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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 113


Ch. 113 Conversation

’’U, Uuh....Nyaa....’’

The beatsman Nina groans in a low voice. She stiffens and turns her body on the sand.

She has not gotten up yet, but it was only a matter of time.

What do I want to do, what should I do? If I stay she will probably faint in fear. Should I hide and leave it to the ball rabbit?

Even if I can't decide I still have to make sure I take her someplace. When I think about it I can't keep hidden forever. She will surely become a monsters prey once she wakes up and I leave her here in the desert.

After all, I'll have to manage somehow. I have to appeal that there is no hostility with all my power. I'll try looking as foolish as possible. Somebody that looks like they can't do any harm, should be fine right? Well, I'll do it anyway. So what should I do? Should I have the ball rabbit dig a hole and burry my head until Nina wakes up?

’’n, Aa, nyaa...’’

Nina stifles in a low voice again. She lifts her arms and moves her bangs to the left and right with the back of her hands. Oh, looks like she is already getting up. Something, anything! Oh, how about [[Human Transformation Technique]]! Thanks to the evolution its now at Lv3. This should be of decent quality now.

I take a deep breath and calm myself. This is pretty tough. My body is forcibly compressed, and HP, attack power and my defense are greatly reduced. Adding to that, my MP consumption is now 1 per second?

Let's see, so now my status is...


Race: Evil Plague Dragon

State: Normal

Lv: 22/75

HP: 260/260

MP: 199/199

...So I have 199 seconds?

199 seconds, thats three minutes and 19 seconds.

Isn't this really small? No I should be good. I'll have 19 seconds to spare if I had decided to make a cup of noodles.

In these 199 seconds I will appeal that I am harmless and listen to Ninas circumstances. I should be able to do it, no, I can do it.

I saw that Ninas eyes had opened. I only had a limited time use of [[Human Transformation Technique]].

An intense heat attacks my body. It feels like my body is melting and withering due to the heat. This is the third time I've felt this. The first time was a bitter experience, and I wanted to avoid it. But now that I don't feel so evil it should be better. Or so I thought, but its hot and it's still painful.

My body gradually got smaller and my total length which was 5 meters went down to just a little over 2 meters.

I open my eyes and see my arms. There, I see a robust arm with black scales. The sharp nails are also in good health. Its nice to be strong, but...right now I'm just like a demon humanoid. Maybe, I look pretty bad I guess. Its a shame that I can't see myself as its making me uneasy.

It will appear awkward if I am turned completely into a human and am not wearing any clothes. No, actually, I think that will be better than looking like my present demon self.


The ball rabbit squeals loudly, and his ears turn perpendicular as he quickly takes some distance from me.

Hey, stop that. With that kind of reaction I'll lose the confidence to win Ninas trust with this form.

Ha, as expected, isnt this more frightening than a dragon? It has the shape of a human, but the mouth is lined with fangs.

Well, even if I want to just shrink away right now. I only have three minutes in this form, and in those three minutes I have to win the trust of Nina.

As I looked towards Nina, she closed her eyes and laid back on the sand. Oh, why did close your eyes? Perhaps you lost consciousness again? Well, it was a pretty tiresome situation, so if the body is still tried then it can't be helped.

But, if you do that I'll be in trouble!

After changing, my MP is steadily decreasing and ill return to my original form if this keeps up. If my MP is exhausted then I will not be able to talk. This may be bad for her, but let's get you up.

I take care not to use my nails as I brace her shoulder and hold her up as I shake her body slowly.

Well, now, how's my voice?

’’ Gu~a, a’’, a’’ a...A, i’’,! Vu! U!


It seems my vocal cords are now closer to that of humans. If this is the case, then a conversation could be established.

But what should I say? I dont have anything to talk about. Should I say ’’I am not a bad dragon?’’ like in a certain RPG?

’’Oh, oh, gee, o, oh, ve. E, oki, We, U, Le’’

It was a little hard at first. But I gradually got the hang of it.

’’Uuh, well...’’

Nina sharply looks my way. When she saw me her face was dyed blue.

’’Oh, ahh....’’

Because of the fear, it seems her voice had trouble getting out. Nina opens her cat eyes wide open, and moves her mouth opened and closed a few times. Then, after all, this form seems no good, would the dragon be better? No, I'll go on, besides I can still reverse it.

’’Wait a while...Nina, Nina, is not tasty!’’

As I thought, its strange since I'm still a dragon.

Nina feebly tries to escape from my arms. I gently let go of her and take a step back.

Well, how many seconds are left.


Race: Evil Plague Dragon

State: Humanized Lv:3

Lv: 22/75

HP: 130/260

MP: 97/199

Ive already lost half!

After 97 minute and thirty seven seconds.

Ive already given up on understanding her circumstances, for now lets gain her trust. Oh, thats right, what if I prepared food?

There is no doubt that she's hungry seeing that thin body. Also, it is doubtful you received precious water in this desert while in that carriage, so you must be thirsty. I should have prepared the cactus beforehand, I'm such a fool! What do I do? The remains of the cactus are scattered from the time I made food for the ball rabbit.

The ball rabbit is soft and its meat should be tasty, it wouldn't be bad to cook him. It looks delicious.

Wait, now's not the time to be thinking of that!

Anyway, I have to appeal that there's no hostility. Procuring food can be done even after [[Human Transformation Technique]] has run out.


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