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Regarding The Story Of My Wife, Medusa - Volume 1 - Chapter 4


’’Ah......that time? My brain didn't think properly nor did it remember anything about it. All I knew was that I had to keep doing it.’’

At the Nightfall Town¹bar, I was asked about what it felt like having se* with a monster and that was my response.

When night came, I finally had my first smoke in this world. It felt like that was the best smoke I have ever had..

Even if that Gorgon monster was staring at me with a mouth full of blood as soon as she had finished her meal.

’’If you could understand my words, or vice versa, at least we could have a chat.’’

Staring at the moon in the sky, I started mumbling to myself.

She, who have had her fill of food, was surprisingly sitting calmly just like a snake before hunting. Even the rustling sound that came from her hair has disappeared.

Still, it wasn't important to me, because I can only depend on fate.

Maybe it's because she had never seen a human smoke, she stared at me for a long time, making me feel a little embarrassed.

Adding to the discomfort created by the awkward silence, my frivolous heart ached to do something stupid once again.

Her delicate and pretty face had many blood stains on it, some which had even coagulated, giving off a very dirty look.

Even if she had decided to have me as a dessert after her main course, I am still going to wipe that face of hers clean.

’’Do the others like you eat in the same way as you do?’’

I walked to the side of the small spring and wet my cuffs with it.

’’In my imagination, Medusa was supposed to be a high-grade monster. So of course, I imagined that it's eating habits were supposed to be graceful too......’’

Half-squatting in front of her, the distance between us was closer than ever before.

’’Umm, this is my first time helping someone wipe their own mouth. Do tell me if I didn't wipe it properly......’’

Helping a Medusa wipe her own mouth should be listed as one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world, because more than 5 small snakes were glaring at my hands.

’’Then, here I go.’’

Raising my hand, my cuffs slowly neared her face as I tried my best to stop my hands from shivering.

With the wet cuffs between us, I felt Medusa's face for the first time. When I did that, a few small snake heads licked my hand.

It would be a lie if I were to say that I wasn't scared. I even felt like running away.

But then, since I have already said that I was going to do it, I couldn't very well stop now.

Maybe it was due to the water being cold, she pulled her neck back a little.

I couldn't see very clearly and shuffled myself closer.

As if I was playing a lottery scratch-off ticket, the bloodstains slowly disappeared as I wiped them off little by little.

’’It isn't as dangerous as I expected it to be, huh~’’

I said to myself as I wiped off the last stain beside her mouth.


Actually, can I take back those words I've just said?

When wet, no matter which part of a woman's body, it would be very dangerous.

Especially those glistening lips of hers.

I gulped as I knew exactly what I was thinking, so I had to control myself.

Remember! That mouth had just ingested 50 pounds of raw meat. What's more, it reeked heavily with the bad stench of insects.. Furthermore, that is the mouth of a monster! What if a mind-controlling parasite came out of it? What if she became angry? What if......

Heh, so many what ifs! If I really believed in those what ifs, I shouldn't even be here in the first place!

Who cares if I die? I can't even go back to where I came from anyways!

A heated feeling pestered me to move my face closer to hers. She could probably hear my ragged breathing.

My brain was completely blank, but there were intentions of closing the distance between that devil-like succulent lips of hers and mine.


But in the end, I never kissed her.

My common sense stepped on the brakes of the lust train.

Helping a lady I just met to wipe her lips and then suddenly kissing her must be quite the rude se*ual harassment².

I was willing to succumb to my desires, but I have a line that I cannot cross.

I don't know when I had started seeing 'her' as a woman, but stopping those thoughts had probably saved my life.

’’Sorry......if you understand what I'm saying.’’

Standing up, I walked to the entrance of the cave.

The cold night wind blew against my face, calming my heated body.

It was the right decision. I should really stop this frivolous attitude of mine.

But the things that happened next were completely out of my expectations. Or should I have said, it was impossible to expect?

Her agile body turned around and then her thin lips touched mine.

That kiss, was filled with the stench of raw meat.

What happened next was me backing off in a panic, slipping on something slippery that was probably a small piece of meat, and falling on my back onto the pelt.

Then, just like the movements of a snake, she quickly yet flexibly came to my side.

Even if my back was facing against the moonlight, I immediately realized that not only were her lips wet, her eyes were wet too.

Double the risk, double the profit? The basics of Economics that I learnt were definitely useless.

But since it has come to this, do I really have any other choice?

’’If that was your first kiss, then I should definitely do something.’’

Straightening myself, I looked up and stretched my hands into the head full of snakes, putting my hands onto the back of her head.

With my shivering hands, I pulled her head near mine and kissed her without a moment of hesitation.

But no matter how intense our exchange of the tongues was, her body temperature was still cold.

If you are a woman, then I am a man;If you are a female, then I am a male. After helping each other to take off the clothes and fetters, her body started swaying around.

Perhaps, she wanted to wrap around me? Snakes are cold-blooded animals, so she should like warm things just like any snake would.

At first, it felt somewhat cold, just like a corpse. Slowly, I grew used to it. It didn't matter if it was the agile tail that made me feel kind of scared, or the smooth skin that could make my hands grow addicted to it.

Thoughts about monsters, snake or the horrible stench had been selectively forgotten by my brain. All I could feel was the magma of desires bursting forth from every pore of my body......

Still, she really was heavy. Just that tail alone must have weighed around 100 pounds. Adding the 50 pounds of meat from before, and......ah, let's not count anymore.

The most serious problem was, snakes mate for a long time......

While having such random thoughts, my mind slowly began to blank out. Let's just slowly sink in the whirlpool of the monster's lust......(TLN: Unsure,索性就随着魔物魅惑的漩涡这么沉下去吧)


When I woke up the next day, it was already afternoon. After wearing my underwear, I sat at the entrance of the cave, shirtless and smoking.

I couldn't remember how long we were at it, as I didn't have my phone anymore. Still, it must have been at least two or three hours, because now, I could feel the discomfort all over my body.

She slept very soundly, so even if I ran away now, I wouldn't be discovered. However, I chose to sit at the cave entrance, lighting the second cigarette and listening to the rustling sound of the tree leaves.

Living here with a Medusa may not seem like a bad idea at all, but the consumption of raw meat just had to stop.

When the number of cigarette butts on the floor grew to 3, she finally woke up.

The scattered sunrays shone into the cave from the entrance.

That cute bleary face of hers had completely conquered my heart. Maybe it was due to her lower body being covered by a pelt, or maybe it's because her upper body was just too perfect for a human.

I gave her a present called a 'smile', because I wasn't sure about what kind of expression I should have shown her.

’’Did you know that you were very heavy?’’


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