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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 14


The second evolution

I, who was satisfied with the finished meal, encountered a dark worm again while searching the forest.

What, aren't there many of them?

If it's this amount, there is still more.

Did the time for the realization of my previous thinking of raising the level arrive?

I purposely chase after the escaping dark worm slowly, leading it towards a narrow path.

Chasing it down until a spot with a big rock, I cut off its path of retreat.

The dark worm realized that there was no escape.

Opening its mouth widely, it threw itself on me.

I avoided the the biting attack of the other party, and dropped a light blow to the side of its head.

It took on the form of being suspended in midair as I caught and raised the tail portion of the opponent which faltered.

’’Shigii! Shigii!’’

Once it come to this, there is no way for the dark worm to oppose me even if it weep and shriek.

It tries to wave its head frantically to bite me, but there is no way that can reach.

Ouch! It reached a little!

[Level of title skill [Clutz] increased from 2 to 3]

Aah......there was a skill like that.

I do not understand this judgment well, damn it.

Well, whatever. The matters of this skill is inconsequential.

There is a reason why I caught the dark worm alive.

It's not to make it my underling, nor for making it dance and bite.

The purpose is to get it to use the skill of dark worm, [Group call].

Although it's unwilling as it's like a desecration towards living things, this fellow should call a friend eventually if I continue cornering the dark worm in this deadlock state.

That way would be much more efficient than hunting around for monsters.

If fact, it was a large group of dark worms that raised my level from 1 to 15.

’’Shigyaaaaaaaa! Shiigyaaaaaaa!’’

Hanging and shoving it around for 5 minutes, I began to feel some kind of glance from my surrounding.

Turning around, it's a large amount of dark worm. They seem angry to see their comrade being suspended in mid air.

All of their state have become [Rage].

It's just as planned.

It's bad but get turned into nourishment.

The mountain of dark worm that attacked got torn up and defeated, torn up and defeated.


[12 Exp obtained]

[Due to the title skill [Walking Egg : Lv-], an addition 12 exp was obtained]


[12 Exp obtained]

[Due to the title skill [Walking egg : Lv-], an additional 12 exp was obtained]


[12 Exp obtained]

[Due to the title skill [Walking egg : Lv-], an additional 12 exp was obtained]

[Level of title skill [Pest Killer] increased from 1 to 2]

When I noticed, there wasn't any dark worm left in the area.

It's nothing but tragic remains that were scattered about. A little sense of guilt springs.

You who rushed to the crisis of your comrades were brave, dark worm.

[ Level of [Baby Dragon] increased from 24 to 25]

[ Level of [Baby Dragon] is now MAX]

[The requirements for evolution was met]

Because of the memory of the bad aftertaste that I could not recover from at all, I promise that I will never use this method again.

[Obtained title skill [Path of Evil : Lv1]]

Without fail, it arrives to apply salt to the wound heavily.

Leaving aside the title skill that acknowledges my bad character, it's evolution for now anyway.

If I evolve, it will get easier handling enemies too, and there is also less risk of getting mistakenly killed when I appeal my lack of malice to humans.

Besides......although I cannot express it well, I feel a strange purpose saying [I must become strong].

Is it because of God's voice?

There was a rushed memory of that once.

God's voice, please show me the evolution list!

[Display the evolution ahead?]

Of course, it's yes.



[Small Angel Dragon] Rank C

[Small Dragon] Rank C-

[Plague Child Dragon] Rank D+

[Kid Marbled Dragon] Rank D+

[Kid Dragon] Rank D



[Baby Dragon] Rank D-



[Dragon egg] Rank F


Oi oi....... it increased in a go.

Although it was 2 choices previously, 5 choices in a go huh.

Some disquieting ones are mixed in too. Particularly, the guy in the middle.

Although I do not know it well, what is the difference between little, kid, baby and small?

I am worried about the child dragon too.

As far as I see it, it's the feeling of Baby <Kid <Small?

[Concerning the evolution form of some monsters]


[ [Little] doesn't mean that it's on the way of evolving, it's used for the species that will stop growing at that size limit]

[Although status are raised quickly for the [Little] group, the number and ability of the former's evolution is inferior compared with the [Baby] group]

I see.

If I look at the long term, [Little] is said to be a failure huh.

If I look at it from the aspect of maturing slowly in the natural world though, it may not be necessarily so.

Did I become this form as I supplemented for the slow growth by completely avoiding dangerous looking enemies because of my human intellect and skill of [Inspect Status]?

[The [Kid] group is used as a higher rank of the [Baby] group]

[Although the evolution of the [Small] group is narrowed first, stable evolution is guaranteed first because of that]

Hou Hou.

Thereupon, the voice stops. there was no explanation about the child dragon.

Well......I think it will be similar to kid, probably. Because that's the literal translation is the excuse.

However......I do not know well how much it will talk.

I wonder if it would be better to raise the skill level by surrounding God's voice with inquiries more proactively?

Because it's somewhat eerie since it runs wild and fills the inside of my head with strings of character occasionally.

But it's certainly useful.

Well, it's something similar to a freebie for the name.

I want to hear about the details regarding [Small Angel Dragon], [Kid Marbled Dragon], [Plague Child Dragon].

