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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 11


A tiny hero



Vaguely, my consciousness returned.

My body is painful all over. It's heavy. If I slightly pay attention to my body, it's covered by painful looking injuries all over.

I don't want to do anything.

I'd like to sleep on the cooling earth of the forest the whole time already.

No good, I seem to be succumb to the pain and suffering.

My current state......At any rate, I ought to understand my current state.

What happened to Milia? What happened to me?

I directed my awareness before my eyes.

A grey wolf came into view.

Seeing that, I was convinced that I lost.

If perhaps, when I woke up there is no wolf and Milia is also safe......such an expectation is cut down with a single stroke like this.

It's so, damn it, it's your win.

Do as you like. It's troublesome to stand up too.

Kill me quickly.

’’         ’’

Probably because my consciousness has not recovered, I do not understand what the grey wolf is howling.

However, without finishing me off uneventfully, the grey wolf disappears into the depths of the forest in a hurry.

Ah, what is it?

Which reminds me, there is a out of place feeling from my mouth since a while ago.

What have I been holding in my mouth all the time?

The power of my jaws is approaching its limit, and the item held in my mouth drops to the floor naturally.

It's a bloodstained grey wolf.

[44 Exp obtained]

[Due to the skill called [Walking Egg : Lv-], additional 44 exp is obtained]

[ Level of [Baby dragon] increased from 22 to 23]

.....Ah, it seems like I will evolve soon.

When I raise the neck that was even troublesome to move and try looking left and right, the portion of remains for 2 grey wolf rolls over.

Did I bring them down? These guys, I defeated them?

Even if I consider from the speed the level rose, it seems to be correct.

It's consistent to think that I rampaged after losing half my consciousness when I was close to death just now.

That's right, Milia......where is Milia?

Milia? Milia?


I spot Milia who had fallen on the ground, and rush over.

She's alive. Still alive.

Although her HP continues to be shaved off by bloodshed, she is still alive now.

Carrying her on my back, I started running, dragging my tattered body along.

I pulled out of the forest before long, and rows of raised soil comes into my vision.

Is that.....a field? Then, is there a human habitation nearby?

In time, I made it in time.

It's bad but because I do not have the strength to take a roundabout way, I stepped over the field and cut straight through it.

Whenever I took a step, I even felt the illusion similar to my body becoming light.

Something like a house came into sight.

I walked into the village while staggering.

As it's at night, the figure of people are not readily found.

Milia doesn't seem like she has such a long time.

She needs treatment even right now.

I raised a loud voice when I came to a place in the middle of the village.


Somebody, please help Milia!

Come out!



I cried over and over again, pleading desperately.

And with a [Kyi] from behind, I heard the sound of door opening.

Good, Milia would be rescued with this.

And, I am already close to dying too.

Earning their trust through Milia somehow, I want to rest my body.

If it goes smoothly, I might remain in the village and abandon the life of the forest from today.

Learning [Gurisha language : Lv 1], mutual understanding should slowly be possible sooner or later if I am taught carefully.

Hunting with humans, I may be unexpectedly useful even if it's fieldwork even just because of my strength.

I turn around towards where the sound was.

There was a man's face peeking from the opened door with a half vigilant feeling.


Immediately following, an intense pain ran through my shoulder.

An arrow was stuck deeply.

The man who shot me, glared at me like that while preparing his bow.

Biting my lips, I stood up although my feet were trembling.

Is that so......that's right, I am a dragon.

Then, there is no choice but to attack if a dragon walks to the middle of the village at night and howls while bringing a bloodied human along.

The man stop moving when our eyes meet.

He might be regretting for not defeating me in a blow.

Looking at the status, there is no big difference with Milia without skill.

The person seemed to understand too, that he couldn't fight against a monster directly.

I dropped Milia in that place, and ran away from the village.

The man drops his bow, and the sound of his knees dropping is heard.

Surely, Milia will be saved with this.

This is all right. It's good with this.

Anyway, I will look for a place that will allow my body to rest.

[Level of skill titled [Spirit of relief] went up from 3 to 4]

[Skill of title [Tiny hero : Lv 1] was obtained]


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