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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 20


An end, Talan Rouge

Talan Rouge and I mutually glare at each other firmly.

What can I do to defeat that guy, it's as though there is no move I can take.

I thoughtlessly looked at the ability value, it dampen my urge to throw myself at the disadvantageous fight.

Status too, the other party was above me for distance of breath technique.

Still, why did the other party stiffen for such a long time?

It's still in [rage] state now, It should even thinking of jumping at me even now.

Was it because of the kick to its head just now, but I think it wasn't a decisive blow to that extent......

No, which ever it is, other than glaring at me, can I say that it's observing me?

Is there a need was there to observe me to such an extent at this point?

What I can think of...... Aah, does it find suspicious that my expression doesn't show suffering from the poison?

Rather, is it waiting for the poison spread around me?

It's because I inhaled it in plentifully.

I also didn't think the resistance skill can suppress the damage to this extent.

If it thinks that I'll be killed from the poison surrounding me, then I understand that guy's allowing this stalemate.

If the other side thinks that it's working, than I may be able to use that opening.

I observe the face of the spider again.

There's no mistake. This guy is waiting for me to be weakened by the poison.

〖Rage〗is still effective but after having it's head kicked away, it realized that there is not such a difference in ability and choose on a reliable method.

In that case, it should be worth doing.


I hold my mouth and got to my knees.

I try coughing violently.

This is that huh, If this has no effect, I'll look like a big idiot.

Fleetingly, I peep at Talan Rouge's expression.

The tongue that the large spider was hanging loosely was retracted in one go, and it charges this way.

It was pleasantly caught

【Title Skill〖Liar〗has risen from Lv1 to 2】

A weird skill has leveled up but a life cannot be replaced.

If I were to do things fair and square, I'll die here.

Shrinking the distance with me, Talan Rouge withdrew its tongue and flies through the air.

It retracted its tongue, so that means it's not〖Paralysis Poison tounge〗.

It shouldn't have to pull in it's tongue just to use〖Poison Venom〗either.

It's trying to finish me who was weakened by poison in one go with〖Bite〗.

In that case I can do it.

My throat is sore but it can't be helped.

I quickly raise my body and fire〖Baby Breath〗in the direction of the mid air Talan Rouge.

In mid air, it's unavoidable.

Although Talan Rouge was surprised at me suddenly getting up, It launched〖Spider's Thread〗at the ground and changed its movement.

But torched by the hot air, the〖Spider's Thread〗ignited.

While Talan Rouge's posture collapsed after getting hit while performing a wasted skill halfway, it was swallowed by the hot air and clumsily fell down.

But before Talan Rouge fell to the ground, I jumped into the air and rained down hits of〖Dragon Punch〗.

I took the first move!

In that case, this match is as good as mine.

I'll kill it quickly as it is.

Talan Rouge was crushed by the impact of the fall, and its thin legs move with a twitch.

I hooked my claws into Talan Rouge's Body and while also rotating with〖Roll〗, staying in place.

Scratching it's back with an irreparable dose of scratches, I beat down it's head with my tail carrying my body weight and rotation power.

And that became the finishing blow.

【104 Exp gained】

【With Title Skill〖Walking Egg:Lv-〗an additional 104 Exp was obtained】

Good, defeating it in one go was a success.

I can be at ease since this notice has appeared.

104? Among the experience I got from a single opponent, this is the greatest.

Of the past individuals, it was the 60 from the level 15 grey wolf I came across when taking Milia to the village.

In the first place, the latter guys aimed for me both times.

【〖Plague Kid Dragon〗's Level has raised from 8 to 14】

*Whistle* As expected, beating the former raised it in a single go.

Now than, it'd be good if the usual skill will appear with this though.

【Normal Skill〖Baby Breath〗's level has risen from 2 to 3】

Yea yea, This time, this skill was a big help.

Though it's called ’’Baby’’, I'm grateful for a technique with reach.

It's good that it was also compatible with the thread.

【Normal Skill〖Dragon Tail〗Acquired】

Dragon Tail? as in THE dragon's tail?

Aah, that's right I did use finish it off with my tail. So it officially became a skill.

That is good but......That Humanization skill for example......

【Title Skill〖Pest Killer〗's level has risen from 2 to 3】

Aah, un.

That guy is a bug after all. I can understand the title level raising.

It could be that the time I walloped Talan Rouge, the opponent greatly faltered thanks to this title.

If I didn't have this, even with the last blow, I might have lost.

And? That, becoming human appearance fellow......


......Aa, is this the end?

Could it be, there's no way that the race introduction was a lie right.

〖Voice of God〗doesn't seem to have a good personality, it's not impossible.

No, but, it would be too cruel indeed.

What? Is it no good if I don't try to do something to learn〖Human Transformation〗?


Race: Plague Kid Dragon

Status: Normal

Level: 14/40

HP: 20/92

MP: 4/95

ATK: 89

DEF: 75

Magic: 85

Agility: 77

Rank: D+

Characteristic Skill:

〖Dragon Scale:Lv2〗〖Voice of God:Lv3〗〖Glisha Language:Lv1〗

〖Fly:Lv1〗〖Dragon Scale Powder:Lv1〗〖Dark Attribute:Lv-〗

Resistance Skill:

〖Physical Resistance:Lv3〗〖Fall Resistance:Lv4〗〖Hunger Resistance:Lv3〗

〖Poison Resistance:Lv3〗〖Solitude Resistance:Lv4〗〖Magic Resistance:Lv2〗

〖Dark Attribute Resistance:Lv2〗〖Fire Attribute Resistance:Lv1〗

Normal Skill:

〖Roll:Lv4〗〖Walking Egg:Lv-〗〖Baby Breath:Lv2〗

〖Whistle:Lv1〗〖Dragon Punch:Lv2〗〖Plague Breath:Lv1〗

〖Poison Fang〗〖Numbing poison Fang:Lv1〗〖Dragon Tail:Lv1〗

Title Skill:

〖Dragon King's Son:Lv-〗〖Walking Egg:Lv-〗〖Clumsy:Lv4〗

〖Just a Fool:Lv1〗〖Infighter:Lv3〗〖Pest Killer:Lv3〗

〖Liar:Lv2〗〖Evasion King:Lv1〗〖Aid Spirit:Lv4〗

〖Little Hero:Lv1〗〖Road of Evil:Lv2〗〖Disaster:Lv1〗

〖Chicken Runner:Lv1〗


My stats are already greater than when I was at Max level as a baby dragon.

However, I still can't match the little rock dragon.

I think his attack power should have been close to 200.

I want to surpass that guy some time.

I think he should have been a C rank monster. Our ranks are different.

Will I be able to beat him if I rank up again?


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