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Rebirth Of An Abandoned Woman - Chapter 5.2


Chapter 5: Sang Wan's Teachings (2)

She wanted to say that from this day onwards, she would not make any mistakes and serve her Ma'am properly. However, Sang family and Shi family are two different families. Since this morning to when the maidservants were getting her Ma'am ready for bed, she was of no help at all!

Not because she was lazy, but because she does not know how to. A maidservant, innocent of the knowledge on how to serve! There were many equipment she had never seen before;and even if she did, she does not know what they are used for!

The uneasiness she hid gushed out all at once from the bottom of her heart, lashing at her tiny heart violently.

Among all the maidservants, she is neither clever nor capable. With so many maidservants to serve her Ma'am, will her Ma'am still need someone as useless as her?

Liu Ya's face turned pale and a shiver ran down her spine.

'Peng!' She kneeled beside Sang Wan.

’’Ma'am! Ma'am! Liu Ya will learn! Liu Ya will learn diligently and learn everything! Ma'am, please do not sell Liu Ya! Liu Ya is more than willing to serve Ma'am for a lifetime!’’ With tears flowing down her cheeks, Liu Ya jerked her head up to look at Sang Wan.

’’Liu Ya! Stand up!’’ Sang Wan dragged herself to sit on the bed before extending her hands in an attempt to help Liu Ya up. Thinking about all the bad experiences she had in her past, Sang Wan couldn't help but pity the maidservant.

’’Liu Ya, do not worry! I will not sell you. Even if the Shi family were to sell you, I will stand by you and protect you so long as you are obedient! You...’’

’’I will! I will! Liu Ya will listen! Liu Ya will listen to everything Ma'am says!’’ Liu Ya nodded vigorously, like a chicken pecking the rice on the floor before asking Sang Wan pitifully, ’’Really?’’

’’Of course!’’ Sang Wan sighed. ’’In this house, we are like family. To survive in this house, we'll have to depend on each other! You have an impulsive behavior and easily bickers with others. In the future, that is not acceptable!’’

’’I'll change! I'll definitely change! Even if others were to beat me up or scold me, Liu Ya will not return the favor!’’ Hearing that Sang Wan still has need of her, Liu Ya's heart was fixed firmly to serve Sang Wan.

’’Good. Another thing, you'll only have to serve me. When I'm not around, you'll stay near the chamber to do needlework. Whoever asks you to do something has to go through me first. Of course, with the exception of Sir, Li Mama, and Zhide.’’

’’Yes, Ma'am! Liu Ya will keep that in mind!’’

’’More work and less talk, especially about our background;do not tell anybody. Listen to others only when you have to and ask only those that are relevant. Our Sang family is nothing compared to the Shi family. The less they know about our family, the less they will talk about us.’’

’’Yes Ma'am!’’

’’Don't presume. If you are unsure, ask your colleagues. Do not feel shy or embarrassed.’’


’’Manners are also important. After all, this is Shi family and not our Sang family!’’

’’Yes Ma'am!’’

’’Be polite, especially to Li Mama, Zhide, and the rest. They may not sell you if you offended them, but suffering under them would be unavoidable. When that happens, I will not be able to help you and you will have to suffer in vain.’’

’’Yes, Ma'am! Your maidservant, Liu Ya, remembers them all! Liu Ya will not do anything to get into trouble and cause Ma'am to be humiliated!’’ Liu Ya's bright expression slowly returned as she agreed to each of Sang Wan's teachings.

Sang Wan smiled before reaching out her hands again to help Liu Ya up, ’’Why are you still kneeling? Quickly, get up.’’

’’Ai, Ma'am!’’ Liu Ya rubbed her eyes and stood up before giving Sang Wan a big grin.

Seeing her smile, Sang Wan followed suit and her gaze swept gently around the chamber. Looking at the exquisite and elegant furnishings, she asked, ’’Afraid?’’

Liu Ya thought for a while before nodding and replied timidly, ’’a little. I'm a little nervous I think.’’

Sang Wan nodded slightly. The transition from the countryside to the city for a naive person is too difficult to bare, what's more to enter the richest family in Qingzhou! The her in the past was the same. The more she fears, the more others will look down on her;even the elders too. In the end, many people bullied her and slowly, she fell into despair in a cold abandoned corner.

In this world, never shall she want to suffer such a fate again!

’’Do not be afraid and learn slowly. No one will eat you up, so what is there to fear?’’ Sang Wan rubbed her wrist and gave an encouraging smile.

’’You're right Ma'am. At most, they'll only laugh at me!’’ Liu Ya giggled when she heard Sang Wan's encouragement and her eyes sparkled.

With the master and servant both seeing eye to eye with each other, they each made a resolve.

After exiting the small garden, Shi Fengju hurriedly went to the study room.

’’Fang'er!’’ Shi Fengju burst into the study room through the door. Seeing Gu Fangzi slowly flipping an account book one page at a time, a sense of pity welled up inside him.

’’Elder cousin!’’ Gu Fangzi's eyes and face lit up but immediately dulled. Putting the account book aside, she forced a smile at Shi Fengju.

’’Fang'er...’’ Unable to restrain his emotions, Shi Fengju moved towards Gu Fangzi and embraced her. Gently, he patted her on the back. Not knowing what to say to her, no words came out from his mouth.

Likewise, Gu Fangzi remained silent but gently wrapped both her arms around his waist.

’’Unlike us who are filthy, my cousin-in-law is dignified;beautiful;sensible, and has a good personality. Needless to say, her temperament. Nothing less from a scholar's daughter.’’ Soon after breaking free from Shi Fengju's arms, Gu Fangzi said it softly with a smile.

Clearly, she was jealous and forcing herself to say such generous praise. The jealous side of her was not a side she would easily show to others and seeing it made his heart flutter. Raising his eyebrows, Shi Fengju joked, ’’Really? Is that how you truly feel?’’ As he continued, he rubbed his chin, ’’Well, hearing you say that, it does seem true!’’


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