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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 22


I opened my eyes but there isn't much light that enters the cave so I don't know how long I slept.

When I point my eyes to the entrance, I understood right away that sunlight was illuminating it.

I knew it was no longer night but with just this, I'm not even sure if it's morning or noon.

For the time being, with 〖Status Check〗


Race: Plague Kid Dragon

Status: Normal

Level: 14/40

HP: 92/92

MP: 95/95


I've confirmed that my HP and MP both fully recovered.

Good Good, with this I won't die in the forest.

I can run away immediately if I meet a monster stronger than me, I can quickly withdraw back here if my HP decreases .

Now what will I do today?

For the time being should I ensure my food supply and level up.

And after that, the red bean-like thing and......later, I'll go see if there are any other fruits that catches my eyes.

Aah, I want a blanket too so lets hunt some extra Gray Wolves later.

In preparation for the time that I;m able to become a human, would it be better if I also make something like clothes too?

I don't know if I'll really be able to do human transformation but there could be a chance that I might learn it right?

I doubt the shady〖Voice of God〗 when the only words said were 『There are also individuals who can transform into humans』, but even so there is a small chance.

Although I don't expect much, it's not like I don't have hope so I think it's better to prepare.

Even if I say human transformation, if I think about it normally, clothes wouldn't appear.

If I go into the village stark naked with a human appearance for example, I'll look suspicious.

It might be impossible to make a real one, but lets prepare something like a mantel to cover a majority of my body.

Tentatively, for the time being.

At this rate, it's possible the〖Art of Human Transformation〗Skill doesn't appear after all, I should prepare for the shock that may come eventually.

Lets think of it with a profitable mindset.

......But, it's that.

It'd be good if humanized me is handsome.

Before I was and egg, when I was human, What kind of face did I have?

I get the feeling I'll need a reference when I humanize though.

In the world where I was human......Should I go with that guy?

I have grown considerably as a dragon, and it's obviously a different world, it seems that I am beginning to accept such an appearance recently.

But in the beginning, I had various wild ideas thinking that I'll be cured if I slept or some evil scientist put me in a egg shaped capsule among other things.

Unexpectedly, If I saw my humanized face, that might be a trigger for remembering my previous world.

I'm getting worried.. At this point I'm fine with whatever, and if I remember something bad, my current life will become difficult so it might be fine that I forgot though.

I wonder how it would turn out if I met the girl again in a handsome human form, we got along, and than my identity is discovered.

Something like 'I am the dragon that helped you at that time'. It's like the grateful crane.

Isn't it romantic?

Although it's fine spreading my hopes and dream......Lets stop here.

Putting aside preparing for a shock, what am I thinking of?

I smack my face with a *pachin*, and refocus.

Now, I've gone outside the cave and enter 'leveling mode'.

I look for enemies that approximately 2 times weaker than myself.

The best are the ones I can 1 hit KO with a jumping〖Dragon Punch〗.

Overlooking the surrounding, I saw an azure colored pool in a remote place.

Isn't that pool swelling just a bit? It's wriggling.....By any chance, is that a monster?

For now,〖Status Investigate〗

【With Normal Skill〖Status Investigate : Lv3〗, There are information that cannot accurately be acquired.】


▒�◘: S*ime

▓Ma§: $*

N▄: 6/15

¥Mo゜: 17/19

█d¥: */5

zノZYX: 7

フ・゜NG: 4

¶ア現゛ウ: *

盈lヒ叢Z: *

Cv徐シ者: F+











〖 **-:Lv==〗


Argh~! Somehow, my head hurts! Hot!

【Normal Skill〖Status Investigation〗's Level increased from 3 to 4】

Te, eh!? e, ah, ha? Wha gross!!

This guy is one of those you should absolutely not get too close to right!?

Thank goodness, If I didn't have〖Status Investigation〗I'd have gotten close to it.

〖Status Investigation〗skill I use to win in my daily life but this might be the time was the moment it was most useful.

If I didn't look at it now, I could have been killed.

The stats I saw weren't that high but I feel a bottomless eeriness.

It's close to the cave I've settled down in, but is it alright?

Rather, is it alright to be in this forest? Or rather, is the village near the forest alright?

〖Sl*me〗? That's 'Slime' isn't it?

The slime in this world are too ominous. Is it an evil god of the Cathulu system or something?

It may be due to the nature of my level, but if it's the case of my opponent being higher ranked then me, I think there's a possibility〖Status Investigation〗doesn't work or something.

That's what I thought, but isn't my opponent's rang F+?

Wha, what is that?

For now, lets run before I'm noticed.

If I get involved, rather than having to live a life of regret, my life might end at this place.

While glaring at the mysterious slime, I walk backwards obtaining a distance.

Slowly, slowly withdrawing.

I miss my footing and almost fell over due to walking backwards.

As if reacting to that sound, the slime closed in on me swiftly.

Although it wasn't quick, it definitely coming towards me.


I screamed without thinking, and used〖Roll〗to escape from the slime.

【Resistance Skill:〖Fear Resistance:Lv1〗aquired】

【Normal Skill:〖Roar:Lv1〗aquired】

【Title Skill:〖Chicken Runner〗's level raised from 1 to 2】


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