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Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming - Chapter 290


Chapter 290: Spicy Girls!

Smiling, Fang Meiya looked at Ouyang, and then at the manager of New Silk Road as if she was thinking of something. It doesn’t seems like a set-up. That silly boy has a simple mind. He just wants to protect me.

  "I just want to have a private word with Ms. Fang. Thanks." Shao looked at Chang Jin calmly.

  "About what? Do you want to talk to him, Meiya?"

  Fang patted Chang on the back in comfort. "Don't worry, I’ll be back soon."

  Chang Jin got out of the way. He was thankful for Ouyang's support. "Shall we have something to eat together?" he asked him.

  Ouyang cast a glance at the manager, who gestured at him happily. The two men left together.

  Fang and Shao headed for the ice mountain. Qin Guan slipped away to avoid that awkward situation.

  "Hi, how are you? Bye!"

  He passed by them with his plate, looking steadily forward. He acted as if the two of them had the plague.



  Fang reluctantly turned her gaze from Qin Guan to Shao, whose eyes suddenly became dim.

  "If I wanted to stay with you and have a real relationship, regardless of our jobs or identities, would you accept me?"

  Fang was surprised. As a woman who understood men well, she didn't believe Shao's confession. The man’s love was never sincere. If she left Cartier one day, he would abandon her in an instant.

  Fang smiled. You are grasping at straws. If she stopped her games with different men, she would go back to her homeland to find a man who would hand her a cup of tea tenderly.

  Fang shook her head. "Never!" Then she turned around to leave.


  "Let me go!"

  The struggling couple knocked the ice mountain down. Qin Guan, Ouyang Fen and Chang Jin looked down at their plates, feeling deeply sorry for the loss of that delicious food.

  What are you doing there, Sister? You two are gonna make us starve...

  Fang’s official boyfriend pushed his plate into Ouyang’s hand and rushed over.

  "Let her go!"

  The young man was way too excited. Everyone around was attracted by the scene. Reporters were taking pictures happily with their cell phones. A vague photo would spark more imagination.

  They couple parted at once. As a slender guy, Shao was in a difficult position. He could not match Chang Jin’s strength. Fang walked up to the organizer and whispered something to him. Then she waved at Chang. "Let’s go!"

  "I’m still hungry. I don't care about him..."

  Complaining, Chang and Fang left hand in hand.

  Shao was standing in the centre of the hall. It was obvious that he had been rejected by his ex-girlfriend.

  He left with his torn shirt collar, looking devastated. As a tough guy, Qin Guan was worried about the top model. He had been too distracted by the fashion storm.

  Influenced by Ouyang Fen though, Qin Guan returned to the dinner table. The fresh vegetables are coming!

  After having a good meal, Qin Guan felt refreshed. The next morning was the last day for him to idle around. He was planning on going shopping in the most bustling area of Shibuya.

  Sister Xue could work like a man, but she was also good at shopping. After walking through several streets, Qin Guan was exhausted. The two of them separated at a crossing.

  Qin Guan found a bench by the road and enjoyed a cup of hot coffee there. Soon, several black spicy girls gathered around him. He took a sip of coffee and looked up, only to find a group of strange creatures standing in front of him.

  With their dark skin, colorful hair, and white eyeliner and lipstick, they looked like clowns from the Peking opera. They were also wearing colorful skirts and boots with thick soles.

  "Jingzi! Look at that handsome boy! A new face! I’ve never seen him in this area before!"

  "Don't worry! Just say hello to him."

  The tallest one among them stood up like a big sister.

  Qin Guan sighed. The trend of black girls [1] in Japan had taken a wrong turn. At the beginning, Namie Amuro had led the trend all over Asia.

  In three years though, the trend had gone through several stages. The former black beauties had changed into demons in that miraculous country.

  Those wild girls were much more powerful than the simple girls at Qin Guan's university. If they combined everyone’s wisdom and effort, Qin Guan would be overpowered.

  Qin Guan was calmly thinking of a counterplan.

  At the most critical moment, another voice was heard.

  "Jingzi! Shibuya is not your turf."

  Qin Guan looked to his right gratefully. My savior?

  Then he was shocked again. The cup nearly fell out of his hands. Wow! White spicy girls [2]!

  It was a new branch led by Ayumi Hamasaki in 2000. The girls had fair skin and golden hairpieces. Different branches had a different aesthetic. The two groups idling around Shibuya had met each other.


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