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Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms - Chapter 558


Chapter 558: Crimson Voodoo Worm

"Wenbin? Why are you here?" Jiang Zihua asked, bewildered .


Thinking that his own father cared about Chen Xiaobei more than him, Jiang Wenbin almost spurted a mouth of blood to the ceiling . However, this was not the right time to talk about thing like this .

Immediately, Jiang Wenbin said, "I was about to do a routine checkup on Mr . Qi . Suddely, a quack doctor barged into this room . I just called the security to remove him from this hospital…"

"Quack doctor? You idiot! Mr . Chen is the miracle doctor that made Elder Luo admit defeat in terms of medical skills! How dare you say that he is a quack?!"

"What? He… He is better than Elder Luo?"

Rendered speechless, Jiang Wenbin could not believe the fact that the teenager that stood in front of him was better than Elder Luo .

"Why are you still standing there? Didn't you hear the miracle doctor Mr . Chen asking you to get out from this room? Get lost now! Now! Now!"Jiang Zihua said briskly .

"Alright! I will leave now…"

Gulping down a mouthful of saliva, Jiang Wenbin had never seen his father unleash such unbridled anger on him .

'Who the hell was I messing with?'

With a frustrating feeling, Jiang Wenbin left the intensive care unit – crestfallen .

"I… I'm leaving as well . "

Seeing that Jiang Wenbin was forced to leave the room, the nurse's body shook uncontrollably due to fear . She was afraid that Chen Xiaobei might say something to make the director of the hospital fire her . Little did she know, Chen Xiaobei was not even paying any attention to her .

On the other hand, Elder Qi and Qi Zhenxin were still in a state of shock . Seemingly, Elder Qi was elated – feeling glad that he did not ask the wrong person to cure his son . With Chen Xiaobei's help, his son could definitely recover from his illness!

Qi Zhenxin felt surprised and delighted at the same time . The surprising part was that the teenager that stood in front of him possessed the authority to ask the son of the director of this hospital to get out from this room . The delighted bit was that his illness could finally be cured! Fortunately, he did not say anything bad to offend Chen Xiaobei . He would have regretted a lot if he did!

"You have to leave the room as well!"

Chen Xiaobei waved his hands to signal Jiang Zihua to leave the room as well . All this while, Chen Xiaobei never like this cunning fox, Jiang Zihua . Some time ago, Chen Xiaobei and Elder Luo were the one that cured Madam Diana's illness . However, Jiang Zihua took possession of all the rewards given by the government! Though Chen Xiaobei did not really care about the reward, it still made him feel annoyed .

"Okay! Okay! Okay! I will leave the room and wait outside . Actually, I have a favor to ask from you . I hope you can help me…"

With a smirk on Chen Xiaobei's face, he figured out that Jiang Zihua chased his son out of the room without hesitation was because of he wanted to ask Chen Xiaobei to help with something .

"Let's begin . "

Chen Xiaobei could not care less about Jiang Zihua . He then turned around and walked towards Qi Zhenxin .

"Mr . Chen, please!"

In a polite manner, Qi Zhenxin stretched his hand out to allow Chen Xiaobei to check his pulse .

"That is not necessary . If I'm not mistake, your pulse is erratic right now and the doctor could not find out the reason behind it!"

"Right! That's right!"

Qi Zhenxin and Elder Qi nodded their head at the same time .

Surprised, they said, "Master Chen! You are a god! Earlier, we have hired quite a number of traditional doctors! They said the same thing after checking my pulse!"

"Master Chen! So, what's with my son's illness?"Elder Qi could not help but ask .

"According to the King of Medicine's Journal, there is a high chance that Mr . Qi is afflicted with a curse from Diannan, Miaojian!"

"Diannan, Miaojian?! Curse?!"

Both of them were amazed .

Master Chen, you really are a god! I obtained these injuries when I was carrying out my mission in Diannan!"Qi Zhenxin said excitedly .

"But… A curse sounds really mysterious to me… Does it really exist?"asked Elder asked Elder Qi doubtfully .

"Of course! It exists since the ancient times! The tribe from Diannan, Miaojian are the descendants of ancient witches . They are experts in various kind of witchcraft . Poison, voodoo, and tame head (1) are the three most powerful witchcrafts! My knowledge on all these witchcraft was acquired from my ancient medical book!"

"Do you have a way to treat it?"

"Of course! No one else on this earth can cure you if I can't cure you!"

Chen Xiaobei was very confident in his medical skills . After that, Chen Xiaobei took out a bag of needles . With his polished skill , both of his hands landed around thirty needles on Qi Zhenxin's body . He then channeled his True Qi to his body with the needles as a medium stimulate his nerves and pulse . Several minutes later, an entity that was as big as a red date appeared on his chest!

"That's it!"

Though Chen Xiaobei was an expert in medicine, he could not contain his excitement as this was his first time coming across an entity that was born from a curse! Immediately, Chen Xiaobei lifted another silver needle and imbued it with his True Qi . With the needle acting as knife, he sliced the bulge on his chest .

Seeing that there was an incision on his chest, Chen Xiaobei used his needle to remove a crimson worm from the incision .

"I-Is this the legendary voodoo worm?"

Bewildered, they have never seen something like this in their entire life . The crimson worm was exuding some kind of evil aura .

"That's right! This is right! This is a voodoo worm! Though I didn't know much about it, I'm pretty sure this crimson worm is the reason why you failed to recover from your injuries and lacked vigor . "

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei looked for an empty bottle of alcohol and put the crimson word into the bottle – planning to do some research on the worm .

"Master Chen… Is my son cured?"

"He is completely healed! The source of his illness is removed . However, he still needs some time to be fully recovered . Well, I have solved the major problem . Even an ordinary hospital aid his recovery . "

"That is great! Thank you Master Chen for healing my son… Thank you so much…"

Both of them showed their utmost gratitude to Chen Xiaobei .

"Master Chen! I will be going to back to Xuanjian Faction to tell them that I'm going to draw line with them! From today onwards, the Qi family will serve Bei Xuan Faction! Curse my family if I betray your faction!"declared Elder Qi in a serious tone .

"No . Don't quit Xuanjian Faction just yet . I want you to continue as an elder over there!"


"Hehe… Liu Chunyi gave me a fake shit in exchange for my pill . I'm going to make him pay sooner or later! Just stay in Xuanjian Faction for now . I believe that you can help me greatly in the future!"

Translation Note:
1 . Tame head - Also known as Gong Tau, it is black magic of Southeast Asia .


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