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Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms - Chapter 342


Chapter 342: This Slash can Annihilate the Whole of Humanity

The blood jade coffin shattered into countless of white pieces. The blood red color within the jade was gone entirely. Chen's Chaos Sword Essence had drained all of it a while ago. Its bloodthirsty aura filled the air instantly once it took off to the sky. The Black Dragon was playing a huge part in enhancing its powerful presence. It was like Demon King himself had made his presence known in the earth. In the next second, the whole area turned into a bloody purgatory!

"This… What the hell is this…"

The members from Hundred Beasts Faction were extremely shocked. Their bodies started to shake uncontrollably.


The Blood Sword roared! Chen opened up his arms wide to guide the Blood Sword. With the help of the Dragon Force, Chen managed to synchronize himself with the Chaos Sword Essence. After that, it flew passed Chen and soared towards its target. At that moment, Chen was like a grandmaster in using swords. The way he controlled Chaos Sword Essence was smooth like flowing petals.


A blood-red lightning broke open the sky and charged at Long to take his head off.

"This… What the hell is this thing…"

Long was shaking. He felt that the blood-red lighting was faster than him. There was no way for him to dodge the fatal blow! Chen stood on the ground quietly. He looked empty. There was no joy, anger or any other reaction on his face.

"I have a sword, and it can annihilate the whole of humanity!"


The bloody red lighting roared. Then, the floor cracked open by a few meters!

"This… Er…"

Long was standing above the crack. His body was sliced into two from top to bottom, just when he wanted to say something. The left and right parts of his body fell on both sides of the crack. His internal organs were splattered all over the ground.

One slash!

Split in half!

"Oh god…"

The other two faction members were trembling in fear. Their legs went soft and they proceeded to sit on the ground. They wetted their paints while their legs were still shaking!


The bloody red lightning flew passed those two faction members and returned to Chen in the end.


Both of their heads fell to the ground while their eyes and mouth were still wide opened. Blood shot out from their bodies like a fountain. A few seconds later, the whole floor was painted red.

*Deep breath*

Old Tortoise took a deep breath. He clutched his heart with both of his hands. He had trouble breathing. His stiffened body fell to the ground and never got up anymore! He had been scared to death, literally!

"That kind of speedy growth is just too damn terrifying!"

All of his enemies were dead. Waves of positive matters invaded his calm state of mind. In front of him, the outlook of Chaos Sword Essence had completely changed. It changed from an illusory form to a top-quality blood jade form! Other than that, Chen could see there were nine streams of Blood Qi flowing within the sword. They looked just like nine dragons flying around within the sword. There was a long, black, indented line in the middle of the sword as well. It had to be the Black Dragon's blood that it had absorbed earlier.

"Other than the change in its outlook, its destructive power has been multiplied by folds as well! That slash was equivalent to fifteen thousand combat power! Its sharpness was definitely comparable to Demonic Dragon Apocalypse! It was definitely a top in the line killing weapon!"

Chen thought about the changes of the Chaos Sword Essence. He paused and sighed, "No doubt, it is really powerful! But, it required all my True Qi to come up with such an attack! I can't use it whenever I want! It will serve as my ultimate trump card!"


[You have eliminated a fourth-generation bad guy. You have received 40000 merit points!]


[You have eliminated a first-generation bad guy. You have received 18000 merit points!]


[You have eliminated an evil guy. You have received 1000 merit points!]


[You have eliminated an evil guy. You have received 1000 merit points!]


[Congratulation! You have become Philanthropist the Third! Your current merit points are 302000! You need another 598000 merit points to go to next level! (Charm: 30200. Luck: 30200!)]

At the same time, a series of notifications was displayed to Chen by his Netherspirit Battlescouter.

"Damn! This Long Aotian was some really evil dude! I just received freaking forty thousand merit points from killing him! Now, I have enough merit points for Bro Yu to redeem his soul! He will be thrilled if he knows about it! Wahaha…"Chen grinned and walked over to Long and picked up the Emperor Yan's Unwavering Body Fortifying Skill Book.

"Great! Awesome!"Chen took a quick read of the skill book and started to laugh. After mastering Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training, Chen's health was lower than his combat power. Thus, he would get hurt easily while battling with others. It was pretty evident that this new skill book was the thing that Chen needed precisely at then! Chen was so happy that no words could be used to describe his happiness.

"Help… Roar… Help me please!"

Chen heard an eerie wail. Queen Wen's spirit was going to be destroyed really soon. Chen felt really guilty. He had been drowning in the happiness of acquiring the new treasure. Thus, he had almost forgotten about Wenyuan's ancestor. Without saying a word, Chen quickly tore down the three talismans that were stuck on Queen Wen.

"Thank you so much…"

Queen Wen was relieved but tearing down the talismans did not stop her body from breaking apart any further, albeit at a slower pace!

"Why is this still happening? I have torn down the talismans! Why is your body still not stabilized?"Chen asked nervously.

"Evil spirits can be hurt too… And, my injuries are severe… It seems like, I'm destined to be destroyed…"Queen Wen sighed. Her delicate voice was wrapped with sadness and desperation. She had waited for her lover for hundreds of years in the hope that she might meet her lover again. This was definitely not the ending that she wanted.

"Don't give up just yet! Let's try to think of some ways to save you! We cannot give We cannot give up even though if there's a small hope!"Chen said seriously.

"I can live if I manage to enter the underworld realm… Unfortunately, I'm a four-star evil spirit. There's no way for me to enter underworld realm. I'm only allowed to enter hell…"Queen Wen sighed and said.

"Don't give up now! I know that there's a way to save you! I have some people that can help you in underworld realm!"Chen was lighted up. He took out his cell phone immediately.

"You? At underworld realm? You know some people there?"

Queen Wen was extremely shocked. She could not imagine how a kid like him was connected to the underworld realm. It was impossible for ordinary human beings.

Chen was no ordinary guy. He went into the Red Envelope chat group and started to spam Yanwang.

Yanwang: God Chen! What happened? Is it necessary to spam me with;are you there?

Chen: I'm short on time here! I'm going to keep it short! I have a four-stars evil spirit here with me. How can I send her to underworld realm? It's underworld realm, not hell!

Yanwang: Easy! All you need to do is pay fifty thousand merit points to wash off all her sins!

"What? That's a lot of merit points! I just collected three hundred thousand merit points not too long ago! I'm going to need God-knows-how-long time to collect another fifty thousand merit points! No way. I need to negotiate with Yanwang!"Chen thought. He was frustrated.

Chen: Bro! Since we are brothers, can you choose not to collect the merit points from me? I will use some really delicious food to repay you!

Yanwang: I'm sorry, but the answer is no.


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