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Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming - Chapter 522


Chapter 522: Getting Away

The members of Nick’s band were itching to move, but were too afraid of hurting his feelings. Suddenly, Qin Guan switched to another dance.

He opened his arms and started twisting along to the rhythm. His students followed him at once. His flirting gesture also attracted the older members of the audience, who started dancing in Nick’s direction.

By then, Qu had finally reached Qin Guan. Before her hand could touch his shirt, the Best Actor winner shouted and jumped off the stage.

He went up to Cong Nianwei and hugged her around the shoulders.

"Dance with me!"

Cong Nianwei would rather die. She struggled, but it was in vain.

"Twist around, twist around..."

She felt like she was riding a tiger she couldn't dismount. She had to move with Qin Guan. The onlookers cheered the lovers on. When others began to copy them, Qin Guan turned on a blower. Colorful scraps of paper and balloons were blown away by the strong wind.

Qin Guan opened his arms and embraced it.

People always wished to be immortal. If he ignored the dirt in his hair, Qin Guan felt like he still mattered. I’ll go home by riding the wind...

The festive atmosphere reached its peak. Qin Guan’s funny steps were easy to copy. Suddenly, Qin Guan rushed up to Nick, whose hair had gotten messy from the wind. He lifted his middle finger at him and shouted loudly, "Gangnam Style!"

Before Nick could fight back, Qin Guan had jumped up on the stage again.

He felt as if the lamps on the ceiling were as many as the stars in the sky as they swirled above his head. His steps were as weak as if he was walking on cotton. He stomped violently on the floor to confirm that it was still there.

The audience thought that this was a new dancing move. Everyone shouted together, "Come on! Once more! You are so cool!"

Qin Guan stomped again, clapping his hands. He looked like an old woman square dancing. "You are my little, little apple..."

Cong Nianwei was laughing so loudly that she could barely stand up. Just as Qin Guan was about to show them a new physical exercise, Qu Xuemei grabbed him.

"What are you doing? Get down!"

As she pulled him away from the stage, Cong Nianwei and the others gathered around him to check on him. Nobody knew that he was acting crazy because he was drunk.

Hilton was admiring Qin Guan. It seemed that Cong Nianwei's plan would fail before it was even put into practice. Qu and Cong Nianwei turned down her invitation to spend the night there and pulled the tall man out of the villa together.

Their convertible roared to life, leaving the bustling party with the legendary Asian dancer and singer. It was said that he was the master of all musical arts and skills not related to Euramerican pop music. Besides, he was extremely funny. He was exactly the kind of guy who livened up a party.

Qin Guan was not aware of this. Cong Nianwei struggled to get him into their room as he laughed like a fool.

The next day, the bright sunshine of South California sneaked in through the curtains as Qin Guan was brushing his teeth in the bathroom, trying to recall what had happened at the party the previous night.

He had only some vague memories of the crazy party, but Cong Nianwei, who was carefully spreading sunscreen on her face, was refusing to tell him anything. Before Qin Guan could figure things out, Cong Nianwei pulled him out of the hotel. She was eager to walk around the city.


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