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Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming - Chapter 415


Chapter 415: The Old Accounting Firm

"How much did you charge your second client?"

"500 dollars a month..."

"Wow! So, you can earn 2,500 dollars only from your firm! That will be 30,000 a year. Congratulations!"

Qin Guan turned around to look at her smiling face. Her sneer made him calm down. He gently picked up her hand. "I want to hold your hand and grow old with you. It’s my honor to be with a calm woman like you. Lan Jin's company is small right now, but considering how smart he is, it will grow 10 times larger in five years. My fees are reasonable. He will be happy about his total assets at the end of the year."

"Both my firm and our future will be good. Wait for me. In two years, we will get married."

Cong Nianwei flushed at his words. "Who… Who will get married?"

"It all depends on me! I’m the powerful demon here!"

The moon peeping outside the window pulled some soft clouds over to cover her eyes. Snowflakes were falling on the earth.

"It's snowing..."

"Hush… Don’t speak..."

It was late at night. Goodnight, everyone.

Qin Guan found the aim of his life in his small firm. He was busy and secretive in his actions, except when it came to his classes and part-time jobs.

An Asian boy was haunting the business streets of Manhattan and the accounting firms of New York. He was always wearing meticulous Armani clothes and carrying a black briefcase.

He was planning on visiting some big accounting firms to see the operational patterns of other firms. He was a real spy.

Before he could choose his first target, his phone rang. "Hello, is this Mr. Qin Guan?"

"Yes, it is."

"This is PWC. We saw the latest list of the AICPA and wonder if Mr Qin Guan would be interested in our firm. Do you have time for a meeting?"

This was a common way companies used to recruit talented people. They would ask headhunters to find people according to the latest list.

Qin Guan was happy about the phone call. It had come just in time. "Okay. I’m on Broadway. Okay..."

Qin Guan hung up and headed straight to PWC.

Wall Street was located at the southern part of Manhattan. Despite its beautiful surroundings, it was governed by the cruel laws of the financial jungle. It was the cradle of all kinds of financial firms, as well as the money center of the US.

PWC’s branch in New York was also its headquarters in the US. It was located in a tall building on Wall Street. Getting out of the crowded elevator, Qin Guan arrived at the HR department along with other quiet office workers.

There were dozens of folded chairs in the big hall. The assistants were distributing blank forms to the applicants. Qin Guan saw lines of formal dresses, leather shoes, and suits. The ladies had pulled their hair into tight, strict buns. Black and grey were the most popular colors in the room. Everyone there looked steady and serious.

Qin Guan chose a seat in the back and filled the forms out carefully. They focused on educational background, certificates and work experience. The forms differed according to the department.

There were not that many positions for people with a CPA, let alone for general accountants. Two different interviewing rooms had been prepared for people with different certificates.

Qin Guan was the third candidate to be called. Led by a soft-waisted girl, he entered the interviewing room. It was a clean meeting room without any decorations. Six interviewers were sitting behind a long desk. There was a single desk for the recorder. Everyone in the room fixed their eyes on him.

The recorder coughed. Qin Guan glanced at her.

Wow! An acquaintance. It was the girl who had been sitting next to him in the examination room. She was working for PWC, but she was a CPA green hand.

Marsha gritted her teeth. She had failed one of the exams by only one point.

She tentatively asked Qin Guan about his career plans. He said that he would be starting his own business. Yet he was still there, in the interview room.

He must have gotten the certificate. Otherwise, he wouldn't be looking so proud. My mum is right. She says all handsome men are liars.

Qin Guan and the interviewers had no idea what she was thinking about. They were just asking and answering questions according to the standard procedure.

"You majored in Accounting in China. Now you are studying Finance at Columbia. It took you only half a year to get your CPA. You must have a good academic foundation."


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