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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 13



I woke up in a room of soil that feels damp.

I. who escape from the village and came to the forest once again. rested in a small cave made under a cliff and waited for my injuries to recover.

Yawning once, I confirmed my status.


Race: Baby dragon

Status: Normal

Lv: 23/25

HP: 41/78

MP: 40/72


Full recovery......although I didn't reach there yet, well, I recovered halfway huh.

Although I have still not come out from the physical tiredness and dread, I won't be able to eat if I do not go hunting.

For the time being, HP is given priority rather than MP.

It's not necessary to depend on skills if I only hunt prey to satisfy my appetite, and it will be fine to runaway if I meet a dangerous fellow.

Then, to prepare for emergency, I want to recover HP even just a little.


I chant an incantation that is not even recognized as a skill.

A faint light wraps around me, and heals my body just a little.

The HP restored was only 2, whereas MP decreased by 8.

Although it's a drop in the bucket, it's better than none at all huh.

I may acquire it as a skill if I practice repeatedly.

I repeated rest for 5 times continuously.


Race: Baby dragon

Status: Normal

Lv: 23/25

HP: 53/78

MP: 0/72


In the 5 attempts, I recovered approximately 3 points twice.

Yeah, if I raise it patiently this way, it should become something useful eventually.

Because it will restore about 20 points if I keep shooting it with full MP now, there isn't a reason to call it entirely useless.

The physical weariness that attacked my body was also somewhat removed.

Okay, first of all is to obtain food......and then, I want to have the maximum level by the end of today.

Also, an evolution should be waiting.

If I do that, I should reach the neck of the little rock dragon sometime soon.

When it becomes so, it's similar to securing my life here too.

Among those I've seen up till now, that fellow is the strongest.

When I am able to have the leeway.......still, I want to try going to the village too.

Will I only be feared?

If I repeatedly help the people who come to the forest, I may be talked about eventually.

When so, perhaps......

When I'm walking while thinking, a dark worm crawling on the ground was found.

The dark worm that comes across me tries to run away at full speed.

How nostalgic.

I was chased after by the dark worm, and escaped desperately in the olden days.

Even so, it's unusual.

After I fought against a large crowd once, dark worms were never even seen.

I had certainly thought if they had perished, but I didn't think we would meet in this way again.

I had traveled quite a bit to look for a village.

I jumped suddenly and went round to the front of the escaping dark worm, and gave a hard blow to its face from the front.


[12 Exp obtained]

[Due to the skill titled [Walking egg : Lv-], additional 12 exp was obtained]

A window message that looks like a game pops into my head, and inform me of the death of the prey.

I move to have my meal after putting my small hands together.

Biting at the back, I devour that meat.

[Buchuri], [Buchuri]

While listening to that chewing sound, I smile wryly as that meant that I have also gotten used to the life here completely.

As I was about to finish having my meal too, I wonder if I should try to raise my level all out.

I'd like to maximize my level and evolve quickly.

It's said that there should be a lot of branches of evolution for Baby dragon.


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