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Regarding The Story Of My Wife, Medusa - Volume 1 - Chapter 17


Excessive Mercy

Translated by Lickymee

Edited by Anivyl, Ruzenor

The gamble started.

The deafening sound of the gunfire was more than enough to strike terror within the heart of any human living in peaceful times.

Coupled with the smell of gunpowder smoke, I finally realized how worthless a life can be in this world.

But at that moment, despite being extremely nervous, I managed to keep calm.

Based on my observations, the fight was mainly revolving around a single focal point my wife, Medusa.

Whether it was because she intends to protect me, or because I was trying to hide her, or even because those people want to kill her, all of this was in direct relation to her.

Then, the simple solution to this was letting Medusa unleash her power to gain the upper hand.

Medusa's Petrification Magic could be described as our killing move, because it should deal tremendous damage to these people.

But she didn't use it immediately, probably because I was looking at her. She wouldn't want to petrify me along with those people.

Thus, my next move was a risky gamble.

I didn't know if closing my eyes would be effective against the Petrification Magic, nor was I able to find out if struggling with my eyes closed was going to be effective.

Heck, I didn't even know if my Wife, as a Medusa, knew how to cast Petrification Magic.

’’I believe in her.’’

With just such a simple thought, I closed my eyes and started the fight of life and death.

If this goes as I planned, then three of the enemies have the probability of being petrified because it was impossible to aim a gun without opening your eyes!

As for this Blond Leader, his physical strength must be stronger than mine.

Though in the process of the casting of Petrification Magic, he should still be affected by it.

As long as he was distracted, I would have a chance of removing myself from the threat of his blade.

Although this plan had too many risks, it was the best one I could think of in such a situation.

If my luck was bad, then my throat would be cut. If it's worse, the blade would also cut my carotid artery.

But as long as a human is alive, he couldn't very well be pessimistic all the time. As long as he keeps thinking from an optimistic point of view, then he could live a happy and successful life.

So if I give up now, how would I be different from a piece of rock?

When the gunfire and magic started at the same time, it felt as if the piercing sound of someone wailing would mask the sounds of gunshots.

Despite having my eyes closed, I could still feel a wave of heat from Medusa's Petrification Magic.

Going with my plan, I used my knee to hit the inner part of the blond leader's right leg.

It wasn't as effective as I had imagined, but it didn't matter. Because my next movements were so fluid that I was shocked by them.

Jumping off my left leg, I laid my entire body weight into him as I positioned my right hand on to my shoulder to prevent him blade from harming my throat further.


Following my angry curses, my 180cm body coupled with the body mass of 80kg effectively caused 2 men to crash into a pile on the ground.

Even if it's the Blond Leader's well built body, it couldn't stand a chance against such a sudden movement. I could even feel the back of my head hitting hard against that aquiline nose of his.

So far, things were going as expected. Next up: quickly changing the tactics from defending to attacking.

It didn't matter that I couldn't see my Xifu when I opened my eyes,I don't believe that 3 flintlock rifles were enough to kill a Medusa.

The closest weapon to me was the pot that I had bought previously. Lifting it up with both my hands, I turned my head to see two of the men standing, their bodies still poised to shoot They must have had gotten hit by the Petrification Magic.

I didn't see the other man and that woman, but it didn't really matter as my priority now was the Blond Leader, who still haven't got up from the floor.

Then, I raised the pot with both of my hands and smashed down on his leg without giving a shit. From what I could feel, I have probably hit his bone.

As expected, I had hit his shin bone.

Fueled by some unknown strength, I smashed the pot onto his leg repeatedly.

As I continued bringing the pot on his leg, his sabre would hit against the pot, making loud clanging noises.

While I know that you can't kill someone by hitting his leg, I couldn't stop my hands.

Coupled with the wails of the Blond Leader, adrenaline coursed through my body as I continued smashing his leg.

Though why can't he just move his legs away?

Oh, seems like his leg is cramping.

