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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 15


Skill investigation

Now, since it has sort of become checking up on skills with God's voice, do I investigate a little as it's from a suspicious fellow?

I started obtaining nothing but strange skills at a crazy speed after evolving to a plague child dragon.


Characteristic Skill:

[Dragon's scale : Lv2] [God's voice : Lv3] [Gurisha language : Lv1]

[Flight : Lv1] [Dragon scale powder : Lv1] [Darkness attribute : Lv-]

Resistance Skill:

[Physical resistance : Lv3] [Fall resistance : Lv4] [Hunger resistance : Lv3]

[Poison resistance : Lv3] [Loneliness resistance : Lv4] [Magic resistance : Lv2]

[Darkness attribute resistance : Lv1]

Normal Skill:

[Roll: Lv2] [Status inspection : Lv3] [Baby breath : Lv2]

[Whistle : Lv1] [Dragon punch : Lv2] [Disease breath : Lv1]

[Poison fang : Lv1] [Numbing poison claw : Lv1]

Title skill:

[Son of dragon king: Lv-] [Walking egg: Lv-] [Clutz : Lv4]

[Just a fool: Lv1] [Infighter: Lv3] [Pest killer: Lv2] (TN: It's translated as straight fool previously)

[Liar: Lv1] [Evasion king: Lv1] [Relief spirit: Lv4]

[Tiny hero: Lv1] [Path of Evil: Lv2] [Disaster: Lv1]


Then, should I try asking from [Dragon's scale] first of all.

[Characteristic skill [Dragon's scale]]

[Due to the tough scale the dragons possesses, attacks are blocked]

[All damages are reduced]


It's the place I want to power up without fail.

Then, next is [Dragon scale powder].

[Characteristic skill [Dragon Scale Powder] ]

[By spreading one's wings, a miasma that weakens others except dragons is spread]

[With Lv Max, the above have the power to the extent of destroying a country that it passes through]

Nevertheless, it's decent.

Isn't it already a biological weapon.

Eh, can I fit into humankind having such a thing?

Well, I would hardly use it too......the skill level would probably not rise.

Or rather, would this scatter on its own if I spread my wings to fly?

This would be bad if I cannot fly.

It's the God's voice that I'm most worried about.

There are too many doubtful points.

[Characteristic skill [God's voice : Lv3], that explanation cannot be done]

......I had such a feeling, for some reason.

It's somewhat ominous.

Although it rises up to its role, I also do not want to raise the level of this skill.

It was just the name for those related to resistance.

It seems that Lv 1 is approximately a temporary relief, and Lv Max negates the effect fully.

My resistances though, are being raised steadily equally.

Won't I become invincible eventually with this?

There isn't anything that I'm worried about particularly for normal skills too......there is just one.

Although I absolutely do not mean to use it......I'd like to know the details.

[Normal Skill [Disease Breath]]

[Breath attack that scatters miasma that contains disease]

[Not only does it cause strong status abnormality indiscriminately, it's also contagious]

[2000 years ago, [Evil dragon Jabberwock] is said to have destroyed the happiest country in history [Carol] using this skill]

What a guy who likes country destroying!?

I completely entered the route for the enemy of mankind with this!

Hereafter, will course correction work with this?

It's unlikely. Absolutely impossible.

If I am a human, I will absolutely not leave a monster holding such a skill at large.

It's a level that the world will join forces and become frantic to hunt and kill.

I made a wrong choice completely, this.

Restore it! Restore it once!

Ah damn, I felt that the small angel dragon was good.

......Well, it cannot be helped in this regard.

By accumulating good deeds and similar to influencing it with actions, I'll try to evolve into a somewhat holy dragon-like fellow quickly.

Should I check the title skills occasionally?

[Title skill [Son of dragon king]]

[The proof of being someone who descended from the dragon king]

[Reduction in necessary experience, and it's also easier to acquire some basic resistance skill]

[In addition, level of resistance skill that is less than Lv. 5 is raised at each evolution]

[It also greatly influence the evolution ahead]

Oi Oi, this is a vigorous cheat.

Or rather, why is the child of the dragon king abandoned in the forest!

Where did my useless father go! Properly bring me up carefully in a castle or somewhere!

The dragon king have not been seen in the forest!

[Title skill [Walking egg]]

[The proof of the matter of obtaining consciousness while in the egg state]

[It has good memory with wisdom]

[Bonus experience are obtained after battles]

Looks like it probably won't disappear as it is.

I see, was the state of the usual experience-doping effective due to the combo of title of dragon king and egg?

I was complaining because my level wasn't going up easily here, if there was a guy training seriously, don't get angry.

......It's annoying, but do I also check [Just A Fool] to be prepared?

[Title skill [Just a fool]]

[Proof of the matter of being not too wise]

[Becomes easy to fall into an abnormal mental state]

[It influences the evolution ahead too]

I was told that I have a good memory with wisdom just now!?

Because I remember it, Oi! Stop dropping me after lifting me up, as I was just a little happy!

Talk about an straight fool! What is [not too wise]!

I didn't see the concerned spirit at all but the indirect way of speaking makes me extra angry!

Did this influence the evolution earlier?......It's unpleasant, did a dumb-ass dragon or something appear?

Though in a sense, I would not cause vigilance from mankind, but it seems that stones will be thrown at me from children.

[Title skill [Tiny hero]]

[Meager courage. That will lead someone who is merely kind to be a hero someday]

[The damage given by weapon increases slightly]

[It influences the evolution ahead to a large extent too]

This, when did I obtain it.

I mean, I have it when I noticed......I do not even remember doing a thing that stirred up such a sense of justice.

Hero..... If I increase the skill level of this, it seem to escape the evil dragon route.

[Title skill [Path of Evil]]

[Building a mountain of corpse. a heinous outlaw that laughs while counting the bodies]

[Damage given by darkness attribute attack rises, but resistance to light attribute becomes weak]

[Moreover, it causes white magic to become hard to acquire, and the recovery amount by white magic decreases too]

[It greatly influences the evolution ahead too]

I had an unpleasant hunch, but isn't this a shitty skill as expected!

This certainly distances the path towards the recovery magic [Rest] that I'm trying desperately to learn!?

I don't need it, such a thing like a same day cooling-off period!

Didn't you hand a hero something strange! Return me who was clean!

Haa......Haa, well, there is no help for the thing I have become.

Again, I will quickly raise my level and correct my path. That's so, that is good.

I will become the hero king.

Who dashes through something such as a demon king's path?

Influencing my evolution ahead, you're intruding.


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