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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 10


The attack of the grey wolves

2 grey wolves come chasing from behind.

These guys finally exposed their figures to me.

They appear to have chosen to fight instead of withdrawing.

That is to say that they have a way to gain victory, it's pretty dangerous.

While maintaining a perfect sense of distance, they pursue me while approaching and distancing repeatedly.

Lv7 and Lv8.

If it's presently, it's highly possible for me to be their opponent even if I am carrying Milia.

However, that is if we are just talking about these fellows only, naturally.

However, the pair in front is a dummy.

They are drawing my attention by purposely showing me the 2 small build ones among the pack.

If the appearance of me taking on the provocation and slowing my foot to counterattack is seen, the other 3 hidden ones clinging on will show their appearance.

That's the standard move of these guys.

If it's usually, it would be fine to take on about 5 of them together as an opponent too.

I have the confidence to send all of them flying.

But, Milia is on my back now.

I have no choice but to run away.

Damn! Is this the meaning of stalker wolf!

Although I increased my speed to shake them off, but still, they are catching up without fail.

A high level dragon would do as it wants here, but I do not have much stamina left due to depleting all my MP from using recovery magic forcibly.

Despite being able to scatter these fellows if it's's useless to be vexed.






The wolves howl.

Did they judge that I did not take up the provocation? Or was it because they notice that I was worn out particularly? The ambush tactic was abandoned, and they chase after me with their full strength with the stern looking wolf boss at the head.

It's also unpleasant to have all 5 of them.

The vanguard just now was lv7 and lv8......that is fine.

It's a class I can almost hunt with no damage.

And, the 2 trying to match up to the boss wolf in the middle are lv10 and lv11.

When it comes to around this, I will only hunt them if there is suitable margin normally.

Although I would not be defeated, it's because there is the also the possibility of magical beast entering to profit while we are fighting since a battle is tiring.

And the last one.......shit, isn't the boss wolf lv15!

It's the first time I am seeing such a high level grey wolf.

It's an opponent I will ignore even if I am in a perfect state normally.

Now that my body is heavy and covered by injuries and my MP is 0 too, it's something I never want to fight.

Aaah, Mou! How persistent!

Although I am making frantic efforts to run too, the distance is rapidly shortened.

The boss wolf is damn fast.

I looked at the status, but it's speed is only roughly similar to mine.

It even holds the title called [Hunter of the forest].

That guy is a considerable fellow among the grey wolf.

Fortunately, the distance between the boss wolf and its followers are quite wide.

It's a dangerous bet, but it may be possible to defeat the boss wolf even while protecting Milia.

It will only go into a frenzy even if a follower is defeated, but I should be able to escape if I crush their leader.

If it's not possible to escape, at most I'll attack.

I wanted to take the preemptive attack reliably with breath, but as I have no MP, there is no choice but to exchange blows.

Although it will be lying if I say I'm not uneasy about defending Milia completely, there is no other method if I go for an attack given that it's that or escaping.

If I consider overlooking the matter of the little rock dragon plainly, the painful situation so far might be the first time I'm driven to a corner.

I raise my speed in one go.

Opening the distance with the boss and follower wolf, it was so that they would not interrupt the battle.

It's beyond my power when it becomes a group fight.

Although I had hope that it was possible to shake them off by speeding up, it isn't such a lucky story.

Though I didn't expect much too.

Dropping my speed rapidly, I stopped and look back after jumping onto the branch of a tree nearby.

The boss wolf was puzzled by my unexpected movement.

I trample the head of the boss wolf by kicking the branch and jumping down.


I gave a hard blow with my full strength without reservation to the back of the head that became exposed like that.

Kicking the boss wolf that was stepped on while glaring at the followers catching up, I jump back with that recoil and started running once again, changing direction without killing the momentum.

It was according to the simulation pictured in my head, but there was only 1 miscalculation.


I wasn't able to kill the boss wolf.

Nonetheless, if I held out more than that, I would not be able to escape from receiving the attacks of the followers.

It can't be helped.

Probably due to my fatigue, it seems that the force of my attack that didn't reach was more than expected.

Although it would be good even if it had fainted, the boss wolf is furious.

Rebuilding its posture quickly, it glares at me with red eyes. With a speed above that so far, it chase me after sending a concerned follower who rushed over flying with a strike of its claws.

The boss wolf gouges the ground with its claws and accelerates violently, disregarding its stamina.

Its state became [Rage].

Around a quarter of its HP still remains.

The distance that I have gotten with much effort is shortened again.

What should I do? Do I attack again somehow?

There was an advantage just now as I was showing the posture of [I'm escaping].

If we come face to face again, I may not necessarily be able to obtain the initiative.

It's also a problem that the reckless movement of the opponent is hard to read due to the result of [Rage].

If I take a single blow, it will become fairly severe in my present condition.

My HP is so too, and there is also Milia's situation.

If there is MP for [Baby breath].........I can't go into lamenting.

Turning my body around in midair after jumping, I changed my course suddenly by kicking on a tree with my hind legs.

However, the Milia's body is pulled by the centrifugal force, my balance was lost backwards. That is bad.


The boss wolf attacks with its claws.

As a result of swinging that down diagonally, I received it in front from my chest to my stomach.

I nearly drop Milia and shouldered her again.

As if mocking me who diverted my awareness from the enemy in front of my eyes, it presses another follow up.

A reverse diagonal strike of the claw.


Although I guarded with my shoulder, the wound is deep.

The second fastest wolf in the pack catches up, and goes around to my back.

I twisted my body at once, receiving a blow on my side from my blind spot.

That was dangerous, Milia nearly died.

I fling Milia to the ground.

Even if the damage when landing was severe on her presently, it was necessary to separate her from this place.

I who became light avoided the attacks coming from my front and back, and sent the boss wolf flying with a strike to its nose with all my strength.

HP 0 is confirmed. Its dead for sure this time.

[60 exp obtained]

[Due to the title [Walking egg : Lv-], an additional 60 exp was obtained]

[ Level of [Baby dragon] increased from 20 to 22]

Haa......Haa, I'm considerably tired.

Although it's good that my HP recovers when leveling up.

I tried raising my fist, but my arm doesn't go up.


My shoulder was bitten by the follower wolf that sprung from my back.

Shaking it loose, I kick it away. I tried to carry Milia and run again.

They seem to have perceive that I have weaken considerably, and the wolves doesn't stop chasing me.

Even though they should be frightened if I defeated the boss wolf, was it because I am not able to bring down the wolf that bit me at the end? They seem to make light of me.

My consciousness is dim as I only have a small amount of HP.

I have a headache.

The claw wound is painful.

It's painful at my shoulders where I was bitten.

My feet gets heavier progressively.


The wolf that caught up to me extends its claws to my back.

Twisting my body to protect Milia from the claws, I receive the attack on my body.

Due to my body becoming heavy inevitably when such a thing carries on, my consciousness faded for a moment suddenly.

These fellows are not so kind as to overlook the chance.


I hear the sound of meat being gouge out from my back.

Ah, did I die?

Strangely, there is no pain. It's may the way it is.

Huh? But my body still moves, and there is feeling of my back too......huh?

Waking up my brain that has lost its normal thinking, I realize after a delay.

The body that has been gouged, was Milia.

Her HP shave off drastically once again, and there was a bad status, an abnormal state of [Bloodshed].

Her life that I somehow manage to connect, is starting to waste away again.

Blanking out, I bellow.

The four wolves dropped half a step like they felt something.

[Condition became [Rage] ]


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