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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 21


A Rest at the Cave

After subjugating Talan Rouge, I secluded myself in a small cave nearby to rest.

Tearing with my claws, I dismantle the Lv4 Gray wolfs I hunted at the small cave and ignite the branches I gathered.

The smoke is a small problem but since the exit is very close by, it isn't a bother.

I grill the Gray Wolf meat over the fire, crushing a fruit I don't know, and rub it on the meat to suppress the beast smell.

This was something picked from a plant that consist of a red bunch similar to beans, and though it's practically tasteless, it has a fragrance that stimulates the appetite.

I thought if it could substitute pepper, and brought a little along to try it.

It doesn't mean that the meat smell is unpleasant to that extent, but I simply wanted to test it on the surface.

Yea, It's a good feeling.

Erasing the beast smell, it promotes my appetite with a slightly spicy aroma.

It's not bad. Should I make this cave my base and gather many of those red bean like fruits in a corner?

But this spice is a little soggy, maybe I'll see if I can dry them. Doing that may also likely preserve them.

It's somehow become fun.

【Title Skill〖Mister Cook:Lv1〗acquired】

......I don't feel good when it peeps into my privacy.

Fuu, I ate and ate.

Although I was feeling numb to eating spiders and caterpillars, nonetheless, these guys that are properly prepared are different.

There is also the satisfaction of making it myself, it's good for my mind and hygiene.

Still〖Mister Cook〗huh.

Leveling up the skill well, will I be able to make dishes that are popular with the villagers?

It's probably impossible. no matter what delicacies I make and treat, with this evil appearance, they're more than likely to get the misunderstand that 『He intends to fatten us up and eat us. Lets get him before he gets us』.

In the first place, I can't move my fingers skillfully to the same extent as humans. Claws are also a hindrance.

Pushing the tings such as fur, head and entrails of the grey wolf to the corner, I lie down on the floor.

The chilly floor fells good as it is, but should I try laying on the fur on the floor?

Is it because of〖Dragon Scales〗, even if I throw myself down on the something rugged, it doesn't hurt or anything.

Both my MP and HP are empty, should I rest soundly like this today?

Even if I level up, not recovering will make it troublesome.

What I dislike, is that a relatively small increase to my Max HP, I don't feel at ease with such a small amount.

For example, at〖HP:12/15〗I don't think much of it but from there if I level up and it becomes something like〖HP:12/100〗, I feel like I'll die all together at some unforeseen incident.

I guess since each time I returned to Lv 1 after bursting up, it will frequently turn into such a situation.

It should be somewhat better having recovery Magic〖Rest〗, but after evolving into the Plague Kid Dragon, I haven't been able to use it at all.

Is it because the〖Path of Evil〗skill level has risen?

Even though I desperately practice [Rest] after learning it, it's relatively shocking that the path was immediately severed.

I thought I'd be able to gain the trust of the villagers by recovering their injuries with magic though.

Gallantly appearing, I use〖Rest〗multiple times on an injured villager who was attacked by a monster while they gathered mushrooms.

Frankly, I don't know if a villager will come so deep into the forest, but at least I haven't seen it happen.

I completely wasted time with delusions like 'If it went well, wouldn't they give worship to me with my position as the village guardian deity or traveler's guardian deity?'.

I want to believe that there is a chance again if I evolve.

That's because the only thing I can do currently is spread plagues.

If I make a single mistake, It's possible the villagers will come together to subdue me. If that happens I'll have to leave this forest.

My appearance has completely changed too.

Baby dragons still have the charm of being cute but the current me is completely black after all.

My look isn't very suitable.

Whenever I see my demonic looks floating on the surface of the water, I can truly only sigh.

My claws and fangs are sharper than that time, and I wonder if that girl would also not be able to recognize me?

She was only tempted with the desire to protect me when I was attacked by the Swordsman because I was a baby dragon, but if I had black scales and long claws I would probably have been killed.

I chose this path tempted by the〖Art of Human Transformation 〗, but wasn't it a mistake on second thought?

After all, this definitely 'the enemy of humanity' route.

My appearance is detestable and only strange skills have been added too.

Aah, Is there a way to redo the evolution and change to a Petite Angel Dragon?

Compared to now, a somewhat gentle appearance too..

Seriously, at the very least give me the〖Art of Human Transformation〗.

This is fraud. Where should I appeal to?


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