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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 16


Poisonous spider, Talan・Rouge

After resting my body properly for a day, I am walking in the forest to raise my level for the time being.

I don't want to move too far.

I'd like to try and go to the village after learning [Art of Human Form].

Also, it looks like I can even bid farewell to the days of continuing to chase after low level Grey wolves huh.

But, that much is after I raise my level to 40......

Aren't there weak monsters that are somewhat rich in experience.

I know that my level will not increase easily if I do not fight with fellows of the same or higher rank as me, but if I continue risking my life in battles to death, I'd absolutely die someday.

If I consider the possibility of victory with a same class as half, then what percentage are the chances for others to obtain victory against me who is an imposing dragon?

I think I wouldn't be at too much of a disadvantage.

In this sort of game mostly, they merely have outstanding defense and no combat ability, but bonus monsters that have high experience and gives money freely are needed.

Even here, if there is an existence like that, it would save me a lot of trouble.

For the time being, as I am level 1 and have just evolved, I'll hunt small fry for stability.

For efficiency, I should worry about it after increasing my level a little.......and when I was thinking so, my body couldn't move suddenly.

No, it isn't paralysis......although it moves a little, should I say that some kind of invisible thing is twined around my body........

I try checking my status, but it wasn't due to falling into an abnormal state too.

Gasari, a huge spider fell from on top of a tree.

The fellow whose who body was colored a flashy bright red, was about the same size as me.

Baring 2 sharp deep crimson fangs, it's long purplish red tongue stretches out from the middle.

No way, this guy is not the spider I knew of.

However by seeing the appearance of the other party, I guessed that my immobility must be due to the threads of this fellow.

Straining my eyes, I can see a faint but thin white thread.

First of all, I checked its status verification.


Race : Talan Rouge

State: Normal

Lv: 17/30

HP: 78/78

MP: 59/65

Offense: 88

Defense : 54

Magic: 74

Speed: 75

Rank: D

Characteristic Skill:

[Stealth: Lv4] [Poison belt: Lv2]

[HP automatic recovery: Lv1]

Resistance skill:

[Poison resistance: Lv3]

Normal Skill:

[Bite: Lv3] [Spider's thread: Lv4]

[Paralysis tongue: Lv2] [Toxic poison: Lv2]

Title skill:

[Assassin of the forest: Lv4]

[Tenacity: Lv3]


Crap, this guy is much stronger than me.

Although it's fine that my level resets when I evolved, my status fell along with it too.

To raise my level by hunting suitable small fries......although that was what I thought, I didn't think I would get caught by a D rank monster within such a short time.

I underestimated this forest.

My level is slightly insufficient to compete with this large spider.

I mean, the offensive ability of this fellow alone is outstanding.

Its feet are much faster than mine too.

I blundered.

There was this naive thinking in me that said that I would be able to somehow check its status and escape.

Even though there would be no meaning in making a preemptive attack if it's like that.

When I evolve next time, I will be sure to crucify a dark worm and make it call its friends immediately.

That is probably the best for leveling at low levels.

It's slightly pitiful, but it can't replace my life.

The Talan Rouge is slurping and licking its lips. I'm offended by that bewitchingly pointless action.

Drops of sticky dark green fluid are dripping from its mouth.

Dangerous, I'll be eaten.

If I'm jumped at by that high offensive power, there would be no second shot.

Or perhaps I should say, I have to negate this thread somehow first of all.

If it's as now, I'll just be eaten without resistance.

What is it, what is it, a skill that can get me out of this crisis!

Is there a damn skill to use when I'm in a suspended and immobile state.......wait, there is?

Firing hot air with [Baby breath], the threads should ignite if it goes smoothly.

My body will catch fire too, but I can endure it then.

Do I escape after burning the threads or press on to defeat it in one go?......Defeating it is a little unrealistic huh.

But, it would be better to choose soon and use it.

As a temporary measure, it's extremely unlikely for me to get away, much less win.

Its feet are also faster than mine too.

I must devote myself to observing here. If I misjudge it by one step, there is a possibility that it will be decided by eating me in one go.

