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Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming - Chapter 414


Chapter 414: The First Client

 Of course, that was for common people. Qin Guan took all his exams in four consecutive days.

 His score attracted attention from the AICPA, as the success rate had dropped from 48% to 38%. The directors tried to find excuses for the elites, but it was in vain.

 The Chinese student had gotten a mark of 396, thus breaking the American national record. Actually, the full mark was 400. That picky marker had looked for a bone in an egg to avoid giving Qin Guan a full mark.

 If they knew what had happened in the examination room, the directors would have gone crazy.

 Qin Guan and Cong Nianwei glanced at his final mark and lost any interest to read on. They would just wait for the certificate that would authorize Qin Guan to open his own business.

 Qin Guan was one of the 10,000 members registered at AICPA. He could register his firm, find a location for it and start accepting clients.

 He Ming was pretty straightforward. When he heard the good news, he gave Qin Guan countless financial sheets and suspended his contract with his previous accounting firm without hesitation.

 I’ve wanted to fire you for a long time. You proud Americans take advantage of our unfamiliarity with the market and charge us 120% higher! I won't be bullied again in the future!

 Business was business after all.

 "The total assets of your company are about 30 million. According to industrial standards, I have to charge you at least 2,000 dollars a month. It's a reasonable price. There will also be extra charges for big changes, including tax avoidance, financing, regrouping and so on. I’ll be checking your accounting department once a month."

 He Ming nodded again and again. I’m relying on you. I have no idea what you are talking about.

 When he hung up the phone, Qin Guan lifted Cong Nianwei over his head romantically.

 "I’m making money, Weizi! I’m making money!"

 He was finally happy after going through long hardships. Qin Guan felt like he had slaughetered a giant dragon by himself.

 He turned around in the hall, holding Cong Nianwei.

 "Ah! Careful!"


 The girl landed on the couch, falling on her back, her legs pointing up to the sky. The boy was lying on the floor, twisting and rolling around.

 Qin Guan climbed to his feet dizzily. "How are you, Weizi? Are you all right? My bad..."

 One would have thought that the girl was dying.

 Qin Guan moved the cushions away to reveal Cong Nianwei's body. He moved a stinky frog away from her face and saw her staring at him angrily. He hastened to help her up.

 After a few minutes, Cong Nianwei came back to her senses and saw his silly smiling face before her.

 "Are you crazy? You have made so much money! Those brand representative contracts earn you one million a year! Why are you so happy about 2,000 dollars? You have only one client. Even a pipe fitter is richer than you!"

 Qin Guan shook his head repeatedly. "No! Just think about it. I have only one person working in the firm. I don't need any others. Plus, I got my first client before I even opened for business. Do you know what this means? Acceptance!"

 "This is an auspicious beginning for a new enterprise. It's an achievement a professional accountant works many years to accomplish, yet I, a green hand in the profession, have already reached that level!"

 Before Cong Nianwei could laugh at his arrogance, Qin Guan's phone rang.

 "Qin Guan! You accepted He Ming's case, but forgot about me!"

 Lan Jin sounded very upset. He was holding the phone with a trembling hand as tears threatened to spill from his eyes. 

 "What? Forgot about what?"

 "I sent you all my paperwork and financial sheets via email. Why didn't you make me an offer? You are looking down on me! My company is too small for you!"

 "Which email did you send it to?"


 "You missed a letter..."

 "Okay, wait a moment. I’ll send it again."

 Qin Guan hung up and turned on his computer, looking at Cong Nianwei smugly.

 I told you so. My good luck keeps coming. "Qin Guan?"



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