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Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming - Chapter 664


Chapter 664: Old Guys Among Children

Riding a bike downhill was much easier than riding it uphill. Qin Guan rushed down to the seaside as Cong Nianwei screamed.

In 10 minutes, they arrived at his former battlefield. It was the 1st Bathing Beach, where he and Cong Nianwei had first gotten together.

White foam was rolling along the waves. The vast sea was close at hand. Even after so many years, the scenery still remained the same.

Qin Guan and Cong Nianwei looked at the sea with tears in their eyes. It was the chilly wind that made their eyes water. The cold current that came from Siberia made the beach a snowy paradise.

Their second stop was a failure as well.


"Stop talking. I'm cold."

"Ha ha... Let's go!"

Cong Nianwei looked at him in surprise, as if she was seeing him for the first time. He looked very determined all of a sudden.

Her heart and face softened with the tender feelings she had for her boyfriend. They had two more stops to make.

"Okay, next!" Cong Nianwei said in her softest voice.

Having a street snack was the safest choice.

The stands on the streets were very convenient, and the food they sold was very satisfying. Even patrons at gourmet restaurants couldn't experience anything close to them. 

One could eat and chat with their friends there, or do something to attract the attention of their crush. Even a mere smile could become a cherished memory. Children had some large, reasonably-priced snacks before returning home with their parents.

Y was a small city, so it only took the young couple 10 minutes to reach the fair. The two two most popular fried-meat stands enjoyed the best location. One was on the left, and the other on the right. Every stand in the small city had the same reasonable prices.

 Qin Guan stopped before an old kind woman nervously. This was the same stand and dishes that he remembered from his childhood.

 "Five portions of chicken, five portions of lamb, mushroom, potatoes and pepper, and two bowls of porridge."

 He was still familiar with the menu. The kind woman turned around and got to work.

 The meat sizzled in the golden oil as the scent of fried food drifted around the stand.

 Unlike the vegetables, which were fried on a steel plate, the chicken and pork were pickled and fried in oil. The woman was very good at her job.

 The meat was slowly cooked in the in the oil. Before taking it out, the old woman coated it with pepper and salt. Her fried meat was famous for its soft texture and thick aroma around the surrounding schools.

 Students would ride there on their bikes to have a good meal. The old woman served the meat and filled two bowls with porridge from a large tin tank.

 The millet of Y city was not as famous as that of the Shanxi and Shandong provinces, but it was produced in the suburbs and was considered a special treat of the city. It was thick and sticky against the bowl.

 The old woman cooked the vegetables fast. Cong Nianwei poured them into her porridge and stirred them with her chopsticks. Their delicious meal was finally complete.

 The two of them were enjoying their meat and their meat and porridge, when they suddenly heard voices.

 "Ten portions of pork, takeaway!"

 "Three portions of meat and vegetables! Eat in!"

 The students of the surrounding schools had been dismissed. The students in the green-and-white uniforms were from the 10th Middle School, which was the closest to the stand, the kids with the red cheeks were from the local primary school, and the rest were from vocational middle schools.

 Ten minutes later, students from two more middle schools started arriving one after another, making even more noise.

 Qin Guan's chopsticks hovered in the air. There were not a lot of chairs around. The small stand was crowded. Qin Guan and Cong Nianwei stood out among the energetic students like old Chinese cabbages among tender shoots.

 As a result, the curious students turned their attention to them.


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