Staring straight, I keep the Talan Rouge in check.

When there is still an intention to struggle, that enthusiasm is attractive.


While shouting, I swing my arms around as much as possible.

Raise my feet. My claws cut through the air.

If these tactics fail, I will be killed quickly.

If it decided to eat my body, the most I can do is hit the forehead of the spider with a single good blow before dying.

But if the Talan Rouge observes my violent manner even just a bit and takes a safe approach, there is still sight of me escaping.

Although I don't understand a spider's expression at all, I felt like the Talan Rouge laughed for an instant.

Like it's scorning me who is struggling desperately.

Is it no good? Should I shoot [Baby breath] even from now?

And then, Talan Rouge turns its body, pointing its end towards here.

Seeing that appearance, I was relieved for the time being.

I had won the bet.

Threads are fired towards me from the end of Talan Rouge.

I can tolerate it if it's the size of an insect, but threads coming from the bottom of a life sized monster isn't something that is rather becoming.

Furthermore, I think it's obviously similar to that sticking to my body.

Uwaaa, cut it out!

Judging from Talan Rouge point of view, rather than biting me who was struggling, it seems to be trying to bind my movements with the threads more, but that is just as I expected.

Turning its bottom towards an opponent that is exchanging its life, and what's more spewing such things that catch fire easily, it seems to be saying something similar to 'please burn it'.

I opened my mouth wide, and breath jets out onto the threads.

Hoi, [Baby breath].

The hot air that seem to sway the other party collided with the threads, and dyed that whiteness with a flaming red.

Following the threads, the defenseless bottom of the Talan Rouge is assaulted by the fire.

With a moment's delay, that bright red body is wrapped in the hot wind.


Raising a scream that is hard to describe, the Talan Rouge became enveloped in flames with its bottom remain directed at me, and collapsed on the spot.


Although I understood, I also gave an Ah!

Even though I was able to neutralize the threads, Ah! If I'm careless, the one dying with this would be me!

Ah, as I'm covered from head to toe with the thread! The fire turned around all over my body, Ah!

Wasn't there some other methods! Am I not an idiot! Ah!

[Resistance skill [Fire attribute resistance : Lv1] obtained]

Ah......did it become just a little better?

Huh, compared to what I thought, fire is effective, isn't it?

Thanks to following the thread, flames seem to be able to strike inside its body and I guess this is sufficient.


Race: Talan Rouge

State: Burn

Lv: 17/30

HP: 62/78

MP: 56/65


Aah......the damage was only 16......

Although I thought that it would definitely receive a larger blow getting hit directly by my surprise attack, was it because I cast out the wide difference between us?

Well, it can't be helped.

Because originally, it's a situation to abandon defeating it.

While it's still confused without understanding the situation, I should put in another blow.

I jumped on the back of Talan Rouge that was still stiffen, and gouge with all my strength on its meat with [Numbing poison claw].

Dragons shouldn't be underestimate, ORAaaaaaaa!

Gaji! Gari!


Body fluid starts flowing out from the surface of the black charred surface.

Dropping my head forcefully from my position, I repeatedly sank my teeth through the wound.


Ushi, status confirmation!


Race: Talan Rouge

State: Burn, paralysis (small), rage

Lv: 17/30

HP: 42/78

MP: 56/65


How many abnormal state is this fellow carrying......

Although it's good that I was able to inflict light paralysis, was it to the extent to cause rage?

It's dangerous as doing so much doesn't shave off half its HP.

This fellow possesses [HP automatic recovery] due to it's position as a spider, there is no choice but to flee.

Recovering HP at the same time it's being shaved off, it seems that my situation is beyond gradually getting worse.

That skill seems to be excessively useful, I want it too.

But my self inflicted burns are bad.

I recover only by stopping and my recovery method is no more than sleeping, so if a big damage is received, nothing more can be done the same day for a day. Apologize to me seriously.

Hoping that the paralysis will last longer even for a second, I ran away while stepping on the Talan Rouge.


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