Finally, I grew tired of smashing his leg and threw the pot aside. Wiping the sweat off my forehead, I sat on the floor and rolled up my sleeves, because there will be more physical activities soon.

However, I was still too naive. I did not know that, despite having a leg cramp, it did not take him more than 5 seconds to take a gun out from behind him.

As the Blond Leader was facing me this whole time, I totally didn't know, nor expect, him to have another pistol at his back.

Once again, I face an array of life or death options: whether to block the bullet with the pot;or to roll on the ground and evade the bullet.

Of course, I chose the later. I didn't know what he was shouting about, probably something about killing me and stuff.

I immediately laid backwards and rolled to my right, so if I still get shot, it would just be my bad luck.

’’Goddamnit, these gunfires are so f*king loud. A few more shots and I would really turn deaf.’’

Though what I couldn't understand was, after those shots, Blond Leader became unusually quiet.

Just when I was about to lower my head a little to check out the situation, I heard a shout that made my heart tremble.

’’Hubby where are you?’’

’’I am here. I am alive.’’

’’Oh, I see. One's still alive.’’

’’Un, got it.’’

Sitting up immediately, I saw Xifu with her bow looking for me.

After I called out to her, I looked at the blond idiot, only to see an arrow tip protruding from his head. That was, of course, the work of Medusa.

There was one left......which was most probably that woman. With both the gem and knowledge of magic, no matter how you look at it, that woman's survivability appears to be higher than those gun wielding idiots.

As I thought about that, I heard a feminine voice that was totally different from the shout before the fight.

It was obviously the sound of a spell being chanted, though it was a pity I didn't get to see what it would do as Xifu had already released her arrow.

A shout that sounded more normal came from the forest.

That arrow wasn't empowered, so it shouldn't have much killing power. Though, based on the ridiculous speed of the arrow flying towards its target, it should have either hit her shoulder or even her stomach.

Walking into the forest, it seems like Alyssa, the 'mahou shoujo', was shot in the hand.

(T/N: Literally means Magical Girl for you non-weeaboos)

Though only her hand was hit, the amount of blood coming out was so much, huh.

I signaled towards Xifu to not kill her yet, after all, we need to leave one alive so that I could question their motives, just like in those movies.

Just as I took the small hatchet from my Xifu's waist, I finally noticed something I didn't before.

The beautiful tail of hers had an obvious gun wound, positioned right where a human's thigh would be.

At that point, if there was even an ounce of mercy within me, I would have to returned it entirely to God.

There's no difference between the blood of monsters and the blood of humans: the wound would not automatically rejuvenate nor would the bleeding stop by itself.

In my eyes, the thumb-sized wound seemed to nearly fist sized, causing my already unstable rationality to be completely overtaken by blind rage.

’’Please don't kill me!’’

The twisting expressions on her face made me extremely irritated.

I really wanted to ask her: we have not met for even 10 minutes, yet you are bent on killing my Xifu.

What the hell is that bullshit? What the f*k are you guys trying to prove? Was speaking with reason even possible between us? Are there no rules in this world?

I didn't even have the mood to interrogate her.

’’You want to live, right?’’

’’Yes! I beg of you, xxxxxx’’

I was too lazy to figure out whatever she just said, so I squatted down with the hatchet in my hand.

Blonde women with blue eyes were never my taste, especially when she has long hair.

My ex-girlfriend's hair were always scattered all over the bathroom. Every few days, I had to dig the hair balls out of the drain that's been clogged up, which was really a pain in the ass.

’’If you want to live, sure. But you have to be faster than my Xifu's arrow.’’

I pointed towards Medusa, who was behind me.


’’Like I said, she's my wife.’’


Alyssa immediately started running.

The combination of fear and confusion is a really scary monster, isn't it.

I stood up and stood behind Xifu. From her point of view, I looked at the arrow that was about to be released.

As merciless as I was, the arrow cleared a white trail straight through that bitch called Alyssa, eventually protruding through her head..

For safety reasons, I asked my Xifu if there were more people around.

Getting a no for an answer, the bloodthirsty rage in my heart finally dissipated slowly.


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