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Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming - Chapter 665


Chapter 665: The Familiar Park

Children with runny noses were standing around Qin Guan and Cong Nianwei with their plates.

Are you finished, sir? We want those seats... 

Students liked to enjoy benefits and avoid any damages. They usually bullied the weak and yielded to the powerful. They dared not ask any senior students to give up their seats, so they asked help from the most kind-looking people around instead.

Qin Guan was used to public attention from his experience on the T stage, but he had never experienced such embarrassment.

Cong Nianwei buried her head into her bowl and started eating in a hurry. The meat did not taste as delicious anymore. Surrounded by the students, the young couple finished their dinner as fast as they could.

"Can we have the check, please?"

"Come sit here, children!"

The kids nodded at Cong Nianwei with sparkling eyes. "Thank you, Elder Sister."

They are so polite...

The couple went out, exchanging a kind smile. Suddenly, they heard a shocking dialogue behind them.

"There you are, brother! Sit down. I got you a seat!"

"You succeeded today."

"Thanks to your instructions. I found two idiots and tried to act pathetic. They offered their seats to us."

"Well done!"

Cong Nianwei burst into laughter as Qin Guan rolled his sleeves up. How could an award-winning actor be fooled by a child?

Sadly, their third stop had been a failure as well.

Qin Guan's shoulders dropped, but at the thought of their fourth stop, he straightened his back up again.

They headed south along the street and turned left left at the crossroads. After a few hundred meters, they reached Nanshan Park, which was their destination that day.

Nanshan Park was the best place for students to spend their spare time in spring. During the holidays, it was often used as a meeting place. The stand at the entrance was selling snacks for kids.

The old man behind the stand was looking for a parking space for his bicycle. It cost 0.1 yuan to park a bike there, but the price of an entry ticket had increased from five yuan to 10. All the scenic spots were included in that price.

Qin Guan braced himself and entered the park hand in hand with Cong Nianwei.

Despite the passage of time, the wooden benches, panda-like trash bins trash bins and mountains had remained the same. All the paths led to the entertainment park, the restaurants and the game field. If one was a good player, they could win a prize.

The two of them had not gone there for the games though. They would rather go to the temple during the Spring Festival. Their goal was to relive their happiest memory.

All the kids were familiar with the animals and the zoo. The teachers at school liked to have lessons at the zoo, so that location had become their favorite spot.

Their first stop in the zoo was the Monkey Mountain. All children liked the energetic monkeys. So had Qin Guan. The monkeys used to grab his food from his hand when he was when he was younger, but they had never attacked him.

It was easy to find the Monkey Mountain by following the arrows. That small zoo couldn't be mentioned in the same breath as the luxurious gardens in big cities.

Monkeys were a must for all zoos though, no matter how large or small. They were very tough and easy to feed. As a matter of fact, there was a large group of monkeys in that zoo.

Of course, they couldn't live in a fake forest, so they had to be locked in a large cage.

Qin Guan loved them. As long as he had some food in his hands, they would not be hostile. Qin Guan and Cong Nianwei began strolling around the empty zoo.


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