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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 19



I drop my speed in one go, and while looking back, I suddenly stop.

I lightly kick off the ground, extending my limbs in midair.

Also, putting my foot to the ground chafed the back of my leg with recoil.

I wanted to stop slowly but I don't have enough space for that.

In order to crush it quickly, I must adjust my posture.

Talan Rouge, the crimson giant spider rushes this way.

The tongue is hanging down dripping vulgarly.

Lets figure out how I should act after confirming the skill that guy possess.


Normal Skills:

〖Bite:Lv3〗〖Spider's Thread:Lv4〗

〖Paralysis Tongue:Lv2〗〖Poison Venom:Lv2〗


The〖Bite〗Skill is pretty high.

From that high attack power, if I'm grabbed by that level 3 skill, with my current HP, I'll be KO'ed with no retries.

Well, a skill with a high level should mean it was used often...... But, well, If I consider that the maximum range is short, with just that, it's very convenient for me.

Will the first attack it launches be a paralysis attack?

No, it probably doesn't know I have〖Poison Resistance〗

To him, he did experience his thread being burned, so it may come with the〖Poison Venom〗skill.

The thing I find hard to think of the〖Poison Venom〗move is its drawback.

Well, if it uses the claws and fangs, I also have〖Poison Fang〗and〖Paralysis Poison Claw〗, the fact that the name of a body part is not attached means that it could be a middle ranged technique where the poison will attack me in some kind of way.

In that case, It wouldn't be strange for〖Poison Venom〗to be injected.

It's because the〖Voice of God:Lv3〗I posses won't tell me the details.

I'll probably have to level it up higher to get more communication.

But somehow, something feels strange......

I count on God's voice when it's time to, and in my present condition I get the feeling I'm at this guy's mercy, well I'm getting that feeling while I use it now though.

Well, I have to figure out how I will get it to come over here at the optimal range to use〖Baby Breath〗without allowing it to respond.

With this status difference, after the breath attack ends, if I hit it with a physical combo attack I'll take it down in one breath.

I have〖Poison Breath〗but I haven't tested it, what's more, If I use it badly, I'll be stuck with a weird title so I have no intention of using it here and now.

As expected, right now〖Baby Breath〗is the only option.

With a 'Ssuuu' I breath in, saving up air within my belly.

As expected Talan Rouge ran in a straight line according to the simulation within my head.

Just before me is a small rock, if that guy gets there, I'll spit out〖Baby Breath〗at full power.

And than, I'll cut off the hot air before it can prepare and uppercut it in the chin to close it's mouth.

After that, I'll force a〖Dragon Punch〗into it's chin.

If it doesn't die even with this, I'll hit it right away with a barrage of proximity skills.

If the impact is too small, It'll recover. I'll have to decide it in one go.

While Talan Rouge opens it's large mouth, It sticks out it's tongue.

When I saw that appearance, I got a bad feeling.

I can understand if it opened it's mouth to use〖Bite〗but it shouldn't have it's tongue sticking out while biting.

What's this guy trying to do?

Talan Rouge still hasn't reach the small stone's position but I'm about to shoot〖Baby Breath〗ahead of time.

The moment after I think that, purple smoke covered my vision.

The smoke entered my throat.


〖Poison Venom〗's identity was a poison smoke. It's spread ability is high, and its range is also higher.

Not good, the baby breath won't come out.

I withdrew at once, and Talan Rouge plunged itself through the smoke.

At the spot where I was, a large〖Bite〗attack was swung at the air.

Kicking hard at the head with all my strength, I jumped back with that recoil. Spreading my wings, I earned a little distance.

I poised myself once again.

Talan Rouge also stay at a distance, glaring at me.

It didn't move immediately, seems like it's enduring that pretty hard kick.

The damage is the same for both of us.

I inhaled it directly but, thanks to my resistance, I don't have an abnormal status. It's just that the back of my throat feels chapped.

My body that suffered directly from〖Poison Venom〗was slightly sore.

Will I be able to fire off another breath next time? Even if I could, a large portion of power will fall.

The problem is whether I'll be able to make my opponent flinch.

I will fall behind from the difference in range of my breath if I clash with it directly.

Though it can't be said that victory or defeat will be decided by just that, but there's no doubt it will become a disadvantageous gamble.

Having said that, while my movements are at my opponent's mercy, releasing an attack will be difficult.

My stats have risen so though I'm inferior in speed, the difference isn't large.

But if I use〖Roll〗, pick up speed, and overtake the opponent from the side...... No, that is also hard.

With that kind of naive attack, I can easily see that my attack can be countered with〖Bite〗.

Aside from it being a form of transportation, I can basically think of〖Roll〗as something for small fries only.

At the time I was an egg when I defeated the dark worm, I was in better shape than my opponent, and because I had the strength it was easy to go around the side.

〖Baby Breath〗's reach loses and it doesn't look like I'll be able to pass through a tackle with〖Roll〗

Any other proximity attacks I can shoot out will also be swallowed by the〖Poison Venom〗.

My survival pattern left is defeating it with close combat from the disadvantaged position of taking the〖Poison Venom〗, or outrunning with〖Roll〗, or giving it an abnormal status by hitting it with〖Poison Breath〗and escaping.

However, in reguards to the last one, I haven't used〖Poison breath〗itself so I don't know what will happen.

Something, Is there any other hand I can play?

Is there a way I can beat this giant spider with high certainty?


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