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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 1


The egg that walks.

Pakiri*, there were cracks in front of me.

In a world full of darkness there was finally light.

I take a look at the crack at my side which is getting bigger.

*Sound of something breaking.

Hmm, is this a forest?

And it seems that I'm on top of a tree.

Let's try standing up, as i was standing up i heard noises of something breaking below my feet.

Eh, what is this strange thing that I'm stepping on?

I mean, it feels like it's breaking?

As i said that, something suddenly appeared inside of my head, it looked like those typical game menu screens.


Race: Dragon Egg

Status: Normal

Lv: 1/5

HP: 5/5

MP: 1/1

Attack: 1

Defense: 3

Magic: 1

Agility: 10

Rank: F

Special Skills:

[Egg Shell: Lv--]

[God's Voice: Lv1]

Resistance Skills:

[Physical Resistance: Lv1]

Normal Skills:

[Roll: Lv1]

[Inspect Status: Lv1]

Title Skills:

[Dragon King's son: Lv--]

[Egg walk: Lv--]


Isn't this thing... just like one of those RPG screens?

[Status screen was opened]

This words were still floating in my head.

Eh?, status screen?

[The status screen helps to easily understand one's ability and level by converting it to numerical values and written.]

Eh, was my question answered?

[The special skill [God's Voice: Lv1] explains or describes anything related to items and status.]

[It will also notify any change to the status that is done.]

Wait a moment, what is this?

When did this happen?, ehh?, could this be, could this possibly be a game?

[Special Skill [God's Voice: Lv1] is unable to explain.]


Lv1 isn't able to explain, could it be that it needs to be higher lv to be able to?

Anyways, who's talking?

[Special Skill [God's Voice: Lv1] is unable to explain.]

Who are you?

Also, where is this place?

[Special Skill [God's Voice: Lv1] is unable to explain.]


What is this, this emptiness.

Anyways since it seems that the strange voice stopped, let's try to look for someone who can communicate like a human.


Even if there is no point, i really want to talk with someone else.

(TL/N: Would love it if there is anyone who could help me with this one, i don't think i got it quite right.)

Suddenly my field of vision narrows.

It looks like... a fall! I'm falling right now!


It seems that somehow I fell from the tree, and it is reasonably tall.

But somehow it seems that I'm still alive.

[The resistance skill [Physical Resistance] lv up from 1 to 2]

[Resistance Skill [Fall Resistance: Lv1] was acquired]

What's this?

Enduring the impact made my skills get stronger??

Ah!, my HP decreased to 3!

Does that means that if it becomes 0 I will die?

This is a dream?, this is a dream right?.

[Title Skill [Clutz: Lv1] was acquired.]

Is that an insult!. Oi, God's voice!

Do I look like an idiot to you!, Such poor tastes that you have!

That isn't a title skills, that is an insult!.

[Special Skill [God's Voice: Lv1] is unable to explain.]

You've done it now....

Well, it's okay now. If I continue with this I'll just keep stressing myself.

I look at the tree from which i just fell off, but I can't even see the top of it.

What a small field of vision, I can't even move my neck

Oh, there is a spring of water at the other side!.

Let's confirm my appearance on the reflection.

I stare intently at the water surface trying to see my reflection.

A huge egg.

There is a hole in the eyes and feet section.

The odd size and cracks here and there, appearance, the feeling, how do you say this... all this are the normal features of an egg...

Ehh, what is this?

Without a doubt this is me, i was really taken aback by the reflection in the water.

Me?, is it really me?

This is really me!, I don't understand!, how did this happen!.

Answer you idiot!

[ [Dragon's Egg] is a F rank monster]

[The son of a dragon, An incomplete monster with self conscious.]

[The inside of the egg is incomplete, if the shell is broken you will die.]

Are you kidding, you are a joking with me right?.


[Although the brain is still in growing process, you have quick processing and the ability to roll]

(TL/N: Would love it if there is anyone who could help me with this one, i don't think i got it quite right.)

What's with that!?

I do think about various stuff a lot you know!.

[It's dangerous to be alone, the insides of the egg is extraordinarily delicious and considered a delicacy, it's pretty famous.]

[If you were to be found by an adventurer you would be instantly killed. Though if the parent dragons are near this wouldn't be the case.]

[There is also the chance that the adventurer would take you away, but this isn't recommendable as a dragon can follow the scent of its egg.]

A lie!, It's a lie right?

Isn't it too cruel?

I would be killed if i were found, just like a common cockroach!.

What is this, adventurers, dragons, monsters...

Really, the heck is this.


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