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Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming - Chapter 291


Chapter 291: Fighting Over Qin Guan's Chastity

"Don’t intervene, Yeqiu! The stranger isn't worth the fight!"

  Yeqiuyuanzi was the leader of the white spicy girls. She was surprised to see her arch enemy show weakness before her.

  It seemed that the man was the main reason.

  "Wow! Are you asking for the boy’s number? That’s so romantic! It's so not your style!"

  She turned towards the bench, making fun of Jingzi.

  "Let me see Jingzi’s baby!" The black girls blocked the white ones. Yeqiu had to crane her neck to look at Qin Guan.

  "Qin Guan! He’s Qin Guan!"

  The girls started shouting the name out loud.

  "Where? Is it true? Is he Qin Guan? This very man?"

  The white girls broke their ring of encirclement. Out of breath, they stared at Qin Guan with open eyes, their faces full of surprise.

  Qiuyeyuanzi pushed Jingzi away and took a deep bow before Qin Guan. So did her girls.

  "Mr. Qin Guan! We are members of your fan club in Japan. Please take care. It's our fault we didn’t get an invitation to your award ceremony! We’re terribly sorry for that!"

  They looked striking in their unique outfits. As they bowed before Qin Guan together, they attracted a lot of attention.

  When they got up, they saw onlookers gathered around, watching them as if they were monkeys in a zoo.

  The wild girls had their own way to solve the problem.

  "What are you looking at, old lady?"

  "Go away! Hey! You!"

  They kicked hard at the surrounding trash bins and poles, scaring the crowd away with their twisted faces.

  Qin Guan was completely stupefied.

  Jinze looked unhappy. B*tch! Your dirty hands stained my face! She smoothed down her purple hairpiece and shouted at Qiuye, "I just can’t trouble myself to deal with you. You think I’m afraid of you, but I saw the man first! He is mine! Is he your idol? Great! I’ve never dated an idol before!"

  Then she walked up to Qin Guan. "Did you hear what we said? Which country do you come from? Can I have your number? Shall we go for dinner later?"

  Qin Guan sat still as he looked up at her. He fixed his eyes on the girl.

  Don't smile! Don't smile now! Qin Guan could see five white fingerprints on her black face.

  Hold on! Qin Guan's mouth twisted painfully. Suddenly, Jingzi fell.

  "Bastard! You dare molest my idol!" Qiuyeyuanzi pulled at her hairpiece and puff bag.

  "Ouch! Let me go! It hurts!"

  The two Big Sisters were wrestling together. So were their girls.

  The fight attracted more and more passers-by.

  Looking at his cold coffee, Qin Guan fell into deep thought. Shall I just go? Where is the police? Oh! There they are!

  Qin Guan stared at the man in the uniform with a begging expression. However, the policeman tiptoed up to the girls, and then turned at a corner and left as if nothing had happened. He must have seen an acquaintance among the girls.

  By then, the black girls had overpowered the white ones, who were pressed against the ground.

  Jingzi grinned at Qin Guan. Her hairpiece was a mess, and her belt was broken. Her short jacket was all torn up. There were white scratches on her black face, and the purple stars drawn on her cheeks had disappeared. She looked like a matchmaker from the countryside.

  "Ha ha ha..."

  Qin Guan couldn't hold his laughter back anymore. He watched the cup, for fear that the coffee would spill on his expensive coat.

  "Big Sister!"

  Another black girl handed her a compact mirror.

  Jingzi was surprised by Qin Guan's laughter. It made her dizzy. When she saw the girl in the mirror though...

  Forget it. Just take him! Before she could take action, Qiuye shouted from the ground, "Jingzi! I’m warning you! I have sent a message to Ms. Tsutomu! She’s coming! You can go ahead and try though!"

  Jingzi turned around with a cold smile. "Do you think she will care about such a trifle? She didn’t mind when we were fighting fiercely. Are you trying to scare me by using her name? This is none of her business!"

  Qiuye waved a small white phone at her. "She’s coming! You are doomed!"



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