

It's darn tiresome, and it seems that when I defeat it the vase shell will be beyond repair......

Even if I want to, I don't have a means of defeating it without breaking the vase shell.

With〖Baby Breath〗I won't be able to get past it's defense.

Also, I saw it when it got up but, there also seems to be something like a lid inside the vase shell.

When danger aproaches it pulls in it's limbs, and the opening to the vase shell is covered.

It's like a turban shell.

It's perfect as a prey Because it doesn't have offensive power and seem to be edible, should I try defeating it just to defeat it?

It's not like there's danger to my life so it is worth challenging.

And before that, lets confirm it's status.


Race: Vase Turtle

Status: Normal

Level: 9/35

HP: 28/28

MP: 21/27


Eh, isn't the recovery speed is fast!?

It already recovered 3? Is it such a thing!?

Still, isn't it usually slower?

This is the power of〖HP Self Regeneration〗......wait, didn't the MP decrease?

It looks like it recovered with〖Rest〗.

Is it being careful? Or is it extremely wasteful on MP?

Well, that kind of thing is good.

I close in once again on the vase turtle and hit it again with〖Dragon Punch〗Uppercut.

My fist is in greater pain! there's no other way, I'll have to bear with it.

Lets go with the momentum until my fist breaks.

I scissor punch the vase turtle that jumped in midair with a〖Dragon Punch〗from both the right and left.

Alright, with this, it's 3 shots!

It hurts! Endure, me!

Again, an Uppercut!

Jumping up, to shoot it down, I smack it down with a low swing crossing both hands!

In mid air rotating once, with power from centrifugal force, a〖Dragon Punch〗from bottom up!

Furthermore, with dropping my fist swinging one revolution, I bash it to the ground!

In that state the vase turtle's body was sunken into the ground.

【Title Skill〖Infighter〗's level has risen from 3 to 4】

That's 7 hits......7 hits.

It's tiresome and my hand feels like crap.

14 consecutive hits is impossibly unreasonable.

My black hand is swollen though? My black scale is peeling though?

Lets take a short break and confirm how much damage I dealt.


Race: Vase Turtle

Status: Normal

Level: 9/35

HP: 11/28

MP: 21/27


It's working better than I thought!

Alright, it's the latter half! I'll put in my all!

The moment I thought that, a gentle light began to wrap around the body of the vase turtle.

Oi, Stop.


Race: Vase Turtle

Status: Normal

Level: 9/35

HP: 28/28

MP: 15/27


......Aa, It recited〖Rest〗, yeah.

I knew that would happen! I didn't prepare any countermeasures though!

I pick up the vase turtle, and hook my claws to the lid.


Opeeeen! If this wasn't here, If this wasn't herreee!

Within the quiet forest, only my howling could be heard.


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