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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 18


Leveling Race

This was completely outside my expectations.

No, after all, I was easily 10 meters away.

No one would ever expected for the spider's string to reach that distance.

I underestimated the monster's limit.

If I knew it would do that I would have stayed put and burned the thread bridge with〖Baby Breath〗and given up running;I was completely careless.

I won't be able to make it when it's already at this distance.

I'm a fool! A big fool!

Talan Rouge sticks out its long reddish purple tongue that's unlike a spider's, crawling on it's 8 legs and approaches me.

It's pursuing me again?!

Isn't this guy trying too hard!? Did I do something for this guy to hate me so much!?

At worst I blasted him with fire in his ass! This fellow's persistence is the worst (limit)!

I face my body towards the cliff, and once again, ball up my limbs and head and flee using〖Roll〗.

Even if I run, it means nothing if I can't get away.

If I'm chased even after overcoming the cliff than it really is hopeless.

Since I haven't mastered flying, I probably won't be able to even fly away....

Rather than running, maybe it may be more realistic to look for a way to defeat it or lower its interest in me.

Even if I look for another way though, I still have to run for the time being.

In one breath I accelerate, rolling through the spaces between the trees, running at full speed.

are, Isn't this bad?

This guy's a crap ton faster but, was this guy holding back?

It may have thought that I might be able to escape if it misses this chance after seeing me overcoming the cliff.

If I let up, it'll catch up in a moment.

【Normal Skill〖Roll〗has raised from Lv3 to Lv4.】

It seems that my〖Roll〗skill level has raised again.

No, it can't be helped but, somehow, won't it awaken suddenly......?

However If I roll around with this speed, I'm bound to collide with obstacles.

If it turns out like this it'll end in 1 volume.//It really says that

Requiring accurate movements now with〖Roll〗, I'll need considerable focus.

Tree, Tree, Rock, Tree, Tree, Rock......

Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left......

With my sight moving at tremendous speed, I somehow turn my focus (consciousness) behind me.

While Talan Rouge swings it's tongue as if it were a pendulum, its drool is sprinkling here and there, and its legs are moving with a rustling sound at tremendous speed.

It's keeping up well, that spider.

Could this one actually like me?

Sorry but I don't that kind of preference. It's a little intense.

When I came to my senses, there was a Gray Wolf straight ahead.

Ah, crap.

I can't dodge at this distance.

Even if I dodge perfectly, I'll clash with the gray wolf.

I'll be sent flying.

The gray wolf flew through the air, crashed and stuck to a tree.

【Aquired 20 experience points】

【Because of title skill〖Walking Egg:Lv-〗another 20 experience was aquired.】

【〖Plague Kid Dragon〗Level Raised from 1 to 3】

Somehow I'll have to change my route diagonally or reduce my deceleration to a minimum.

Dangerous dangerous.

I didn't think that when I looked away, an interference would jump in the way.

There shouldn't be a lot of monster in this area.

It takes my all just to dodge trees and rocks so don't block my way.

I'm sure if a normal dragon rolled at full speed, they will make a path.

I can't roll with a normal dragon's full force. It was a skill I recieved as an egg after all.

A large praying mantis's〖Forest ・Cutter〗, a readheaded gorila with inorganic eyes like marbles, an〖Orangutan〗.

A moving mushroom〖Vogue Mushroom〗and a huge butterfly with black and white stripes〖Zebra Swallowtail〗.

Even with just this I'm unstable and yet, they decided to come out without reservation.

Excluding the redhaired gorilla, their levels doesn't seem so high, and the acquired experience are quickly displayed after colliding.

This is a perfect Hit and run.

【〖Plague Kid Dragon〗's Level has risen from 7 to 8.】

Huh? my level has risen pretty far.

I know within the low [levels], raising is quick but still.


Race: Plague Kid Dragon

Status: Normal

Level: 8/40

HP: 28/71

MP: 12/75

ATK: 68

DEF: 57

Magic: 65

Agility: 62

Rank: D+

Characteristic Skill:

〖Dragon Scales:Lv2〗〖Voice of God:Lv8〗〖Glisha Language:Lv1〗

〖Fly:Lv1〗〖Dragon Scale Powder:Lv1〗〖Darkness Attribute:Lv-〗

Resistance Skill:

〖Physical Resistance:Lv3〗〖Fall Resistance:Lv4〗〖Hunger Resistance:Lv3〗

〖Poison Resistance:Lv3〗〖Solitude Resistance:Lv4〗〖Magic Resistance:Lv2〗

〖Dark Attribute Resistance:Lv2〗〖Fire Attribute Resistance:Lv1〗

Normal Skill:

〖Roll:Lv4〗〖Status Check:Lv3〗〖Baby Breath:Lv2〗

〖Whistle:Lv1〗〖Dragon Punch:Lv2〗〖Poison Breath:Lv1〗

〖Poison Fang:Lv1〗〖Paralysis Poison Claw:Lv1〗

Title Skill:

〖Son of the Dragon King:Lv-〗〖Walking Egg:Lv-〗〖Clumsy:Lv4〗

〖Just a Fool :Lv1〗〖Infighter:Lv3〗〖Pest Killer:Lv2〗

〖Lie Spiller:Lv1〗〖Evasion King:Lv1〗〖Aiding Spirit〗

〖Little Hero〗〖Path of Evil:Lv2〗〖Disaster:Lv1〗

〖Chicken Runner:Lv1〗


Nn? My level may lose to the large spider but my status seems to be catching up.

Rank......more like my race is the cause?

Even if I say that, the great spider's overall stats are much higher, and on the other hand, with the〖HP Self Regeneration〗power, it's HP has pretty much recovered.

With those points I'm disadvantaed here but I have the skill advantage.

The two skills Talan Rouge has,〖Spider Thread〗and〖Poison Venom〗doesn't work on me.

I can burn down the thread with the breath attack, and against the poison, I have a Lv3 resistance.

As for me, He practically has no proximity techniques.

Do I have a fighting chance with the stats that has narrowed until now?

Because my Agility increased, with〖Roll〗at full force I may be able to escape but, even with just rolling for a long time, with my concentration decreased now, I don't have confidence in the consequence of increasing my speed more.

If both are dangerous, allow me to choose the more exhilerating option.

Should I continue my dangerous driving while saying ’’Hey you!’’? or do I smash that stalker?

I'll obviously go with the latter.


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