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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 12


Sequel of a certain girl (Milia's side)

When I woke up, I am not in the forest, and was on top of a bed.

The only proper white magician in this village and my master, Marielle is standing beside me.

Although Marielle is an elderly, her appearance is younger than me.

It seems that she has some elf blood in her, and her aging is slow because of that.

Although sometimes it becomes doubtful as to whether she is actually an elderly, when I see her glaring at me intensely with moist eyes while her pretty orange braided hair dangles.

’’Really, a shocking thing! I wonder what Dawes said to instigate you to that extent!’’

Although Marielle who saw me waking up is visibly relief and broke into a smile, she immediate tightens them again and shouted in loud voice.

’’What about D, Dawes and Granz!’’

The upper body that I almost raised was stopped by Marielle pressing on my forehead.

’’......Granz died. His body is discovered in the forest. Really, to get involved with a rock dragon, this idiot!’’

’’Granz is......err, then Dawes is......’’

’’His body isn't found. However, looking at the situation, it might be valid to think that he was eaten up.’’

.....Only I survived.

More, I should have tried to stop it more.

The strongest monster in the vicinity is the rock dragon, is the common knowledge in this village.

Marielle lets out a breath from her mouth while looking at me with tears streaming down my face, and puts a hand on my body after that.

’’......Even if just Milia is safe, it's really good.’’

While holding my head, I slowly recalls the event in the forest.

Dawes is the most powerful person in the village.

Although his character is slightly scary and gets angry quickly, he is the one who contributes most to sending monsters that comes to the village away.

In that aspect, everyone place their trust on him.

However several years ago, he went out hunting and got involved with the rock dragon and it was more than he could chew, and due to escaping while abandoning his comrades, he was often criticized.

There were many situation that he incur the enmity of others due to his original character.

Although there was also the side coming from the dead people, but it seems that the malicious people who bore a grudge against Dawes allowed the rumor to spread even more.

But, he is given the highest achievement in the village in terms of armed might.

That, as yet, became a brake, and few people said anything openly.

However the other day, a self-proclaimed swordsman traveler appeared in the village.

’’Although I have no money, there is meat and fur of monsters hunted in the forest. Give me a bed and meal.’’

Among those, there is the meat of Rock Dragon too.

That comparison produced provided a chance for people to come out and mock Dawes, and it became a brawl between Dawes and the traveler in the bar.

As a result, Dawes said [if it's the present me, I can defeat it] in a verbal exchange of insults, and asked Granz who was a former wanderer who settled in this village and Marielle who can use recovery magic for their cooperation. Having been turned down by Marielle, Dawes turned his eyes towards me, who was her pupil.

Although I didn't want to follow him, and I ended up following them in a half threatened manner when he said [I will go even if you do not come along. If so, Granz and me may both die].

Granz seem to dislike it a little too. In the position of a former wanderer, it might have been hard to refuse.

Dawes was someone who was good at attacking the weakness of a person.

We found a considerably small rock dragon in the forest.....and then....... in the end, it's beyond our abilities too......

Was I overlooked?

No......come to think of it, I feel that I was helped by someone.

’’E, erm......The person who helped me was.......’’

’’Is it Olas? When you were attacked by the monster who came into the village, Olas with his bow.....’’

’’N, no.....Um, the person who carried me from the forest......’’

’’Such a person should not exist. That night, there wasn't anyone who went to the depths of the forest alone, and there isn't any reason remain quiet about this too? Didn't you escape by yourself?’’

Marielle judged it to be impossible.

However, I can say with confidence that there was certainly somebody.

Carrying me on his back, someone who desperately escaped from the group of monsters......

.....Was it really a person?

’’Maybe you were having a dream?’’

’’It, it's not like that! I absolutely should not be able to come out if I'm alone......’’

’’Milia is still confused. Wait for a moment, I will warm the chicken soup made this morning again. Drink that first and get some nutrients. After that, let's slowly hear your story.’’


The feeling of someone's back who carried me.

Although it was amateurish and feeble, the recovery magic was warm.

And it's slight but, my hands, legs and body remembers the existence of someone who saved me.

’’By any chance, that dragon......’’

Milia looks out of the window while saying.

Of course, there is no possibility of finding the figure of that dragon.


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