[ [Small Angel Dragon : Rank C] ]

[ Awakening [Relief spirit], a dragon that vow to live for others]

[Although it can handle a large number of white magic, its combat efficiency is not so high]

It seems like the evolution ahead differs due to the title skill.

It's said to be the small group even if few words were said just now......and the lack of combat ability is also a little......

But, white magic huh...... It's probably recovery magic?

It seems to be easy to become familiar with mankind too.

[ [Kid Marbled Dragon : Rank D+] ]

[A dragon that leads to mutation. Its skin has a water drop shaped pattern]

[Magical power is higher than normal dragons]

Looking at it in long terms, I also think this seems good.

I am somewhat intrigue by the mutation.

[ [Plague kid dragon : Rank D+] ]

[The first step of a wicked dragon spreading disaster. However, it's still slightly on the wrong path, and it's possible to turn back]

[Although there have been occasions where highly intelligent ones have used [Art of Human form] to descend into human habitation, most do not do a decent job]

Oh? If it's [Art of Human Form]?

If there is this, is it possible to visit the village as a human?

It's somewhat disturbing but I seem to be able to turn back, and for now evidently, only the existence of [Art of Human Form] is remembered clearly.

That is surely fine.

It doesn't mean that there is no uneasiness.

Judging from the name, it's too direct and frankly, I only have a bad feeling.

But still, the [Art of Human Form] is attractive. I want it, right or wrong, I want it. I absolutely need it.

How did Milia turn out after all that? I am anxious about that too.

There is only this for me to go to the village.

I evolved into the plague child dragon.

My body that looked like a baby's figure becomes thin, and the wings on my back grows too.

And then, my scales are eroded by black pigments rapidly.

Hot, my eyes are somewhat hot, but is this okay!

My eye level changes.

The height that was around 60cm until now grew to nearly 2 meters.

[ [Plague Child Dragon] is evolved from [Baby Dragon] ]

[Characteristic skill [Flight : Lv 1] was obtained]

[Characteristic skill [ Dragon scale powder: Lv 1] was obtained]

[Characteristic skill [ Darkness attribute : Lv -] was obtained]

[Level of characteristic skill [Dragon's scale] was increased from 1 to 2]

[Resistance skill [Resistance to darkness attribute : Lv 1] was obtained]

[Due to the title skill [Son of Dragon King : Lv-], all resistance skills of less than Lv5 possessed is raised]

Is that good? Dragon scale power. [TN: It's similar to a moth]

I have a somewhat unpleasant premonition. That guy is probably no good.

Isn't it for spreading poison?

[Normal skill [Breath of disease : Lv 1] obtained]

[Normal Skill [play-biting : Lv 1] was converted to [Poison fang : Lv 1]]

[Normal skill [Numbing poison claws : Lv 1] obtained]

I don't need it! Because I don't want it!

Because I do not need such a skill! I think this is stepping off the wrong path considerably!

[Level of normal skill [Status inspection] increased from 2 to 3]

[Level of normal skill [God's voice] increased from 2 to 3]

[Details of your skill can now be examine]

Oh, this is quite convenient, isn't it.

There are too many things I'm worried about on top of the ambiguous title skill.

[Level of title skill [Path of Evil] is increased from 1 to 2]

[Skill title [Disaster : Lv1] obtained]

The correction is really effective huh, this.

Although I had want to quickly walk on the path of righteousness after acquiring just human form......



Eh, is it over?

Huh, [Art of Human Form] isn't acquired?

Wait a minute, that's not what you said.......


Race: Plague child dragon

Status: Normal

Lv: 1/40

HP: 37/50

MP: 0/55

Offense: 47

Defense: 37

Magic: 44

Speed: 40

Rank: D+

Characteristic skill:

[Dragon's scale : Lv2] [God's voice : Lv3] [Gurisha language : Lv1]

[Flight : Lv1] [Dragon scale powder : Lv1] [Darkness attribute : Lv-]

Resistance skill:

[Physical resistance : Lv3] [Drop resistance : Lv4] [Hunger resistance : Lv3]

[Poison resistance : Lv3] [Loneliness resistance : Lv4] [Magic resistance : Lv2]

[Darkness attribute tolerance : Lv2]

Normal Skill:

[Roll : Lv2] [Status inspection : Lv3] [Baby breath : Lv2]

[Whistle : Lv1] [Dragon punch : Lv2] [Disease breath : Lv1]

[Poison fang : Lv1] [Numbing poison claw : Lv1]

Title skill:

[Son of dragon king : Lv-] [Walking Egg : Lv-] [Clutz : Lv4]

[Straight fool : Lv1] [Infighter : Lv3] [Pest killer : Lv2]

[Liar : Lv1] [Evasion king : Lv1] [Relief spirit : Lv4]

[Tiny hero : Lv1] [Path of Evil : Lv2] [Disaster : Lv1]


There isn't! It isn't there no matter how many times I see it!

There isn't [Art of Human Form]! What kind of thing is this, OI!

Why do you think I evolved into Mr.flying disaster, damn it!


Picking it up or something like that if I level up, is it such a feeling?

Is it so? Huh?


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