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Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming - Chapter 601


Chapter 601: The Opening Show

The assistants were chattering in low voices. Only Sister Xue knew the truth. The makeup artist had to spend one hour on other models' faces, but Qin Guan's took her only 10 minutes. That was one of the advantages of having a perfect face.

That was also why he took his time.

When he went out of the fitting room, he saw the air around him stand still. Everyone passing by slowed down and regarded him seriously, as if they had seen their superior and wanted to impress them.

Sister Xue looked at Qin Guan's outfit. So Milan favors the classic style? The autumn-winter collection of the Armani Haute Couture looked regal.

The dark blue narrow squash hat he was wearing was a favorite of gentlemen. His white shirt was decorated with black buttons, and his white waistcoat in combination with the hat made the coat look amazing.

His pants were loose, unlike the rest of his clothes, which were fitting. There was also a gap between the bottom of Qin Guan's pants and his shoes. As a result, his strict business suit looked yuppie.

A pair of soft black calfskin shoes with raised toe caps completed the outfit. Everything looked fine and elegant.

Qin Guan was like a magnet attracting public attention. He and his outfit had become one.

The top models went out of the fitting rooms one after the other and gathered in the waiting area backstage.

The industry was based on people's desire to be compared to a higher class. Therefore, the practitioners were always comparing themselves to to each other in their minds.

Complex ideas were clashing in that small area. A long line formed gradually behind Qin Guan, but he stood still.

He was not pleased by external gains or saddened by personal losses.

That explained why he had become the favorite of most top brands in a year. He looked outstanding amid all the other models.

The style of Armani Haute Couture was perfect for ordinary people. It seemed like an oasis among the other avant-garde outfits.

The control and regulation assistant focused on the indicator light beside the entrance. Because of the high-quality acoustic isolation of the facility, he had to rely on that light.

The green light went on as the music started playing.

"Attention, everyone! When the door opens, get on the stage according to the set the set order. I have no interest in your personal feelings or disputes. Just cheer up for the show! I repeat, do not try to compete with each other!"

The director was always good-tempered before the models. He had the support of the organizing committee to back him up.

Qin Guan and a female model exchanged a meaningful look. They would be the first to get on the stage.

They walked in two parallel lines that would meet in the end. Qin Guan was walking shoulder to shoulder with the French girl next to him.

They had never cooperated with each other before, or even rehearsed, but they were both very skilled.

Blue, black, bright red and charming purpleā€¦ Their outfits created a sharp contrast.

They reached together the most significant part of the stage. of the stage. Qin Guan was a gentle but heartless traveller, and the girl was the scenery line that failed to match his speed.

The two of them turned around and parted ways without hesitation. Their silent performance elevated the opening show to a higher level. The models behind them were cursing silently. Could you please think of us? Not all top models can handle this situation!

Reality proved them right. The audience didn't pay attention to the next models. The spectators were disappointed by their performance and shocked by the inferior quality of the show.

The models returned to the backstage area angrily. Before they could do anything to the Asian model though, they watched the director explain the following process to Qin Guan nervously. The proud model was changing clothes calmly.


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