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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 17


The spider's tenacity

I'm running.

I do nothing but just run.

While feeling the crisis of my life in the 8 footsteps approaching from my back.


The paralysis was resolved immediately! Let me earn enough time to escape!

I should have destroyed one of the legs rather than burying my fangs into the back!

There was a skill of [Flight] which I got when evolving to Plague Child Dragon, but I wasn't even able to float satisfactorily because the skill level was low.

The distance was shortened all the more because I gave up as the trial and error went badly.

Somehow, I'm really just running away all the time.

Although what else can I do besides that with a higher rank opponent, and getting suspended in addition!

It's approaching rapidly.

Even if I'm running away normally, I don't get caught this quickly.

Comparatively, this is seriously dangerous.

Can't it be forced onto some other monster?

I curl up holding my feet in midair, and use [Roll].

This is faster than running. Although it's tough that fine movements can't be done any more.

The footstep follows me separated by a fixed distance, but it's not closing in anymore.

Ok ok, I seem to be able to throw it off somewhat normally.

Going crazy and moving with a speed that disregards stamina, it should be exhausted soon I think.

It will probably come apart if it recovers from [HP automatic recovery] and the rage state.

The source of anger all along should be the pain of the burn. If the injury heals, its anger would also go away.

It's already 10 minutes of being chased rolling around in the forest.

Really, the speed of the other party shows no sign of declining.

Or rather, it looks like its accelerating subtly. No, or was it me getting slow?

Either way, the fact that the distance is reducing doesn't change.

What is that monster? Where did that pointless will-power gush out from.

[Level of normal skill [Roll] increased from 2 to 3]

Yes it's here!

Although just a little, the rolling speed increases.

Then, this alone, it won't become a compulsory event of me running with full speed and getting defeated!

OK, good timing! I can still run away with this!

[Title skill [Chicken runner: Lv1] obtained]

Are you saying I'm scared! It can't be helped!

I would even fight bravely if there was a little chance of winning already!

Together to getting suspended......This is probably an escape-related skill?

Is it something that causes me to become slightly faster to run away?

Although if that's the case, I'm willing to accept it despite whatever kind of uncool name it has. My life depends on it.

However, getting away is hard even though I have this advantage.

I think [Roll] isn't a skill that can be used continuously for such a long time.

Somehow, I'm already really tired.

Give it up soon, stupid spider.

Oh, shit! Isn't it a cliff in front!

There is [fall resistance], but doesn't it feels like there is quite a difference in height.

Seriously, it's a cliff.

There is probably a river or something with a very strong flow below if one falls off.

That fellow will definitely die.

Do I have no choice but to curve before that?

No, that large spider wouldn't be able to follow along if I got over that cliff?

Continuing this death race with the large spider like this is an unpleasant thing. I'll get caught in time.

Then even if it's somewhat unreasonable, shouldn't I force myself and cross the cliff here if that's the case?

But, it's nearly 10m to the other side.

How do I go over......Although if it's the case of ski jumping, they seem to be able to overcome something like that splendidly.

I don't have something just right like that.

It's scary when there is something like a jumping platform in nature.

There is [Flight] too, is it because of the skill level? I'm not able to even float decently......

No, I will be caught in the first place during the interval if [Roll] is canceled......

Then, should I not cancel that?

In the end, I did not curve, choosing to plunge into that cliff like that.

I spring up with all my strength while rolling over the edge of the cliff, and extended my wings while my body is rolled up in the air.

Okay, I was able to ride upon the wind without killing the momentum well!

The wind feels extremely good.

This is good, I'll try it again next time.

There is surplus for around 10m, isn't it!

With this, I finally separated from that goddamn spider.

I'll go around to raise my level.

I'll harbor this hateful feeling until then, I'm spiteful.

I arrived at the other side.

Dropping sufficiently in height, I folded my wings while starting to roll again.

I cut down my speed slowly after arriving on ground, and canceled [Roll].

Yes, I got away!

I'll remember it, I'll remember that guy's resignation!

Because I'll come back and make it taste defeat by increasing my level! It isn't forgotten, stupid spider!

Aah.......I'm seriously tired already.

I intended to level up from today, but it's canceled.

Tomorrow, I'll get serious from tomorrow.

After hunting for the portion of a meal today, I'll search for a cave or somewhere that will let me sleep and eat peacefully.

Seriously, my body is aching all over.

My important semicircular canals has died completely.

(TN: The semicircular canals are part of the inner ear. They works as a type of motion sensor. It 'died' from him rolling too much)

Although I looked back towards the cliff casually, there wasn't a particularly deep meaning.

It wasn't something such as picking up a strange sound, having a unpleasant premonition or something got caught particularly.

If anything, it was the hot sunlight falling on my head directly through the gaps of the trees.

That's about it.

I turn my eyes to the sun in the sky at my rear.

After that, my line of vision slowly lowered down.

A small bridge was made from thread, and there was the figure of a large spider that was crossing over to this side.


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